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Colorado Adventures

Colorado offers everyone an amazing and beautiful experience. From hiking the Rocky Mountains to enjoying the craft beers, this place is for everyone and this guide is to help make that decision making process a little easier. On this site, you will see our recommendations.

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A collection of hikes in Colorado.

Image - Maxwell Falls Lower Trail
Maxwell Falls Lower Trail
Alexis:Maxwell Falls is a beautiful trail in Evergreen, CO. The trail is 5 miles in length and includes a loop on the backhalf of the trail. This trail does offer a waterfall but it is nearly impossible to see in the winter time. We visited in February of 2022 after a snowfall and it was gorgeous. Trail time: 2.5 hours
Image - St. Mary's Glacier
St. Mary's Glacier
Alexis:Rated as a must see if in Denver. Once you park, the trailhead is down the road and the hike up to the lake is nearly 30 minutes in length. From there, you have the option to take in the views and head back, or you can carry onward towards the glacier itself. We have only been to the first lake due to severe weather conditions, but definitely something that we would like to explore again.
Image - McCullough Gulch Trailhead
McCullough Gulch Trailhead
Alexis:If in Breckenridge, then we would recommend this hike. While it is rated as hard, we were able to go it with no acclimation to Colorado. The trail itself is said to be 6.4 miles in length and steadily climbs into the mountains. Once at the end, you will come to a waterfall and gorgeous views of the canyon below. It is a great trail where you can rock climb and just have fun in the mountains.
Image - Red Rocks and Morrison Slide Trailhead
Red Rocks and Morrison Slide Trailhead
Alexis:A mild to moderate hike that takes you through the Red Rocks and offers beautiful views of Greater Denver.
Image - Quandary Peak
Quandary Peak
Alexis:Quandary Peak is a 14er that is based out of Breckinridge and is rated as a difficult hike on AllTrails. This hike is reviewed as one of the easier 14ers to complete in Colorado but it is not for the faint of heart. The beginning of the trail is in a forested area but as you climb your pace becomes slower and slower. Then once you reach the timberline, it is even slower and footing is quite unsteady. The trail is loose rock and it makes hiking even more challenging. While we never finished this 14er, it is on our list to try again.
Image - Button Rock Dam
Button Rock Dam
Alexis:This hike is a 4 mile moderate loop. The trailhead is north of Denver in the city of Longmont. As you start the hike, you will have a strong incline but then the trail levels out and the sights are beautiful. On this hike you will see Twin Sisters Peak and will come across the Button Rock Dam and the Ralph Price Reservoir. Overall, a scenic hike that has some pretty features. After this hike, we would recommend going to the city of Longmont and exploring their Downtown. The pizza joint in town, called Beau Jo's, has amazing pizza but be prepared to spend a pretty penny. This hike features: ponderosa pines, douglas firs, and junipers.
Image - High Line Canal
High Line Canal
Alexis:A scenic walkway that is close to our home! This trail is part of a much larger trail that connects all of Greater Denver. While you might only walk this trail for a few miles, this trail offers 71 miles of continuous walkways that you can walk, run, or even bike on. The High Line Canal is one of our favorites and can be accessed through the neighborhood next to our apartment complex. The trail offers scenic views of the Front Range and is usually not very busy.
Image - Deer Creek Canyon Park
Deer Creek Canyon Park
Alexis:A hike near the Front Range that is close to our home. This trail offers moderate hiking with views of the canyon and Greater Denver. We hiked the Meadowlark and Plymouth Mountain Trail, but feel free to explore other areas within the park.
Image - Roxborough State Park
Roxborough State Park
Alexis:Roxborough State Park is located near our home and charges a few for admission. However, once you enter the park you will be surrounded by red rocks and wildlife. This park has great sights and offers easy trails. Note: this trail has limited cell phone service.
Image - Waterton Canyon
Waterton Canyon
Alexis:Waterton Caynon is near our home and provides you with a flat walkway that is nearly 9 miles in length. This area is protected lands and doesn't allow dogs to help preserve the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep population. You will likely encounter these as you walk this trail, which is a pretty cool sight to see. If not, the views from this canyon definitely still make it worth your while.
Image - South Valley Park
South Valley Park
Alexis:One of our favorite places to hike and run. The trail itself is moderate and the entire loop from the front to the back of the park is a few miles long. Overall, this trail overlooks the Front Range and offers beautiful views of the red rocks nearby. Note: if going to this trail during warm weather, it will get warm. So, be prepared to not have shade and lather up with the sunscreen.
Image - Mount Falcon Park
Mount Falcon Park
Alexis:Mount Falcon Park is a quick drive from the city. As you navigate to this hike, you will slowly trek the Front Range and arrive at this trailhead. This trail is easy, with one challenging area, but promise it is worth the view!
Image - Chautauqua Park
Chautauqua Park
Alexis:A moderate to challenging hike in Boulder. This hike can be quite challenging but the views from the top are 1000% worth it.
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Sight Seeing

