Chocolate in London

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Magda Lukaszewicz

Chocolate in London

Hobby chocolatier in London. Yes, cocoa is a fruit.

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My favorite chocolateries in London


Image - Melt Chocolates
Melt Chocolates
Magda:A high quality Notting Hill store with the best hot chocolate I've tried. The kitchen is in the shop, so you can see the chocolate being made. Their second store is in Holland Park.
Image - Artisan Du Chocolat
Artisan Du Chocolat
Magda:My go to place in Chelsea. They have a good mix and match offer on small chocolate bars. My favorite is the almond milk chocolate. Have multiple locations in London.
Image - Sourced Market
Sourced Market
Magda:It's actually more of a cafe, but has surprisingly good collection (even if small) of high quality chocolates. Have multiple locations in London.
Image - Rococo Chocolates Chelsea
Rococo Chocolates Chelsea
Magda:Beautiful store and atmosphere.
Image - Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates
Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates
Magda:The best place in Soho. Have a fantastic vegan brownie.
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  1. Melt Chocolates
  2. Artisan Du Chocolat
  3. Sourced Market
  4. Rococo Chocolates Chelsea
  5. Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

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