Cuetzalan Puebla

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Natalia Alondra Mendoza

Cuetzalan Puebla

Cuetzalan is a beautiful community located in the heart of the Sierra Norte de Puebla. A small city that preserves the essence and charm of the original peoples.

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Image - Poza Pata De Perro
Poza Pata De Perro
Natalia Alondra:natural formation that has been achieved by water erosion of rocks for thousands of years, giving shape to the dogleg and opening the way for people to swim past the holes within it.
Image - El Narito
El Narito
Natalia Alondra:Established for 3 years, Comedor Economico El Narito, offers traditional food from Cuetzalteca at a fair price; Visit us at any of our two branches in Abasolo No. 12 or Morelos No. 6 in the Historic Center of our Magical Town. On your next visit, savor any of the following dishes: Meatballs, Mexican or onion steaks, Chicken or pork leg Chilpozonte, Chipotle cutlet, Chipotle rib or red sauce, Chicken Milanese with salad, Chicken Mole, Pipián chicken, pickled chicken, jerky pancakes and pork rind sauce.
Image - Posada La Plazuela
Posada La Plazuela
Natalia Alondra:Posada La Plazuela is located just 1 minute walk from the historic center of Cuetzalán del Progreso. It offers a 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi and free parking
Image - Hotel Quetzalin
Hotel Quetzalin
Natalia Alondra:Hotel managed by indigenous women, with products and customs typical of the localities of this wonderful place. A few minutes from the center of Cuetzalan You can have a pleasant and quiet rest in one of our comfortable rooms
Image - Café Restaurante Bar Museo "La época de oro"
Café Restaurante Bar Museo "La época de oro"
Natalia Alondra:This magical place located exactly in the heart of Cuetzalan has a unique view, the menu is for all tastes since it is very extensive we can find salads, regional dishes, pasta, seafood, cuts, delicious desserts, and a large number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. all this complemented by a museum where you can admire more than 8000 antiquarian items where coins, pictures of Mexican cinema, weapons, butterflies, watches, fossils, letters among many other things stand out. You cannot miss this magnificent place and delve into the history of our beautiful country.
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  1. Poza Pata De Perro
  2. Restaurant Las Ranas
  3. La Terraza, San Andres Tzicuilan
  4. El Narito
  5. CaféTales d´ Mileto
  6. Posada La Plazuela
  7. Lienzo Charro "El Potrillo"
  8. Hotel Quetzalin
  9. Orquídea63 cafecalli+bar
  10. Café Restaurante Bar Museo "La época de oro"

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