Things to see in Colorado

Image - Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
Alexis:We haven't actually been here for a concert but it is absolutely beautiful. We have visited multiple time and it is likely one of the prettiest, most naturally beautiful and renowned concert venues in the United States.
Image - Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak
Alexis:Pikes Peak is one of the only 14ers that you can drive all the way to the top. This drive will take a decent amount of time but allows you to oversee all of Colorado Springs. Plus, you get to experience the thrill of driving all the way to the top on this steep mountain. Once you get to the top, you have beautiful views but be sure to layer up; it is very cold at the top. Then when driving down, we suggest driving in low gear to keep your speed low and know that halfway down your brakes will receive a temperature check.
Image - Royal Gorge
Royal Gorge
Alexis:The Royal Gorge is a deep canyon, nearly 1300 feet deep, in Canon City. This gorge can be traversed in numerous ways based on your comfort level: walk the bridge, take a gondola from above, take the train from below or go ziplining across. But this is not for the faint of heart. The heights are quite a lot here and can scare even the bravest of souls. Just sayin!
Image - Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center
Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center
Alexis:The Garden of the Gods is a must see if coming to Colorado. This free park allows visitors to drive and hike through the red rocks, which offers stunning views of Pikes Peaks. Pikes Peak is a 14er in Colorado Springs and is one of the few 14ers that has a paved road all the way to the top.
Image - REI
Image - Colorado State Capitol
Colorado State Capitol
Alexis:Take a bird or lime around Downtown Denver to take in all the sights of Denver in a quick and easy way. Make sure to pass this beautiful building but don't stay long and go during the day. This area is less safe than others, so take a photo and move on.
Image - Colorado Convention Center
Colorado Convention Center
Alexis:An icon in Downtown Denver. The Big Blue Bear is peaking into the convention center and is nearly 40 feet tall. The artist wanted to erect a work of art that was more nuanced than the typically Rockies and flatirons. So, the Big Blue Bear was created in 20005. Other fun facts about the bear: -It weighs nearly 10,000 pounds -Meant to represent "wildlife meeting everyday life" in Colorado -Originally the bear was designed to be painted in earth tones and by accident was painted blue. After the artist saw the blue on the bear, he loved it and kept it. -Lastly, the Big Blue Bear cost $424,400
Image - Pearl Street Mall
Pearl Street Mall
Alexis:Downtown Boulder is a quick trip from Denver and is known for being a cute mountain town. It's downtown area, known as Pearl Street Mall, is a quaint outdoor mall that is in the heart of Boulder. It has original shops and offers you beautiful views of the nearby mountains.
Image - Sapphire Point Overlook
Sapphire Point Overlook
Alexis:When in Dillon, take a quick drive to the Sapphire Point Overlook. This overlook is a quarter mile or so from the road and has gorgeous views of the Dillon Reservoir.
Image - Denver Union Station
Denver Union Station
Alexis:A historical landmark that signifies that you have arrived to Denver. We have taken the train from the Denver International Airport to Union Station. It is from there where you disembark and explore the city. The station itself is over 100 years old. Near and around this station you can experience wonderful restaurant and you can quickly access key sights in Downtown Denver.
Image - Boulder Falls
Boulder Falls
Alexis:A small waterfall outside of Boulder that was off of Boulder Canyon Drive, aka 119. We were able to climb in the creek and get right up to the waterfall; definitely a fun but small adventure.
Image - Dillon Reservoir
Dillon Reservoir
Alexis:If you're in the town of Dillon, take a pitstop to this scenic overlook of the Dillon Dam. You can even take a stroll on the paved path next to the Dillon Reservoir.
Image - Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Alexis:Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a hike/trail in Colorado Springs. It is a city park that offers nearly 1500 acres of open land. You can climb on the red rocks or even take a hike through the area. Very cute and would be a great place to bring kids.
Image - Littleton / Downtown Station
Littleton / Downtown Station
Alexis:Downtown Littleton is a slice of heaven. It offers quaint shops with unique, artisan made goods and provides a couple great restaurant options. We typically like to visit The General Store 45, Willow and Tulaire, Conservatrice, In-Tea, The Chocolate Therapist, and The Olive Branch. Park on the street, grab a tea and walk the downtown.
Image - Chatfield State Park
Chatfield State Park
Alexis:A local park that is ten minutes from our home. This park does require an entrance fee of $10 but allows you to access to 26 miles worth of trails across 5,300 acres. This park overlooks Chatfield Reservoir and the Front Range.
Image - The Broadmoor Seven Falls
The Broadmoor Seven Falls
Alexis:The Broadmoor, a prestigous hotel, took over Seven Falls a number of years ago. The Broadmoor itself is gorgeous and these falls are a sight to see. As you can imagine from the name, there are a total of seven falls located here. These cascading waterfalls are located in Cheyenne Canyon and overlooks the entire canyon as you climb to the top. There are just over 200 stairs that will bring you to the top of the falls. Warning: for those with a fear of height, these stairs could be challenging.
Image - Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mountain
Alexis:Lookout Mountain is a quick pit spot from the highway. You can either climb the trail to get to the top of the mountain, or take the route more traveled and travel to the top by car. The hike is moderate and four miles in length but the more stellar views are from the trailhead or from the top of the mountain. The hike itself is decent, but we suggest saving your steps and hike elsewhere. However it is worth noting, that once you arrive at the top you can visit a little café and visit the grave of Buffalo Bill if that suits your fancy. Plus, their is a museum dedicated to him at the top. If you're unfamiliar with who Buffalo Bill is, read up. He was a very progressive man back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Image - Old Colorado City
Old Colorado City
Alexis:Old Colorado City was the former capitol of Colorado and served as one of the earliest settlements in Colorado near Pikes Peak. This historic city has a cute little downtown and has the original Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop. Make sure to save some room for fudge when visiting this quaint little town. History lesson: The Old Colorado City was originally founded in 1859 and served as the first capital of the Territory of Colorado and the center of early settlement in the Pikes Peak region. By 1873 Colorado Springs de-throned Colorado City as the county seat of El Paso County. Nonetheless, Colorado City did its share of growing during the 1890s.


