Casablanca, the moroccan diva

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Essam El Missaoui

Casablanca, the HEART of morocco

Casablanca, to do & see list.

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My favorite Pubs

Image - Bazaar Dinner Club
Bazaar Dinner Club
Essam El:A good place, full of art & good vibes. Drinks, food, music ...
Image - Backstage
Essam El:Nightlife place, perfect for people who love bands & live act.
Image - Brooklyn Bar
Brooklyn Bar
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My favorite Restaurants

The best pubs in the town.

Image - Le Marly
Le Marly
Image - MEAT

Wonderguide map

  1. Bazaar Dinner Club
  2. Backstage
  3. Brooklyn Bar
  4. Le Duo Café Restaurant
  5. Le Marly
  6. MEAT
  7. Restaurant Moumni

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