Cornish Coastline by Abbie

Wonderguide by

Abimbola Ogunsanya

Cornish Coastline by Abbie

Come on a beautiful adventure with me along the Cornish Coastline 🥰🤩

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Fun stuffs

Image - Hotel California Newquay
Hotel California Newquay
Abimbola:They have an amazing bowling alley for the whole family
Image - Eden Project
Eden Project
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Transportation can be tricky out there but you can hack it

Image - A2B Taxis Newquay
A2B Taxis Newquay
Abimbola:They were really helpful with getting around Newquay


A beautiful coastline hotel in Trebetheric

Image - Trebetherick
Abimbola:It is sooo beautiful and peaceful out there🥰
Image - Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
Abimbola:Lovely hotel with a great view of the fistral beach

My Recommendations

Image - Fistral Beach
Fistral Beach
Image - St Agnes and Surrounding Area
St Agnes and surrounding area
Abimbola:I would love to visit St Agnes in my next visit to Cornwall
Image - Newquay
Abimbola:One of my favourite places in Cornwall

Wonderguide map

  1. Hotel California Newquay
  2. Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay
  3. Eden Project
  4. A2B Taxis Newquay
  5. Trebetherick
  6. Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa
  7. St Enodoc Hotel
  8. Fistral Beach

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