Cider And Seafood In Cherbourg

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Charlotte Aimée Hulme

Cider And Seafood In Cherbourg

Cherbourg-Octeville might not be your first port of call when you think of France, but its undiscovered charm really does make it one of the country's most intriguing spots. Here's where to slurp cider, sink some seafood and enjoy what this pretty place has to offer...

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Oh So Good Cider

Whilst Theo Capelle is perhaps the closest cider distillery where Cherbourg is concerned, there are a few in surrounding Normandy that are also worth a visit. Here's a look at the best...

Image - Capelle Théodore
Capelle Théodore
Charlotte Aimée:This amazing farm produces local products from the Cotentin region. The setting is gorgeous and on a warm summer's day it makes for a glorious trip out.
Image - Farm Billy
Farm Billy
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Sumptious Seafood

Mostly known as a ferry port, Cherbourg-Octeville has a brimming selection of seafood restaurants that are a great catch...

Image - La Satrouille
La Satrouille
Charlotte Aimée:Perfect for fresh oysters and a large range of seafood!
Image - Carabot

The Sight Seeing List

Whilst there isn't a huge tapestry of things to see whilst in Cherbourg, it is a historic little stop off. Here's where I'd recommend...

Image - Museum Emmanuel Liais
Museum Emmanuel Liais
Charlotte Aimée:If you're a bit of a plant aficionado then you'll love this museum, with over 400 plant species in the greenhouses at this botanical garden.
Image - Parc du Château des Ravalet
Parc du Château des Ravalet
Charlotte Aimée:This Château was built between 1562 and 1575 and is utterly mesmerising and rather Gothic looking.

Coveted Crepes

Here's where to get your sweet fix whilst visiting...

Image - Le Ty-Billic
Le Ty-Billic
Charlotte Aimée:These were, by far, the best crepes we found during our visit.

Wonderguide map

  1. Capelle Théodore
  2. Farm Billy
  3. Calvados Pierre HUET
  4. Cidrerie Distillerie "Le Père Mahieu"
  5. Le Pressoir d'Or
  6. Des Martellières GAEC
  7. La Compagnie des Calvados
  8. La Satrouille
  9. Café de Paris
  10. Restaurant La Marina Cherbourg
  11. Restaurant Le Liberty
  13. L'Abri des Flots
  14. Carabot
  15. City of the Sea
  16. Thomas Henry Museum
  17. Museum Emmanuel Liais
  18. Église catholique du cotentin
  19. Liberation Museum
  20. Batterie Du Roule
  21. Parc du Château des Ravalet
  22. Le Ty-Billic
  23. Crêperie de la Mer

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