Discovering chefchaouen with the only female tour guide

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El Hammouchi Amina

Discovering chefchaouen with the only female tour guide

Everyone is so curious about one of the ancient yet remarkable blue city in the north of morocco a city that is classified by the unesco before paris everyone falls in love with its charm and no one can miss the opportunity of wearing the clothes of a local meaning to say to be a local and to enjoy

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Wondering arround chefchaouen with Amina

Situated in the Rif mountains, by 115 km from Tangier, Chefchaouen is one of the most picturesque cities in the region, it is known as the blue pearl city, its alleys of blue are a must-see attraction. Next to its main source of water that comes from the mountain (Ras El Maa) , and its cobbled stree

Image - Chefchaouen
El Hammouchi:If you want to try one of my tours here is the itinerary bellow : to begin the journey of the discovery of the blue pearl city that reflects another dimension away from the other crowded cities. So to provide you with an overall view of our tour here is the places that we are going to visit : - stopping by al Wahda barage; - the new city; -the old city; - passing by the mausoleum of Moulay Ali Ibn Rachid the founder of Chefchaouen city; - crossing by the main gates of the old city; - diving in the blue narrow streets and the old moresco architecture of the houses; - visiting the pottery and the traditional souqs where you can find the pleasure of discovering the Berber handicraft of colourful carpets, natural perfumed soaps, essential oils, different spices and also to shop anything you liked; - visiting Outa Hamam square; - the grand mosque; - the kasbah ancient castle. Ps : i do picture tours and the walking tour too it will coast you only 30 euros for three hours and if you want mor
Image - Ras El Ma
Ras El Ma
El Hammouchi:Discovering the main source of the watter where the watter comes from the rif mountains and spreaded to the population of chefchaouen
Image - Mosquée
El Hammouchi:Let's enjoy the most magnifecent panoramic view of the city together from the top of the mountain and watch sunset
Image - Chefchaoun The Blue
Chefchaoun The Blue
El Hammouchi:Let's go and wonder arround the city and enjoy the blue color
Image - Square Outa El Hamam
Square Outa El Hamam
El Hammouchi:No one can miss touring arround the biggest square of the city and enjoy discovering the oldedt ancient castle of kasabah and visiting the biggest mosque of the city
Image - CHEZ HICHAM, Hôtel Restaurant
CHEZ HICHAM, Hôtel Restaurant
El Hammouchi:Yet one of my favourite restaurants in which you can enjoy an authentic moroccan meal
Image - Chez Aziz
Chez Aziz
El Hammouchi:For the people who are huge fans of sweets you would love to visit chez Aziz and try the best moroccan sweets besides pizza or panini anything you like to have as a quick snack and also let's try together our famous crazy drink that is called zaazaa a drink of Avocado mixed with sliced fruits with some cream and some almonds on the top of it yummy so delicious !!
Image - El Kasba Garden
El Kasba Garden
El Hammouchi:Also when you get to visit the kasabah with me you can pay only 6 euros per each but it's interresting to see one of the oldest castles inhabited by the founder of the city moulay ali ibn rachid and also to take wonderfull pictures from the top of the main tower of the kasabah
Image - Tetouan
El Hammouchi:Let's wonder arround tetouan and enjoy one of the moresque cities with ots spanish old architecture and its incredible views
Image - Plage Martil
Plage Martil
El Hammouchi:You cannot come to tetouan and miss the coast side we can also wonder arround the beautifull martil and enjoy the beach view
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  1. Chefchaouen
  2. Ras El Ma
  3. Mosquée
  4. Chefchaoun The Blue
  5. Square Outa El Hamam
  6. CHEZ HICHAM, Hôtel Restaurant
  7. Chez Aziz
  8. El Kasba Garden
  9. Tetouan
  10. Plage Martil

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