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the divided capital of Cyprus

Image - Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall
Ioannou:the divided capital of Cyprus
Image - Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory
Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory
Ioannou:The 11th floor is an observatory and museum overlooking the beautiful view of the entire city. There are telescopes binoculars and a recorded feature on the history of the capital.
Image - Venetian walls of Nicosia
Venetian walls of Nicosia
Ioannou:Built 1567–1570 Built by Republic of Venice
Image - Laiki Gitonia
Laiki Gitonia
Ioannou:"Laiki Geitonia" is a traditional neighbourhood is the pedestrian area of walled city of Nicosia, Laiki Geitonia's restoration of houses is an example of traditional Cypriot urban architecture.
Image - Paphos Gate
Paphos Gate
Ioannou:Paphos Gate (Porta San Domenico)Pafos Gate was one of the three gates in the walls built by the Venetians around Lefkosia (Nicosia). The road beginning immediately outside the gate led southwest to the town of Pafos (Paphos), hence the name. It was also known as Gate of San Domenico, because it replaced an earlier gate of the Frankish walls, called ‘Porta di San Domenico’ after the nearby abbey of San Domenico. The gate is a simple affair, an opening in the wall roofed by a barrel vault. During British occupation in 1878, part of the walls between the Gate and the Roccas Bastion was demolished to create a new opening. Pafos Gate Police Station is just above the original gate.
Image - Famagusta Gate
Famagusta Gate
Ioannou:Famagusta Gate (Porta Guiliana)Famagusta Gate, the most significant of the gates of Venetian Lefkosia (Nicosia), opened onto the road that led to the most important harbour town of the island, hence its name. It was originally known as ‘Porta Giuliana’ in honour of Giulio Savorgnano, the engineer who designed and erected the Venetian walls. The gate has an impressive façade and consists of a large vaulted passage with a large domed room in the middle, 10.97 metres in diameter. On either side of the passage are oblong rooms for the guards.
Image - Hamam Omerye
Hamam Omerye
Ioannou:A traditional Ottoman massage.This was great after a walk around Nicosia The Omeriye Hamam is in the old town of Lefkosia (Nicosia), next to the Omeriye Mosque and not far from the Archbishop’s Palace. It was built in 1570 - 71 as a donation by Lala Mustafa Pasha to the city after the island fell to the Ottomans. The bath complex or hamam was dedicated to the Caliph Omar and the area became known as Omeriye. The entrance on the south side of the building led first into a small courtyard and then into the reception - hall. This has a vaulted roof and an octagonal cistern in the middle. Behind that hall, there are two rooms of medium temperature and behind these the warm, vaulted room. The hamam is still in use and after its recent restoration has become a favourite place for relaxation in Lefkosia. In 2006 it received the Europa Nostra prize for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage.
Image - Ta kala kathoumena
Ta kala kathoumena
Ioannou:for cyprus coffe
Image - The Cyprus Museum
The Cyprus Museum
Ioannou:Situated in Lefkosia (Nicosia), this is the main archaeological Museum of Cyprus and traces the long history of civilization on the island from prehistoric times to the early Christian period. Extensive excavations throughout the island have enriched the collections of the museum considerably and brought Cypriot archaeology to the fore front of international archaeological research. Here the cultural heritage of Cyprus, such as pottery, jewelry, sculpture and coins from the Neolithic period to the Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Greco-Roman period, is cherished and displayed for everyone to enjoy. Star exhibits include the statue of Aphrodite of Soloi, a gold jewelry collection and relics from the royal tombs of Salamis.The museum is a stop on the Aphrodite Cultural route.
Image - Archbishop's Palace
Archbishop's Palace
