Costa Rica´s Travel Guide

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Cristian Hernandez

Costa Rica´s Travel Guide

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My Favorite Restaurants

All of them are nearby the place you are staying!

Image - La Fabbrica Pizzería
La Fabbrica Pizzería
Cristian:Restaurants nearby.
Image - Flor de Loto Restaurant
Flor de Loto Restaurant
Cristian:One of he best Asian Restaurants nearby. 5 minutes in an Uber cab.
Image - L' Olivo
L' Olivo
Cristian:Great Italian 7 minutes away from the place.
Image - Restaurante Estación Atocha Don Bosco
Restaurante Estación Atocha Don Bosco
Cristian:Great Spanish Restaurant neaby
Image - Picanha Grill
Picanha Grill
Cristian:Very close brasilian restaurant. Steak house
Image - Enboca
Cristian:Great fusion and contemporary restaurant nearby
Image - El Mestizo Mercado Gastronómico
El Mestizo Mercado Gastronómico
Cristian: El Mestizo is an authentic gastronomic space where you can enjoy a same place for different culinary experiences. Located in Escazu, Plaza Tempo ( 10 to 15 minutes away )
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My Recommendations

Image - Tamarindo
Cristian:Tamarindo, Santa Cruz and Nicoya, in Guanacaste, are places where traditions, rurality and culture Costa Rican essentials are mixed with the exuberant nature, paradisiacal beaches and adventure.
Image - Manuel Antonio Beach
Manuel Antonio Beach
Cristian:Manuel Antonio is one of the jewels of Costa Rica that you have to know yes or yes. The impressive flora and fauna that you can discover by visiting the National Park, and also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Image - Monteverde
Cristian:Monteverde is a paradisiac cloud forest, a must see in Costa Rica, where appreciating natural wonders is a delight and a whole way of life.
Image - Santa Teresa Beach
Santa Teresa Beach
Cristian:One of my favorite beaches in Costa Rica! Santa Teresa has been hailed as world class for surfing in Costa Rica - with beautiful white sand beaches and waves that put a smile on surfers' faces all year long.
Image - La Fortuna
La Fortuna
Cristian:La Fortuna, known as an access road to the Arenal Volcano National Park is undoubtedly one of Costa Rica’s most talked about destinations where the adventure and nature joins together in a perfect duo.
Image - Poás Volcano
Poás Volcano
Cristian:Poas Volcano is active and has one of the largest craters in the world. Know this colossus without traveling long distances.
Image - Escazu
Cristian:Close neighborhood for shopping, entertainment, pubs and bars, exclusive restaurants and more.
Image - Barrio Escalante
Barrio Escalante
Cristian:Recently popular neighborhood for its wide streets, that prove surprisingly trendy with inventive restaurants, craft beers and cuisine from around the world. Perfect for a night visit or dinner.
Image - San José Free Walking Tour
San José Free Walking Tour
Cristian:Filled with rich history and culture. Not only that, but it has a hip urban vibe and an array of restaurants and bars that you won’t find anywhere else in the country
Image - Jaco
Cristian:aco is the closest major beachside destination to the capital city of San Jose. With rolling green hills of jungle and farm pasture in the distance, Jaco sits in a wide cove with rocky points on each end. The beach is a long gray arc that has a backdrop of palm trees, surfside hotels, souvenir and boutique shops, a huge selection of restaurants and bars, and the occasional mid-to-high-rise condo complex

Wonderguide map

  1. La Fabbrica Pizzería
  2. Flor de Loto Restaurant
  3. L' Olivo
  4. Restaurante Estación Atocha Don Bosco
  5. Picanha Grill
  6. Enboca
  7. El Mestizo Mercado Gastronómico
  8. Tamarindo
  9. Manuel Antonio Beach
  10. Monteverde
  11. Santa Teresa Beach
  12. La Fortuna
  13. Poás Volcano
  14. Escazu
  15. Barrio Escalante
  16. San José Free Walking Tour
  17. Jaco

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