Christmas in Zagreb

The Best Season to Visit Croatia

In Croatia, each season has their own distinct feel, flavor, and tempo. For example, visiting Dubrovnik in the summer and visiting Dubrovnik in the winter is like visiting two completely different cities. This is why it is crucial to know what to expect, and where to go during the different seasons in Croatia.

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Denis Danicic

16. August 2018

Autumn: Croatia’s Mainland Summer


Great for: Wine tasting, hiking, biking, various festivals

A woman hiking. Autumn is a good season for hiking. Unsplash/Matic Kozinc. 

During autumn, the weather is as mild-mannered as it can get in Croatia. In addition, the countryside begins to develop a beautiful amber and orange hue, adding to the natural aesthetic of the country.

The best part about autumn is that many unique festivals take place during that time of year, especially in Croatia’s most underrated (and my personal favorite) region, Slavonia. Slavonia is a region known for its wines (with the Kutjevo wine region being the largest and most productive in Croatia), spicy foods such as kulen and fish paprikas, and traditional folk music, tamburica.

The best way to immerse yourself in culture is to go to the annual music festival, Vinkovci Autumns. The festival takes place in the Slavonian town of Vinkovci in early September and it is characterized by folk music, folklore shows, traditional Slavonian dresses, a beauty contest, and food manufacturing competitions, including those for kulen sausages, Croatian rakija, wines and other forms of traditional Slavonian foods and drinks. The festival ends with a marvelous closing parade ceremony.

Winter: A Sausage and Cooked Wine Wonderland


Great for: Advent in Zagreb, ice skating, New Years Eve, Christmas.

 A tram decorated with christmas lights at night. The Christmas mood in Zagreb. Flickr/Miroslav Vajdic. 

During the winter, Croatia’s ever-popular coastal regions are virtually unvisitable. The water is ice cold, the wind blows and hurricane level speeds (a phenomena known as “bura”), and the towns and cities are virtually empty. However, visitors to Croatia have nothing to fear, as the mainland has much to offer. From beautiful winter scenery to skiing on the mountain Sljeme, and breathtaking winter festivals, Croatia has so much to offer during the winter.

Specifically, Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, hosts one of the best winter events and experiences in all of Europe, The Zagreb Advent. The Zagreb Advent is a huge winter festival characterized by ice skating in the historic Zrinjevac Park, a trippy otherworldly tour through the Upper Town air raid tunnels, endless free concerts on the main square, and last but not least, stand next to stand offering cooked sausages, burgers, and cooked wine and beers. As a Zagreb resident, this is my favorite time of the year. The city truly lights up with a lovely ambience that is simply indescribable. An experience that is truly like no other.  


Spring: The Best of Both Worlds


Great for: long days with little tourists, stopping to smell the flowers, walking around and sightseeing

A motorcycle in a narrow street. In spring, there are fewer tourists on the streets. Unsplash/Chris Lawton. 

Spring in Croatia is by far be the most comfortable season to visit country, at least in terms of weather. This is saying a lot, as all of Croatia’s seasons are actually quite comfortable; winter is never too cold, summer is just hot enough to swim but not hot enough to melt, fall is a little stormy but very pleasant. However there is something about spring in Croatia, the breeze is just right and the outside temperature feels like a personalized AC setting. Spring weather in Croatia, in the simplest terms, is perfect.

This perfect weather makes spring the ideal time to go around sightseeing in any of Croatia’s beautiful cities. Whether going to see the architectural marvel that is Mirogoj Cemetery or walking around the beautiful Plitvice Lake National Parks. The superior weather and fewer tourists makes spring by far the loveliest time to walk around and enjoy in Croatia’s natural, and manmade beauty.

Main entrance to Mirogoj Cemetery during the spring, photo, European Best Destinations.

Summer- Croatia’s Time to Shine

Summer in Croatia is the flagship season of the Croatian tourism industry, and for very good reason. Summer brings out the best in Croatia; the best food, the best drinks, the best experiences. The entire country wakes up for summer and celebrates its natural beauty and greatness. The highlight of any Croatian summer is the pristine coast. With so many different major cities, towns, and islands, there are so many experiences waiting to be had on the Croatian shoreline.

There is nothing like swimming in the Adriatic Sea on the Island of Pag one moment, then taking a 30-minute drive to Zadar, and enjoying some Dalmatian Prsut (Croatian prosciutto) and goat cheese the next. Croatia during the summer is filled with endless opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves, offering everything from dining experiences, educational tours, wine tasting, party boats, nightclubs, outdoor movie theaters, clear beaches, cliff diving, music festivals, food festivals, knights tournaments, and so much more. The list is literally endless.

Summer in Croatia cannot be described, it can only be experienced. With so many different things to do, a Croatian summer can truly feel endless. Immersing yourself in this unique experience is the only way to truly understand why summer in Croatia is so beloved.