Córdoba - Exploring the heart of Argentina

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Brandon Cranmer

Córdoba - Explore the heart of ARGENTINA

Enjoy the center of this beautiful country to the fullest. I also offer tours and suggestions for anyone that needs them!

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My Recommendations

Image - Villa Carlos Paz
Villa Carlos Paz
Brandon:You're guaranteed to have a great few days staying at Carlos Paz. It's a small city, but it's got plenty to offer.
Image - Nuevocentro Shopping
Nuevocentro Shopping
Brandon:This is the best shopping mall in the city. It stands out with its free parking and amazing cuisine.
Image - Sarmiento Park
Sarmiento Park
Brandon:Explore the huge park that blends in with the downtown area. Grab a bite to eat, jump on a bike, or enjoy a beautiful view.
Image - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Brandon:Explore the oldest University in South America. It's been standing for over 400 years!
Image - Oyshiki Gral Paz
Oyshiki Gral Paz
Brandon:Spoil yourself with some of the best sushi in the city!
Image - Popular sports in Argentina, Leisure in Argentina
Popular sports in Argentina, Leisure in Argentina
Brandon:Cordoba is a hot spot for soccer in Argentina. There's plenty to explore in terms of stadiums, sportswear, and more!
Image - Waffles One Love
Waffles One Love
Brandon:Take a bite out of the most delicious waffles on the planet. This spot has no competition.
Image - Travelade Image
Discoteca Kon Tacto
Brandon:Enjoy a few drinks, meet new people, and dance the night away!
Image - Museo Catalina de María
Museo Catalina de María
Brandon:You can enjoy this museum inside and out. The indoor gallery puts a variety of beautiful art on display. Outside you'll find sculptures and a wonderful landscape.
Image - Barbera Filo Dulce ( Gral. Paz)
Barbera Filo Dulce ( Gral. Paz)
Brandon:Sit down, relax, and enjoy a beer while you get a haircut with some of the most talented barbers in Cordoba.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Villa Carlos Paz
  2. Nuevocentro Shopping
  3. Sarmiento Park
  4. Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
  5. Oyshiki Gral Paz
  6. Waffles One Love
  7. Discoteca Kon Tacto
  8. Museo Catalina de María
  9. Barbera Filo Dulce ( Gral. Paz)

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