Cosmopolitan Rosario

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Alessandro Berrini

A Local's Guide to Rosario, Argentina

Culture, music, literature, crafts, kayakism and fresh ideas gather by the brook of the Parana river in this vibrant city. Be prepared to experience a never ending cultural exchange with the most open-minded argentines of the country.

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River Parana

One of the most important rivers of the country wonderfully gives shape and life to the city.

Image - La Invernada
La Invernada
Alessandro:"La Isla", like citizens like to call this place, is the favorite destiny for whoever wants to immerse into the warm waters of the Parana, feel the peace of its fauna and spent the night in a tent, out in the wild or in any of the affordable campings.
Image - Colectividades Park
Colectividades Park
Alessandro:This park has arguably the best sightseeing that you can get of the Parana from the city. Here, hundreds of families and youngsters gather every day. Go during the week for a deep breath, an inspiring walk or a serene gathering by the brook. Or rather hang out in the weekends and submerge into a sea of craftsmen, musicians, food trucks and artists.
Image - Parque de España
Parque de España
Alessandro:Grab your bike, skate or rollers and head to the Parque España for a great day by the river. Climbing up and down the stairs of the park is a challenge on its own for runners.
Image - La Fluvial
La Fluvial
Alessandro:Come early and take a boat to cross the Parana to La Invernada. Don't forget to look back to see Rosario unfold for you as you take distance from the shore.
Image - Balneario La Florida
Balneario La Florida
Alessandro:Great place to do some beach sports and swim freely in the river. Ask the citizens to guide you to the place where the boats sail to La Invernada.
Image - Ecocamping Los Benitos
Ecocamping Los Benitos
Alessandro:This camping in La Invernada has a lot to teach you about life, nature, and a more conscious way of living if you're open to it.
Image - Natural Mystic Beach Bar
Natural Mystic Beach Bar
Alessandro:After a great day of swimming, head back to Natural Mystic. A great bar that features uplifting musicians every summer.
Image - Club del Río HOSTEL&BAR
Club del Río HOSTEL&BAR
Alessandro:Let yourself fall into the tropical feel of this bar. It's a convenient option if you're planning to stay for several days and looking for a cool place to stay and, maybe, get a job at the bar.
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Inspiring Walk

Image - Monumento Histórico Nacional a la Bandera
Monumento Histórico Nacional a la Bandera
Alessandro:Here it is the most iconic and historic place of Rosario.
Image - Parque Independencia
Parque Independencia
Alessandro:Get lost in this huge park, filled with a diverse flora, a nice little lake where you can rent a cycling-boat and visit the municipal garden. Beware on the weekends as this park is also home of El Coloso, the Newell's Old Boys' stadium. When the team plays at home, the park gets insanely crowded with fans.
Image - Oroño Boulevard
Oroño Boulevard
Alessandro:Keeping the tropical-islandish-like vibes, the Oroño Boulevard is a gorgeous 10-block walk.
Image - El Rosedal
El Rosedal
Alessandro:Next to the Parque Indepencia you'll find this beautiful park of various species of flowers.

Midnight Affairs

There're no excuses. Every night of the week is a good night to hang out in the cosmopolitan streets of Rosario and dive into its broad culture.

Image - Oui
Alessandro:Great place to grab a drink, eat a delicious pizza and attend a Gypsy or Jazz jam.
Image - Capitán Bar
Capitán Bar
Alessandro:This is the Hipster paradise that features live music, vintage arcade machines, tattoos artists, clothes designers and nice meals.
Image - Beatmemo
Alessandro:Featuring bands twice or even three times a week, this is a tribute Beatles bar that has nothing to envy to any bar of Liverpool.
Image - Birra
Alessandro:Rosario is filled with places where to taste high quality beer. This bar gathers a fine collection made only by locals. If you're looking for the best beer that Rosario can offer, look no further.
Image - Goodfellas Boutique Bar
Goodfellas Boutique Bar
Alessandro:Nice beers and delicious food at an affordable price. I recommend you take a seat on the terrace for a better experience.
Image - Pichangu Bar Cooperativa Cultural
Pichangu Bar Cooperativa Cultural
Alessandro:Nice simple bar that features great local folklore musicians. Also, a great option for veggies.
Image - Espiria
Alessandro:Fine food with a French feel. Look no further if you're willing to get gourmet food for the money. From time to time they feature nice and warm jazz musicians.
Image - Touche Crème
Touche Crème
Alessandro:The best ice-cream you can buy in Rosario. Period.


Image - Sala Lavardén
Sala Lavardén
Alessandro:The Sala Lavarden is a historical and traditional building of Rosario that always features top artists in its theater and its two other halls. Go grab their monthly cultural agenda. It has artistic and cultural activities almost every day and some of them are free!
Image - Teatro El Círculo
Teatro El Círculo
Alessandro:The architecture, the acoustics, the history and the orchestras and diverse artists from all over the world make the Teatro El Círculo one of the most prestigious places of Rosario.
Image - Casona Yiró
Casona Yiró
Alessandro:Ideal if you're into alternative medicines, yoga, meditation, poetry, and soulful music.
Image - Contemporary Expressions Center
Contemporary Expressions Center
Alessandro:After your walk along the brook of the Parana river, pass by the Contemporary Expression Center to watch some meaningful paintings or photographs and maybe, if you're lucky, attend to a free concert.
Image - Fontanarrosa

Wonderguide map

  1. La Invernada
  2. Colectividades Park
  3. Parque de España
  4. La Fluvial
  5. Balneario La Florida
  6. Ecocamping Los Benitos
  7. Natural Mystic Beach Bar
  8. Club del Río HOSTEL&BAR
  9. Monumento Histórico Nacional a la Bandera
  10. Parque Independencia
  11. Oroño Boulevard
  12. El Rosedal
  13. Oui
  14. Capitán Bar
  15. Beatmemo
  16. Birra
  17. Goodfellas Boutique Bar
  18. Pichangu Bar Cooperativa Cultural
  20. Espiria
  21. Touche Crème
  22. Sala Lavardén
  23. Teatro El Círculo
  24. Casona Yiró
  25. Contemporary Expressions Center
  26. Fontanarrosa

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