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Cape Cod

My favorite restaurants, bars, and activities in the Dennis area!

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Things to do!

Fun activities for the family!

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Cape Cod Rail Trail
Caroline:BIKE TRAIL! Pick up the Cape Cod rail trail in Dennis center right behind Stop & Shop. I recommend renting a bike at Barb's Bike Shop or Dennis Cycle Center.
Image - Sesuit Beach
Sesuit Beach
Caroline:CLOSEST BEACH TO YOU! Also known as Cold Storage Beach (East Dennis - location 685 RT-134 South Dennis, MA 02660). This beach parking lot is residents only; however, only a 1 mile bike or walk from the house. I recommend dropping off a group, or parking at the Sesuit Habor East Lot for $10/day. This is the BEST beach on the Cape in my opinion. Non-residents parking starts after 5pm (perfect for the sunset)!
Image - Corporation Beach
Corporation Beach
Caroline:Corporation beach allows non-resident parking for $90/week ($25/weekdays and $30/weekends). Personally, I prefer Cold Storage Beach!
Image - Lobster Roll Cruises
Lobster Roll Cruises
Caroline:Enjoy the famous Sesuit Harbor Cafe lobster roll with a boat ride harbor tour!
Image - Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History
Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History
Caroline:Great for a rainy day!
Image - The Brewster Store
The Brewster Store
Caroline:Penny candy galore! This spot is a must for kids.
Image - Grand Slam Entertainment, Cape Cod Bumper Boats, Batting Cage, Zip Line, Family Fun Cape Cod
Grand Slam Entertainment, Cape Cod Bumper Boats, Batting Cage, Zip Line, Family Fun Cape Cod
Caroline:Right next to go-karts! This family friendly spot includes bumper boats, batting cages, and more.
Image - Devil's Purse Brewing Company
Devil's Purse Brewing Company
Caroline:Locally brewed beer in the heart of Dennis, MA! This location is small, but has an outdoor turf area/tables.
Image - Hog Island Beer Co.
Hog Island Beer Co.
Caroline:Hog Island is about a 15 minute ride (right near Orleans center). This is a great brewery to spend the day!
Image - The Cape Playhouse
The Cape Playhouse
Caroline:In the heart of Dennis Village, Cape Cod Playhouse is a fun night out! Check out 2021 season/ticket information via their website:
Image - Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski
Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski
Caroline:Professional group of people! I jet skied with a group a few years ago, and was impressed by the experience.
Image - Dennis Pines Golf Course
Dennis Pines Golf Course
Image - Beachcomber in Wellfleet
Beachcomber in Wellfleet
Caroline:Great for groups 21+! This beach/bar scene is a full-day event. It is about a 30 minute drive, but worth it if you have a large group.
Image - Scargo Lake
Scargo Lake
Caroline:Princess beach is right near Dennis Village!
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Grocery Stores

Image - Stop & Shop
Stop & Shop
Caroline:I would do your big early-week haul here. The produce, meat, and fish are always on par. Additionally, it is less expensive than the other options.
Image - Ring Bros. Marketplace
Ring Bros. Marketplace
Caroline:Most expensive option, but has a GREAT prepared seafood section.
Image - Dennis Public Market
Dennis Public Market
Caroline:A small market with everything you need! The sandwiches here are some of the best on the Cape for beach-time lunch.
Image - Northside Liquors
Northside Liquors
Caroline:Not a grocery store, but a great local liquor store option!

Favorite Restaurants

Image - Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Caroline:This is by far my favorite place on the Cape! BYOB, kid friendly, and home of the best lobster roll. This is a cash only establishment (there is an ATM inside). Minimize your time waiting in line by going around 5pm.
Image - Scargo Cafe
Scargo Cafe
Caroline:Scargo Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in the Cape. It is kid friendly, but also has a great bar area for adults.
Image - Fin
Caroline:High-end restaurant! Definitely worth going to as a group of adults.
Image - Encore Bistro and Bar
Encore Bistro and Bar
Caroline:Enjoy the bar of the bistro at Encore! There is an outdoor tent in the back that leads into a dining room. The bar is in the front of the building. Their flat breads are amazing!
Image - Gina's by the Sea
Gina's by the Sea
Caroline:Italian/seafood restaurant right near Mayflower Beach!
Image - The Brewster Fish House
The Brewster Fish House
Caroline:Brewster Fish House is a high-end, but classic seafood restaurant about 10 minutes down the road. It's a smaller establishment, and does NOT take reservations. Make sure you get there early for a seat!
Image - The Marshside
The Marshside
Caroline:Kid friendly! There is an awesome bar inside as well. Prepare for valet parking and a usual wait inside.
Image - Laurino's Tavern
Laurino's Tavern
Caroline:VERY casual and kid friendly. This spot is located in Brewster. I used to go here as a kid growing up, but typically only recommend it for families with small children!
Image - Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
Caroline:Chapin's Fish & Chips has a casual vibe for dinner (family friendly), but turns into a bar at night! There is typically live music after dinner hours.
Image - Pelham House Resort
Pelham House Resort
Caroline:Pelham House is new and boujee with a beach view! They have fire pits on the beach and patio, but have plentiful seating inside as well.
Image - Lost Dog Pub
Lost Dog Pub
Caroline:An amazing dive bar/restaurant. ALWAYS go for the specials!

