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Christina <3 Jessie

Welcome to SF, Jessie. It's not as bad as Bo said it is.

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All within FIVE minutes of walking distance

Image - Cafe Réveille
Cafe Réveille
Christina:Best place to have meetings, a lot of investors come here, it's right downstairs.
Image - Spark Social SF
Spark Social SF
Christina:Many many food trucks. SPRO has a sick matcha drink and amazing crepe cakes on weekends only.
Image - The Creamery
The Creamery
Christina:Yummy crepes
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Fattie Life

Places I go to a lot ... in my mind, but much less frequently in reality.

Image - Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Mission Bay
Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Mission Bay
Christina:For those 45min cross-fit classes - not just tough, but asian tough! You can also swim here.
Image - City Dance Studios
City Dance Studios
Christina:Amazing kpop dance classes!
Image - Yoga Tree Potrero Hill
Yoga Tree Potrero Hill
Christina:Lyon and I go here for yoga <3
Image - Muir Woods National Monument
Muir Woods National Monument
Christina:Natural hike, all nature... and tourists

People NEED to shop

food, furniture, and japanese stuff are daily necessities

Image - Travelade Image
Gus's Community Market Mission Bay
Christina:The BEST supermarket, and it's literally right downstairs. No excuses for not cooking >:)
Image - Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market
Christina:For those fancy orange juices freshly squeezed in front of your eyes
Image - IKEA
Christina:Where the meatballs are and where all my furnitures are from
Image - Daiso Japan
Daiso Japan
Christina:a self explanatory must visit

Wonderguide map

  1. Cafe Réveille
  2. Spark Social SF
  3. The Creamery
  4. Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Mission Bay
  5. City Dance Studios
  6. Yoga Tree Potrero Hill
  7. Muir Woods National Monument
  8. Gus's Community Market Mission Bay
  9. Whole Foods Market
  10. IKEA
  11. Daiso Japan

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