Ioannou:A religious, national and political monument, the Old Archbishop’s Palace is an 18th century two - storey building in the heart of Lefkosia (Nicosia) that is closely associated with modern Cypriot history. Next to it is the new Archbishop’s Palace, a two - storey stone building in Neo - Byzantine style housing the offices of the archdiocese and the residence of the archbishop. It was built by Archbishop Makarios III between 1956 and 1960 and also houses the Byzantine Museum and the Library of the Archbishopric. Since the completion of the new Archbishopric, the Old Archbishop’s Palace has housed the Folk Art Museum and the National Struggle Museum.
Image - Ledra Palace Hotel
Ledra Palace Hotel
Ioannou:Hotel located on the Nicosia UN Buffer Zone.
Image - The Tomb of Makedonitissa
The Tomb of Makedonitissa
Ioannou:The Makedonitissa Tomb is a military cemetery and war memorial, west of Nicosia
Image - The Imprisoned Graves
The Imprisoned Graves
Ioannou:The "Imprisoned Graves" are a set of graves in a small cemetery located in the Central Jail of Nicosia, where 13 EOKA fighters, during the 1955-1959 liberation struggle for the liberation of Cyprus from the United Kingdom, were interred.
Image - Αρχοντικο Αξιοθέας
Αρχοντικο Αξιοθέας
Ioannou:The Archontiko of Axiothea (mansion) is one of the most characteristic examples of urban architecture of the 18th century. It is located in the Old Town of Lefkosia (Nicosia), close to the Green Line and took its name from the road on which it stands. The two - store rebuilding was built in a Π - shape with a north-south orientation, and originally occupied a much larger area. The main entrance is located on the east side of the house and leads to the inner courtyard. On the west and south is a kind of portico defined by a row of arches that separates the courtyard from the rooms that surround it. There are three big halls, two smaller rooms and two auxiliary rooms on the ground floor. There are three more halls and two smaller rooms on the upper floor. Today, the “Archontiko of Axiothea” serves as a centre for cultural activities, exhibitions and literary seminars for the University of Cyprus.
Image - Athalassa National Forest Park
Athalassa National Forest Park
Ioannou:A park to walk, run or cycle. The best place for training in Nicosia. One gets the impression that they are in a forest. There is also a lake in the park something that makes Athalassa a very friendly destination for families with children.
Image - Xyliatos
Image - Gourri
Image - Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
Ioannou:The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum was established by Andreas Nicolaou and is a personal endeavour which started 20 years ago. Today, this collection comprises more than 150 motorcycles. At the Museum one can see motorcycles dated between 1914 and 1983, such as AJS, MV AQUSTA, MATCHLESS, NORTON, BSA, TRIUMPH, ARIEL, BMW, JAMES, MOTO GUZZI, ROYAL ENFIELD and many more.
Image - Tamassos
Image - Heraclis Ice Cream ΠΑΓΩΤΑ ΗΡΑΚΛΗ
Heraclis Ice Cream ΠΑΓΩΤΑ ΗΡΑΚΛΗ
Ioannou:Unforgetable famous Ice Cream!
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Image - Finikoudes
Ioannou:Finikoudes Beach is located at Larnaca and is considered one of the most popular beaches of Cyprus. "Finikoudes " means small palm trees The best beach for families with kids. There are nice shops around, and lots of pubs, bars,fast food and restaurants
Image - Church of Saint Lazarus
Church of Saint Lazarus
Ioannou:The Ayios Lazaros church, as it is locally known, stands over the tomb of Lazarus.
Image - The Brewery Larnaca
The Brewery Larnaca
Ioannou:At The Brewery you can find anything you can think of from Brunch, Lunch Break Deals, Sushi Buffet, Beers, Speciality Cocktails, Shisha, Dinner, Live Music Events, Wine Tasting Events, Corporate Events and it is even suitable for Business Meetings with a colleague, partner or client that require a quality, quick and economic venue gazing at the Finikoudes Sea!
Image - Camel Park
Camel Park
Image - Zygi Marina
Zygi Marina
Image - Choirokoitia
Image - Pano Lefkara
Pano Lefkara