Delicious food

Image - The Kitchen American Bistro
The Kitchen American Bistro
Alexis:An upscale restaurant in Downtown Denver that offers amazing cuisine and an intimate experience. Although $$$, it is worth the cost and the calories.
Image - Sam's No. 3 Downtown
Sam's No. 3 Downtown
Alexis:An exclusively breakfast restaurant in Downtown Denver that serves delicious coffee beverages and offers green chili on their amazing burritos. On average they serve nearly 60 gallons of green chili everyday and serve about 22,000 eggs a week to customers. From their website: Sam’s No.3 has been a Denver staple since 1927 when Sam Armatas, an immigrant from Lefkada Greece, opened on Curtis Street in Downtown Denver. Spero (son of Sam), Alex, Patrick, and Sam (Grandson’s) re-established their first brick and mortar Sam’s No.3 in Aurora in 1998, in Downtown Denver—back on Curtis Street and across the Street from the original location, in 2003, and in Glendale in 2013.
Image - Denver Beer Co Platte Street
Denver Beer Co Platte Street
Alexis:A cool, poppin' spot. Some beers are hit and miss. Their seltzers were flavorful but leave you wanting more.
Image - Ultreia
Alexis:Ultreia is a restaurant at Union Station that allows for indoor and outdoor seating. They are primarily known for their tapas and their generous hospitality. The restaurant and the menu are rooted in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. From their website: The word Ultreia has its roots in Latin, loosely translates to “onward” and refers to the words of encouragement shouted to pilgrims on their Camino de Santiago – a 1,000-year-old pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It seemed a fitting name for a restaurant located in a transit hub.
Image - CRÚ Food & Wine Bar (Larimer Square - Denver)
CRÚ Food & Wine Bar (Larimer Square - Denver)
Alexis:A cute wine bar in Downtown Denver Larimer Square. The wine is imported from all over and is specially selected by their sommelier.
Image - The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Alexis:A cute teashop in Boulder that is ornate, friendly and provides a fun break from the active days of hiking. They have an extensive tea list and their appetizers are worth the money and the calories. We definitely recommend this teashop if you're in the area!
Image - Voodoo Doughnut - Colfax
Voodoo Doughnut - Colfax
Alexis:This donut shop is on one of the oldest roads in Downtown Denver, Colfax, and at one time this area was alive and thriving. Now it is a little sketch. So, order these delicious donuts and move on. No need to linger here but definitely need to grab these donuts. Voodoo Donuts originated in Portland, Oregon and have gained popularity due to their amazing and crazy donut concoctions.
Image - Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
Alexis:A breakfast/brunch restaurant at Union Station that has delicious benedicts. But make sure to make reservations- this place gets packed!
Image - Băo Brewhouse
Băo Brewhouse
Alexis:A trendy Chinese restaurant that has delicious food and drinks.
Image - Hidden Gems Ice Cream & Coffee
Hidden Gems Ice Cream & Coffee
Alexis:A cool and iconic spot in Downtown Denver that serves delicious one of a kind ice cream. Yummm!
Image - ViewHouse Littleton
ViewHouse Littleton
Alexis:A local restaurant that overlooks the Front Range. This restaurant has four different locations and each of them offers a specular view of the Front Range. Even better - the food! Nearly everything on the menu has received high praise from locals and tourists alike. Fan favorites include: wings, cauliflower bites, and nachos, but you really cannot go wrong with the food at this place.
