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Chitwan Wildlife Adventure in Nepal

Chitwan National Park was the very first National Park established in Nepal in the year 1973 and was granted the status of a World Heritage Site in 1984. It is a rich natural area in the Terai, the subtropical southern part of Nepal.

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Chitwan Jungle Safari

In Chitwan, Jungle Safari is a widely popular activity. One can easily get an opportunity to spend time while riding the back of an elephant or in Jeep.

Image - Jeep Safari Chitwan
Jeep Safari Chitwan
Subash:One of the options to see the wildlife in Chitwan national park is to go on a jeep safari. During this trip you will sit in the back of an open jeep to see the animals. The driver will stop to show places and animals. You will have a great opportunity to get some good pictures the way. During the trip, the guide will hang on to the back of the vehicle to spot animals. He will also give information about the environment and the wildlife.
Image - Canoe Ride Start Place
Canoe Ride Start Place
Subash:With a canoe you will slowly pass the shores of the rivers which are full with amazing crocodiles and beautiful birds. During the trip you are accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the animals. Of course you don’t have to peddle yourself as a boatman joins the ride.
Image - Elephant Breeding Center
Elephant Breeding Center
Subash:Located in Sauraha the Elephant breeding center was set up to protect the endangered elephants in the region. There are often many baby elephants there and a small museum. The center is walkable from Sauraha but it will take 1 hour depending on the heat and road conditions. Tours or rickshaw transport are available part of the way.
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Day Outings

Wildlife spotting is the premier activity in Chitwan. Who wouldn't want to spend a day in the company of the amazing creatures of Nepal?

Image - Tharu Culture Program
Tharu Culture Program
Subash:Tharu Cultural Dance Program Chitwan, a cultural program performed by the Tharus, will be another highlight of your visit to the Jungle Safari Lodge. The Tharus, wearing their colorful traditional costumes, unique in their disparity with the common mode of dress all over Nepal, are sure to captivate you.
Image - Sauraha
Subash:Sauraha is a small town located just outside of Chitwan National Park. Sauraha has a large selection of accommodation, tour agencies and restaurants. This is most likely your first stop when visiting Chitwan National Park .
Image - Narayani River Bank Buddha Statue
Narayani River Bank Buddha Statue
Subash:The Narayani River provides a natural boundary for Chitwan National Park. There’s no better way to enjoy the wildlife that frequent the river banks than a river safari. It was such a peaceful and relaxing experience. We counted no less than 50 rhesus macaques playing at the water's edge. Numerous gharial and marsh mugger crocs too. And of course, lots of birds! An added bonus: a beautiful sunset!

For Foodies

Foodies will not be disappointed in the Nepali cuisine. Here are a few excellent recommendations:

Image - Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge
Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge
Subash:Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge offers guests the perfect blend of a quiet but captivating wilderness retreat, fused with local cultural encounters. A short walk from the Narayani River, the natural boundary between Chitwan National Park and the surrounding townships, takes you to doors of Tharu Lodge. Emulating the longhouse style of Tharu architecture and built from local materials, Tharu Lodge offers a unique and comfortable insight into the Nepalese village life.
Image - Machan Country Villa
Machan Country Villa
Subash:Machan offers a variety of activities allowing you to discover both the wildlife and the way of life of the Tharu Villagers. At Machan, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal. They will share their knowledge of the jungle’s flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Land Rovers, on nature walks and bird-watching excursions.
Image - Green Park Chitwan
Green Park Chitwan
Subash:Get the celebrity treatment with world-class service at Green Park Chitwan Located just in front of Park, surrounded by the greenery and 2 minute walk to the river. It’s just 10 minutes’ drive from the Sauraha Market and 20 km from Bharatpur Airport. Giving you a warm welcome from the carved entrance door with the smiling face with a sip of welcome drink along with face towel for a short relief from a journey.
Image - Kasara Resort - Chitwan National Park
Kasara Resort - Chitwan National Park
Subash:Kasara is located on the borders of Chitwan National Park. Kasara offers a range of activities in a tranquil and inspiring environment, meaningful interaction with local culture that provides knowledge and an experience that the guest can take way with them.

Top Things to Do

Looking for things to do in Chitwan? Here are some recommendations.

Image - Maula Kalika
Maula Kalika
Subash:Maula Kalika is a famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kalika in Gaindakot town of Nawalparasi district in Lumbini zone of Nepal. Maula Kalika is a very famous and growing tourist destination located in the Gaindakot Municipality of Nepal.
Image - Tharu Cultural Museum & Research Center
Tharu Cultural Museum & Research Center
Subash:The informative Tharu Cultural Museum & Research Centre in Bachhauli, the nearest Tharu village to Sauraha, has colourful murals and exhibits on artefacts and local dress. The collection is fairly limited, but it's a must-see for those interested in Tharu culture.
Image - Bis Hazari Lake
Bis Hazari Lake
Subash:Bishazari Lake falls in the famous Chitwan National Park, which is a protected area in the Inner Terai of central Nepal. The Mahabharat mountain range falling to its north and Siwalik range falling to its south provides this lake its spectacular beauty.

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  1. Jeep Safari Chitwan
  2. Canoe Ride Start Place
  3. Elephant Breeding Center
  4. Tharu Culture Program
  5. Sauraha
  6. Narayani River Bank Buddha Statue
  7. Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge
  8. Machan Country Villa
  9. Green Park Chitwan
  10. Kasara Resort - Chitwan National Park
  11. Maula Kalika
  12. Tharu Cultural Museum & Research Center
  13. Bis Hazari Lake

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