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Located in the south of Vietnam is charming Da Lat which is known as a “poetic city”, “dreamy city”, “city of love”, “city of flowers”, etc. If you are a believer of flowers, a romantic lover, or a dreamy wanderer, let’s come to Da Lat to feel the breath of nature or to slow down to enjoy the life.

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In addition to owning hundreds of romantic and gentle scenes, Dalat also attracts tourists by such wonderful fairy roads.

Image - Khu du lịch Thung Lũng Vàng
Khu du lịch Thung Lũng Vàng
Hoai:The Golden Valley is about 10km from the center of Dalat city, to get here you need to cross a road, which is called the singing pines road of Dalat city.
Image - Đèo Prenn
Đèo Prenn
Hoai:Prenn Pass has more than 10 km in length and is the main gateway to the romantic city of Da Lat. Coming to here, you will be impressed by this magic pathway of green tree and fog.
Image - Langbiang
Hoai:If you go to Lang Biang, you can choose the road to Rada - one of two mountains in Lang Biang - to conquer Lang Biang. The road stretches for 6km, surrounded by green trees where visitors often stop to rest after a long trip.
Image - Trần Hưng Đạo
Trần Hưng Đạo
Hoai:You can stop by Tran Hung Dao Street to admire the beauty of Cherry, or Mai Anh Dao in the spring days.
Image - Đường Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai
Đường Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai
Hoai:Jacaranda trees have become a characteristic of the streets of Da Lat and can be seen on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai throughout March and April each year. The flower originates in South America, with the first jacaranda tree in Da Lat being planted by an engineer named Luong Van Sau.
Image - Tu Tra
Tu Tra
Hoai:Located far from Da Lat center about 25km, Tu Tra (Don Duong) is charm destinations for tourist at that time Choy Sum white flower blooms from November to December. Many tiny flower cover a huge valley by white and natural beauty flowers.
Image - Quốc lộ 20
Quốc lộ 20
Hoai:By the end of October and early November, the route from Lien Khuong to Da Lat along National Road 20 is one of the most beautiful routes with the prettiest wild sunflowers.
Image - Chùa Vạn Đức
Chùa Vạn Đức
Hoai:On the foot of Ta Nung Pass, lies the Van Duc Pagoda. It is approximately 17 km from the city center. Depart from Da Lat and drive the route to Cam Ly waterfalls. Then follow the DT725 route to Ta Nung town to reach the 10-km pass. After you drive down the pass, you will see the buckwheat flower field on the right.
Image - Đường Quang Trung
Đường Quang Trung
Hoai:Bauhinia variegata Flowers scatter on the mountainside, hidden in small houses and rolling slopes. Quang Trung Street is the most beautiful place to see this flower, along the road filled with pure white flowers. White Bauhinia variegate flowers in Dalat begin to bloom in December to January.
Image - Tuyen Lam Lake
Tuyen Lam Lake
Hoai:Pink Grass is a wild grass growing on the hillsides on the outskirts of Dalat, in December the pine forests along the Vang stream, Tuyen Lam Lake, Thai Phien flower village … cover a light and beautiful pink
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The 10 Best Coffee Shops

While some choose to remain in yesterday's Dalat, relaxed in its ethereal haze, others venture farther to discover a more modern landscape