Image - Travelade Image
Sunflower Asian Cafe
Alexis:Our local favorite for Chinese food. This restaurant offers a number of vegetarian options and of course has stuff for all the carnivore lovers. It is located in Littleton and is one of our go-to spots if you're looking for something reasonably priced and casual.
Image - Travelade Image
Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
Alexis:This place is the bee's knees!!! Capriotti's has delicious meat subs and offers a number of vegetarian subs as well, which is pretty much unheard of. The food is to die for and the staff is always very friendly. This is our go-to spot after hiking because we feel a little less guilty eating all of these delicious calories. Best sub according to Tommy, The Bobbie. Best sub according to Alexis, The Impossible Cheese Steak.
Image - Black Rock Coffee Bar
Black Rock Coffee Bar
Alexis:A local coffee bar that is delicious and trendy.
Image - Riize Coffee Co
Riize Coffee Co
Alexis:A cute, quiet coffee spot in Littleton.
Image - Travelade Image
Postino LoHi
Alexis:A delicious wine bar that is complimented by flavorful bruschetta. Also, has great happy hour specials. Just order the whole bottle and make it worth your while.
Image - Angelo's Taverna - Littleton
Angelo's Taverna - Littleton
Alexis:Italian food that feels homemade and isn't pompous or pretentious. Rather it offers authentic and hearty meals. Make sure to call ahead, or be prepared to wait!
Image - Salado
Alexis:A wholesome restaurant in Fairplay, Colorado that offers cactus fries and a decent meal. We would definitely recommend this place and explore the little downtown before or after.
Image - Stout Street Social
Stout Street Social
Alexis:A cute spot in Downtown Denver that serves yummy cocktails and offers decent food.
Image - Henry's Tavern
Henry's Tavern
Alexis:Apparently one of the only places in Downtown Denver that stays open late, but makes good drinks! Not sure about the food here.
Image - The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar
The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar
Alexis:This is the place to be for a boozy breakfast. Endless mimosas with delicious food! Cannot really beat that...
Image - Avanti Food and Beverage
Avanti Food and Beverage
Alexis:A shipping container that offer two levels of food options. The food is good and the views aren't too bad either. We recommend eating from the rooftop to get the scenic view.
Image - Death & Company
Death & Company
Alexis:An upscale bar that is supplies their guests that beautifully crafted cocktails and scrumptious small plates. Be prepared to be wined and dined. More formal attire is recommended here.
Image - Deiter's Chocolates
Deiter's Chocolates
Alexis:Handcrafted chocolate goodness. The end.
Image - Beckon
Alexis:If you're looking for an eating experience, look no further. This restaurant is one of those spots where you go for special occasions and when you want to have a lavish meal. This restaurant serves a course meal that starts at $150 a person, which includes a 6 course meal and wine pairings. However, you might be looking at the price and think we are crazy people. We are but this meal was worth that price. The chefs make all the food in front of you and converse with your throughout the dinner. Overall, this is an immersive eating experience and if you're looking to spend some money, this is the place to do it. Lastly, they have a seasonal menu and make sure to make reservations months in advance. Their are only two dining options, early or late, and the restaurant has limited seating capacity (likely no more than 20 seats in the restaurant).

