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Some recommendations about Córdoba. Language: we speak Spanish, but many people can speak English. Weather, we have four different seasons with different temperatures. Money: we use pesos. Safety, don’t be afraid, just be careful with your personal belongings in streets and you’ll be fine.

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What can you do in the city?

We have different kind of places to visit, we have the main city, called Córdoba too, it’s a big modern city with so much history and new buildings.

Image - Society of Jesus Church
Society of Jesus Church
Daniela:“Manzana Jesuitica”, there is the oldest university in Argentina, nowadays is Law’s School, another ancient Jesuitical school, and a beautiful Jesuitical church.
Image - Cabildo de Córdoba
Cabildo de Córdoba
Daniela:It’s like an ancient Spanish city hall, there are free tours. And next there is a huge beautiful ancient cathedral. And the main park called San Martin.
Image - Teatro del Libertador General San Martín
Teatro del Libertador General San Martín
Daniela:A few streets from the Cabildo, there is a beautiful theatre called Teatro San Martín, where you can enjoy ballet and opera most of the time for free, or cheap tickets what you can buy at the entrance. Inside the theatre there is a good restaurant, not so expensive.
Image - Paseo del Buen Pastor
Paseo del Buen Pastor
Daniela:Near the city center, there are a students neighborhood called Nueva Córdoba, there are a park called Buen Pastor, what used to be an ancient women jail, in front of the park there is a beautiful church, Los Capuchinos, with large towers where you can get a panoramic view of the city. In that neighborhood you can find many good places to eat and places to do shopping.
Image - Muy Güemes
Muy Güemes
Daniela:There are others places to get a fancy meal; we have an entire zone plenty of restaurants called Güemes, near from the city center. You can go there for enjoy a meal o do some shopping. Weekends there is a big craft fair with local producers.
Image - La Cañada de Córdoba
La Cañada de Córdoba
Daniela:Near Güemes there is La Cañada, it’s an old construction what contain the main river.
Image - Tribunales I
Tribunales I
Daniela:If you walk some streets along La Cañada you’ll find the City Hall and the Civil Court, which is an ancient, huge, and imponent building, if you go in office days between eight to one PM you can enter and see around free of cost.
Image - Centro Cívico del Bicentenario Gobernador Juan Bautista Bustos
Centro Cívico del Bicentenario Gobernador Juan Bautista Bustos
Daniela:If you are interested in new and modern buildings we have an entire area with this kind of constructions. There are the government house and the Parliament House, with three modern bridges. All of that about one kilometer from city center.
Image - Patio Olmos
Patio Olmos
Daniela:About shopping we have many malls; there are two near the city center, Patio Olmos Shopping and Nuevo Centro Shopping. Malls usually are more expensive than other places like Nueva Córdoba, Güemes or shops in Downtown.
Image - España Square
España Square
Daniela:And near from the museum zone you have a park called Plaza España, and Parque Las Tejas where you can do a picnic and spend some time there.
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Museums are free on Wednesdays.

Image - Palacio Ferreyra Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita
Palacio Ferreyra Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita
Daniela:The most famous museums is Ferreyra Palace, which is an actual palace converted in a museum, there are permanent art collections and some temporary shows, inside the palace there is a very good restaurant.
Image - Faro Museo Emilio Caraffa
Faro Museo Emilio Caraffa
Daniela:The other important museum is Museo Caraffa, mostly with modern art. Next to that there is a symbolic lighthouse.
Image - Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturales Dr. Arturo Umberto Illía
Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturales Dr. Arturo Umberto Illía
Daniela:If you are interested in science you can visit Natural Science Museum, it’s not huge but its interesting most if you have kids.

Night life

Córdoba has a good night life, you can enjoy discos in Nueva Córdoba o Chateau zone or bars and pubs in Nueva Córdoba, Güemes or Cerro de las Rosas neighborhood.

Image - Muy Güemes
Muy Güemes
Image - El Mentidero de Güemes
El Mentidero de Güemes
Daniela:Pub with live bands.
Image - Unplugged
Image - Gintoneria Córdoba
Gintoneria Córdoba
Daniela:Good drinks.
Image - Tokin
Daniela:Sushi restaurant.
Image - Cruz Espacio
Cruz Espacio
Daniela:Fancy disco.
Image - Bullguey
Image - Cuatro Catorce
Cuatro Catorce
Daniela:Beer and meals.
Image - Antares Nueva Córdoba
Antares Nueva Córdoba
Daniela:Beer and German food.
Image - Billy Beer
Billy Beer

Wonderguide map

  1. Society of Jesus Church
  2. Cabildo de Córdoba
  3. Teatro del Libertador General San Martín
  4. Paseo del Buen Pastor
  5. Muy Güemes
  6. La Cañada de Córdoba
  7. Tribunales I
  8. Centro Cívico del Bicentenario Gobernador Juan Bautista Bustos
  9. Patio Olmos
  10. España Square
  11. Palacio Ferreyra Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita
  12. Faro Museo Emilio Caraffa
  13. Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturales Dr. Arturo Umberto Illía
  14. Muy Güemes
  15. El Mentidero de Güemes
  16. Unplugged
  17. Gintoneria Córdoba
  18. Tokin
  19. Cruz Espacio
  20. Bullguey
  21. Cuatro Catorce
  22. Antares Nueva Córdoba
  23. Billy Beer

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