Image - Nissi Beach
Nissi Beach
Image - Ayia Napa Square
Ayia Napa Square
Ioannou:Ayia Napa is famous for its nightlife night clubs,bars are located in the square of Ayia Napa and can provide you sleepless nights of dancing!
Image - Hotel Faros
Hotel Faros
Image - Thalassa
Image - The Castle Club
The Castle Club
Ioannou:Castle Club is the largest club in the whole of Cyprus
Image - Senior Frog's
Senior Frog's
Image - Cape Greco
Cape Greco
Image - Cyclops Cave
Cyclops Cave
Image - Konnos Beach
Konnos Beach
Image - Liopetri Rock Beach
Liopetri Rock Beach
Ioannou:The Liopetri River is a very beautiful fishing retreat with its fishing boats flooding the area. It is a fishing harbor, a small natural fjord, a narrow lane from the sea that enters ashore
Image - Landa Beach
Landa Beach
Image - Ayia Napa Harbour
Ayia Napa Harbour
Ioannou: Nice for a night walk there are lots of places to eat and drink .


Image - Paphos Castle
Paphos Castle
Image - Paphos Market
Paphos Market
Image - Sea Caves
Sea Caves
Image - Coral Bay
Coral Bay
Image - Old Town Hall
Old Town Hall
Image - Oniro By The Sea
Oniro By The Sea
Ioannou:Oniro by the sea is chillout restaurant/ bar with spectacular sea caves views where you can find delicious food, signature cocktails and refreshing ideas.
Image - Lara Beach
Lara Beach
Image - Akamas
Image - Adonis Baths
Adonis Baths
Image - Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
Image - Avakas Gorge
Avakas Gorge

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  1. Old Town Hall
  2. Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory
  3. Venetian walls of Nicosia
  4. Laiki Gitonia
  5. Paphos Gate
  6. Famagusta Gate
  7. Hamam Omerye
  8. The Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion
  9. Ta kala kathoumena
  10. The Cyprus Museum
  11. High School of Faneromeni
  12. Archbishop's Palace
  13. Yfantourgeio - Weaving Mill
  14. Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia
  15. Ledra Palace Hotel
  16. The Tomb of Makedonitissa
  17. The Imprisoned Graves
  18. Αρχοντικο Αξιοθέας
  19. The Mall Of Cyprus
  20. Athalassa National Forest Park
  21. Agios Sozomenos
  22. Archaeological Museum of Ancient Idalion
  23. Russian Church St Nicholas
  25. Xyliatos
  26. Kakopetria Square
  27. Machairas Monastery, Монастырь Махера
  28. Kykkos Monastery
  29. Kalopanayiotis
  30. Panagia Asinou
  31. Byzantine Museum
  32. Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis
  33. Gourri
  34. Panagia Chrysospiliotissa Church
  35. Troodos Mountains
  36. Chrysaliniotissa Crafts Centre
  37. Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
  38. Tamassos
  39. Caledonian Falls - Trail
  40. Heraclis Ice Cream ΠΑΓΩΤΑ ΗΡΑΚΛΗ
  41. Larnaca Salt Lake
  42. Finikoudes
  43. Church of Saint Lazarus
  44. Pierides Museum - Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
  45. Les Palmiers Beach Hotel
  46. The Brewery Larnaca
  47. MS Zenobia Wreck
  48. Mackenzie Beach
  49. Kamares Aqueduct
  50. Church Panagia Angeloktisti
  51. Camel Park
  52. Zygi Marina
  53. Choirokoitia
  54. Kalavasos-Tenta
  55. Pano Lefkara
  56. Stavrovouni Monastery
  57. Πάρκο Γλυπτικής Πετραίον / Petreon Sculpture Park
  58. Makronissos Beach
  59. Nissi Beach
  60. WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa
  61. Parko Paliatso Luna Park
  62. Monastery of Ayia Napa
  63. Ayia Napa Square
  64. Hotel Faros
  65. Thalassa
  66. Soho Club - Ayia Napa
  67. The Castle Club
  68. Senior Frog's
  69. Ayioi Anargiroi Church
  70. Cape Greco
  71. Ayia Thekla Beach
  72. Cyclops Cave
  73. Sculpture Park
  74. Konnos Beach
  75. Protaras Beach (Fig Tree Bay) - Blue Flag
  76. Vathia Gonia Beach - Blue Flag Beach
  77. Profitis Ilias
  78. Liopetri Rock Beach
  79. Landa Beach
  80. Green Bay Watersports & Wake club
  81. Ayia Napa Marina
  82. Ayia Napa Harbour
  83. Nissi Water Sports
  84. Holy Monastery of St Nicholas of the Cats
  85. Guaba Beach Bar
  86. Limassol Marina
  87. Ancient Kourion
  88. Governors Beach - Blue Flag
  89. Zapallo Bay, Episkopi, Cyprus
  90. Pissouri Beach - Blue Flag
  91. Agros
  92. Pano Platres
  93. Omodos Square
  94. Limassol Zoo
  95. Amathus Ruins
  96. Kolossi
  97. Akrotiri Shipwreck
  98. Fassouri Water Park
  99. Paphos Castle
  100. Paphos Market
  101. Paphos Archaeological Park
  102. Sea Caves
  103. Coral Bay
  104. Old Town Hall
  105. Oniro By The Sea
  106. Lara Beach
  107. Akamas
  108. Adonis Baths
  109. Aphrodite Hills
  110. Agios Neophytos Monastery
  111. Tombs of the Kings
  112. Forty Columns Fortress
  113. Lempa Prehistoric Village (Reconstructed)
  114. Blue Lagoon
  115. Avakas Gorge
  116. Petra tou Romiou
  117. Paphos Waterpark

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