Disc Golfing

Places to disc golf

Image - Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course
Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course
Alexis:Beaver Ranch is one of the best disc golf courses in Greater Denver; maybe even the best in the state. While it may not be as scenic as other courses, this course is amazingly well kept. The holes are brilliantly technical and have great distance.
Image - Peak One Disc Golf Course
Peak One Disc Golf Course
Alexis:Although far from Denver, it is a beautiful and fun disc golf course.

Kid Friendly

Ideas for the little ones

Places to Stay

Cool places to stay in Colorado

Image - Glen Eyrie Castle
Glen Eyrie Castle
Alexis:This is one of the coolest places we have ever stayed before. Glen Eyrie is a castle in Colorado Springs and is surrounded by red rocks and big horned sheep. While the prices can be expensive, it is an experience that you won't get that often. How cool would it be to stay that you stayed at a castle? Also, they do offer a complimentary breakfast. :)
Image - The Westin Denver Downtown
The Westin Denver Downtown
Alexis:The Westin in Downtown Denver is located in the heart of the Denver and allows you to access most of the city by foot. This hotel has reasonable rates and offers amazing views of the city and of the mountains. It is near Union Station, 16th Street Mall and Larimer Square.

Wonderguide map

  1. Maxwell Falls Lower Trail
  2. St. Mary's Glacier
  3. McCullough Gulch Trailhead
  4. Red Rocks and Morrison Slide Trailhead
  5. Quandary Peak
  6. Button Rock Dam
  7. High Line Canal
  8. Deer Creek Canyon Park
  9. Roxborough State Park
  10. Waterton Canyon
  11. South Valley Park
  12. Mount Falcon Park
  13. Chautauqua Park
  14. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre
  15. Larimer Square
  16. Pikes Peak
  17. Royal Gorge
  18. Rocky Mountain National Park
  19. Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center
  20. REI
  21. Colorado State Capitol
  22. Colorado Convention Center
  23. Pearl Street Mall
  24. Sapphire Point Overlook
  25. Denver Union Station
  26. Boulder Falls
  27. Dillon Reservoir
  28. Red Rock Canyon Open Space
  29. Littleton / Downtown Station
  30. Chatfield State Park
  31. The Broadmoor Seven Falls
  32. Lookout Mountain
  33. Old Colorado City
  34. Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  35. The Kitchen American Bistro
  36. Sam's No. 3 Downtown
  37. Denver Beer Co Platte Street
  38. Ultreia
  39. CRÚ Food & Wine Bar (Larimer Square - Denver)
  40. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
  41. Voodoo Doughnut - Colfax
  42. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
  43. Băo Brewhouse
  44. Hidden Gems Ice Cream & Coffee
  45. ViewHouse Littleton
  46. Sunflower Asian Cafe
  47. Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
  48. Black Rock Coffee Bar
  49. Riize Coffee Co
  50. Postino LoHi
  51. Angelo's Taverna - Littleton
  52. Haveli Indian Cuisine
  53. Salado
  54. Stout Street Social
  55. Henry's Tavern
  56. The Corner Office Restaurant + Martini Bar
  57. Avanti Food and Beverage
  58. Death & Company
  59. Deiter's Chocolates
  60. Beckon
  61. Jackass Hill Brewery
  62. Beaver Ranch Disc Golf Course
  63. Peak One Disc Golf Course
  64. Glen Eyrie Castle
  65. The Westin Denver Downtown

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