Image - La Viet Coffee
La Viet Coffee
Hoai:Regular to millennials, frequented by tourists, La Viet boasts a Western style inspired architecture with rough cement floor and steel sheet covered walls that offer the impression of entering an artistic container.
Image - Goût Coffee & Pastry
Goût Coffee & Pastry
Hoai:Meticulously designed with extra care paid to minute details such as picture frames, chandeliers and furniture, it seems the cafe is designed to cater for those to whom views matter the most. The panoramic view of the city trumps anything else wherever it is offered, let alone Da Lat.
Image - Dalat Train Villa & Cafe
Dalat Train Villa & Cafe
Hoai:“Blue his house with a blue little window”, sings the disco hit by Eiffel 65. Now thoughts become realities right here in Da Lat. The cafe resembles a wooden train car, painted blue inside and outside. If you are living in a blue world and happen to be in Da Lat now, Da Lat Train and Villa is definitely for you.
Image - Tung Cafe
Tung Cafe
Hoai:Time flies slower at Tung, seemingly. An old cafe without a fancy design but filled with nostalgia. Customers flock to Tung only to immerse themselves in the antiquities hung on the old blue walls and the drips from the coffee filter.
Image - Me Linh Coffee Garden
Me Linh Coffee Garden
Hoai:The rising star of the city, Me Linh Coffee has recently received a huge amount of attention thanks to the greenery surrounding the cafe and its open terraces.
Image - An Cafe
An Cafe
Hoai:An cafe is Da Lat's new urban destination. With five separated areas and 200 square meters, An meets the various tastes of hundreds of customers that flood through its doors every day
Image - Cà phê Muse
Cà phê Muse
Hoai:The Muse is memorable for its open-air staircase lined with trees and bushes. Not as spacious as other cafes, The Muse still manages to draw lots of regulars thanks to the familiarity intrinsic everywhere formality reins.
Image - Anna's Coffee House | Directions Cafe
Anna's Coffee House | Directions Cafe
Hoai:The cafe offers fresh air and green views that make a beautiful background for anyone dying for an outdoor workplace.
Image - 108 Tô Hiệu
108 Tô Hiệu
Hoai:Noi Coffee - 108 To Hieu Street. Literally translating to ‘cradle’, Noi is nothing other than a cradle floating on water, mimicking the movement of childhood.
Image - Windmills Coffee
Windmills Coffee
Hoai:Wooden, sun-baked and well-crafted, there is no better place to "tilt at windmills" than this place.

Top Must-Visit In Da Lat

Da Lat are known for gorgeous lakes, flower gardens, lush forests and quaint hill towns, so if you like trekking then this is also a great choice. Here are the best things to do in Da Lat.

Image - Datanla Waterfall
Datanla Waterfall
Hoai:Datanla Waterfalls is one of the most famous set of falls in Da Lat. You can simply walk along the trails next to the waterfall and enjoy the cool mist and limpid pools at the base.
Image - Linh Phuoc Pagoda
Linh Phuoc Pagoda
Hoai:Linh Phuoc Pagoda is a beautiful Buddhist shrine in Da Lat, every surface of which is covered in stunning mosaics.
Image - Ma Rừng Lữ Quán
Ma Rừng Lữ Quán
Hoai:In here, tourists will find that the atmosphere and view are a harmonious combination of nature, romantic and wild scenery and artificial touches.
Image - Dalat Milk Farm
Dalat Milk Farm
Hoai:Coming to Dalat Milk Farm, visitors not only come to a dairy farm, but also to a tourist destination associated with high-tech agriculture, coming to the field of sunflowers, buckwheat flowers, architecture simulate a village of the Netherlands country …
Image - Bidoup Nui Ba National Park
Bidoup Nui Ba National Park
Hoai:With the area of 63,938 ha, Bidoup is the newest national park in Vietnam that is used for environmental preservation and research, and also eco-tourism.
Image - Lang Biang Peak
Lang Biang Peak
Hoai:You can start your hike at the parking lot, where horses painted to look like zebras trot around the constant stream of tourists, or you can get a shuttle to a starting point much closer to the top.
Image - Dalat Railway Station
Dalat Railway Station
Hoai:Coming to Dalat, tourists will not only be surprised by the beautiful landscape, comfortable weather but also by the imprint of French architectures on this land. One of the most unique French monuments to recommend is Dalat Railway Station.
Image - Xuan Huong Lake
Xuan Huong Lake
Hoai:This man-made lake is nowadays the most beautiful lake of Dalat, giving the city an invaluable gift of having a lake right in the center.
Image - Đà Lạt Market
Đà Lạt Market
Hoai:Here you will find a huge number of street food stall selling simple noodle dishes as well as fried snacks and barbecued meats.
Image - Valley Of Love
Valley Of Love
Hoai:The park is set amidst lush green hills and backs on to lakes and gardens which are the perfect spot to have a picnic.

Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants in Da Lat

Enjoy a wide variety of food in Dalat city from exotic tropical fruits, tasty spring rolls, and noodle soups to strong bodied coffee and fresh baquettes.

Image - Quán Cơm chay An Lạc Tâm
Quán Cơm chay An Lạc Tâm
Hoai:Located 1km+ from Da Lat centre market. Serves vegetarian food using fresh vegetables. Offers noodle soups, soft drinks, papaya salad, rice plate with vegetables, tofu, mushroom.
Image - Brew and Breakfast
Brew and Breakfast
Hoai:rThe coffee beans used is sourced from local farmers and is roasted onsite. Business aims towards zero waste (no plastic), and most of the furniture is up-cycled and salvaged from the street.
Image - Nhà Hàng Chay Hoa Sen
Nhà Hàng Chay Hoa Sen
Hoai:Nice atmosphere with high ceilings, linen table clothes, lots of plants. Try the lemongrass tofu and the pho bo/ga, and bun rieu (vermicelli crab with a tomato base soup).
Image - Suong Mai Hotel
Suong Mai Hotel
Hoai:Vegan vegetarian buffet. Most food is vegan some dips etc are not.
Image - The Sky Over Dalat
The Sky Over Dalat
Hoai:Vegetarian restaurant with vegan and raw vegan options. Includes soups, salads and main dishes. Also has cakes made-in house, vegan ice-cream and cappuccino with coconut, almond or soya milk.
Image - Tu Hanh Vegetarian
Tu Hanh Vegetarian
Hoai:Popular veggie food restaurant within walking distance of center of town and situated in a French-style villa with large doors and windows. Menu is in Vietnamese and English. Local art and craft adorn the walls. Uses some dairy like condensed milk and butter.
Image - Quán Chay Đại Lộc
Quán Chay Đại Lộc
Hoai:Great food with a hospitable and considerate staff – another plus to check on the list!
Image - Ganesh Fine Indian Cuisine
Ganesh Fine Indian Cuisine
Hoai:With their huge menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, you can have a trip to explore Indian cuisine right in Da Lat.
Image - Quán Cơm Chay Thanh Tịnh
Quán Cơm Chay Thanh Tịnh
Hoai:This local restaurant specially features vegetarian dishes from southwest Vietnam. They serve all kinds of noodle dishes, rice, bread rolls, and many more.
Image - Émai Italian Restaurant
Émai Italian Restaurant
Hoai:the food is excellently cooked in an exclusively Western way from starters to desserts. It has a nice garden offering wonderful views while you’re dining

Wonderguide map

  1. Khu du lịch Thung Lũng Vàng
  2. Đèo Prenn
  3. Langbiang
  4. Trần Hưng Đạo
  5. Đường Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai
  6. Tu Tra
  7. Quốc lộ 20
  8. Chùa Vạn Đức
  9. Đường Quang Trung
  10. Tuyen Lam Lake
  11. La Viet Coffee
  12. Goût Coffee & Pastry
  13. Dalat Train Villa & Cafe
  14. Tung Cafe
  15. Me Linh Coffee Garden
  16. An Cafe
  17. Cà phê Muse
  18. Anna's Coffee House | Directions Cafe
  19. 108 Tô Hiệu
  20. Windmills Coffee
  21. Datanla Waterfall
  22. Linh Phuoc Pagoda
  23. Ma Rừng Lữ Quán
  24. Dalat Milk Farm
  25. Bidoup Nui Ba National Park
  26. Lang Biang Peak
  27. Dalat Railway Station
  28. Xuan Huong Lake
  29. Đà Lạt Market
  30. Valley Of Love
  31. Quán Cơm chay An Lạc Tâm
  32. Brew and Breakfast
  33. Nhà Hàng Chay Hoa Sen
  34. Suong Mai Hotel
  35. The Sky Over Dalat
  36. Tu Hanh Vegetarian
  37. Quán Chay Đại Lộc
  38. Ganesh Fine Indian Cuisine
  39. Quán Cơm Chay Thanh Tịnh
  40. Émai Italian Restaurant

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