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Clarens - Places and Spaces

Clarens has something for everyone. Food, art, entertainment, hiking, extreme sports, and wildlife! Enjoy a cold, locally brewed beer, while watching the rugby, or enjoy a decadent waffle and milkshake! We've got it all!

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My favorite dinner restaurants!

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My Recommendations

Image - Treat Restaurant
Treat Restaurant
Jessica:A wonderful restaurant with decadent food and the most delightful hosts!
Image - Gosto
Jessica:Delicious Portuguese food and lovely evening ambiance!
Image - Clarens Kooperasie
Clarens Kooperasie
Jessica:A more upbeat restaurant with live music, a sports bar and play area! Good food and entertainment!
Image - Bocca Di Lupo Restaurant and Pub
Bocca Di Lupo Restaurant and Pub
Jessica:Authentic Italian food! Rox and Paulo are fantastic hosts!
Image - Artist's Cafe Clarens
Artist's Cafe Clarens
Jessica:A lovely restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or tea! It is central and has a playground!
Image - Time and Again Bistro
Time and Again Bistro
Jessica:Delicious food! Located on the square in between the shops, a perfect spot for lunch!
Image - Clementines Restaurant & Bar Clarens
Clementines Restaurant & Bar Clarens
Jessica:Excellent wholesome food. A great choice for dinner!
Image - Post House Restaurant Clarens
Post House Restaurant Clarens
Jessica:A lovely restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and tea!

Wonderguide map

  1. Clementines Restaurant & Bar Clarens
  2. Clarens Kooperasie
  3. Bocca Di Lupo Restaurant and Pub
  4. The Viewing Deck @ Street Caffe
  5. The Grouse and Claret
  6. Treat Restaurant
  7. Clementines Restaurant & Bar Clarens
  8. Gosto
  9. Bocca Di Lupo Restaurant and Pub
  10. The Post House Restaurant
  11. The Platform
  12. Artist's Cafe Clarens
  13. Treat Restaurant
  14. Gosto
  15. Clarens Kooperasie
  16. Bocca Di Lupo Restaurant and Pub
  17. Artist's Cafe Clarens
  18. Time and Again Bistro
  19. Clementines Restaurant & Bar Clarens
  20. Post House Restaurant Clarens

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