Sandwich/Lunch Spots

My favorite lunch time sandwich shops!

Image - The Mercantile
The Mercantile
Caroline:Great for breakfast and lunch!
Image - Dennis Public Market
Dennis Public Market
Caroline:Order sandwiches ahead of time, and pick them up at the back deli!
Image - Fare and Just Kitchen
Fare and Just Kitchen
Caroline:Organic lunch spot in Brewster! Their smoothies and grain bowls are the best.
Image - 7-Eleven
Caroline:7-Eleven in Dennis is a one stop shop. This used to be a Tedeschi and STILL has a Tedeschi deli! The sandwiches are huge and always reliable. I've been going here for years.

Favorite Breakfast/Coffee

Here is a list of my favorite restaurants! This includes an array of family friendly and adult-style restaurants in the area.

Image - Grumpy's
Caroline:A sit-down diner right off of 6A (near Smuggler's ice cream). There is typically a line out the door in the Summer, so prepare to wait for 15-20 minutes. The food, however, is authentic diner food. You can't go wrong!
Image - The Mercantile
The Mercantile
Caroline:Mercantile is perfect for either breakfast or lunch. I would recommend going here if you want more of a to-go type of breakfast option.
Image - Underground Bakery
Underground Bakery
Caroline:Underground bakery is a small breakfast spot in Dennis Village (right next to Mercantile). It is literally underground, so make sure you don't miss it! With London-based theme, Underground Bakery offers coffee, smoothies, juices, pastries, breakfast sandwiches/burritos and more!
Image - Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
Caroline:The BEST coffee on the Cape. Snowy Owl distributes to many coffee shops around Boston, but their flagship location is in Brewster, MA. Enjoy a chocolate croissant and a coffee before you head to the beach!
Image - Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Caroline:Don't be fooled, Sesuit Harbor has it all. Their breakfast sandwiches and/or lobster omelette create for the perfect morning on the Cape. Sesuit is BYOB and seat yourself!
Image - The Otherside
The Otherside
Caroline:The Otherside is owned by the Marshside, and sits right off of 6A. They have great breakfast sandwiches, pastries, coffee, and pizza!


A list of my top pizza recommendations.

Image - Travelade Image
Showtime Pizza
Caroline:Right off of 6A near Mercantile, Fin, and the Cape Cod Playhouse.
Image - Firestarter Pizza
Firestarter Pizza
Caroline:Sister-owned pizza joint near Showtime pizza. I would say these pizzas are more gourmet compared to Showtime.
Image - Peterson's Market
Peterson's Market
Caroline:BIG pizza's for a large group. This market is in Yarmouth, but worth the 10 minute drive if you have a large group to feed.
Image - Stone L'oven Pizza
Stone L'oven Pizza
Caroline:My favorite out of the four recommended pizza places. Expensive pizza, but definitely worth it!

Ice Cream Shops!

My go-to ice cream shops.

Image - Ice Cream Smuggler
Ice Cream Smuggler
Caroline:Smuggler's is closest to my house! Is is right across from 7-eleven/The Lost Dog Pub. They have amazing dairy/gluten free ice cream for those of you who are dairy/gluten free!
Image - Sundae School Ice Cream
Sundae School Ice Cream
Caroline:Sundae School is a classic. It is in the heart of Harwichport (which is a must if you are looking for a cute village to shop/walk around).
Image - Cape Cod Creamery
Cape Cod Creamery
Caroline:Cape Cod Creamery is closer to Dennis Village. The line starts inside the back of the building.


My favorite bar recommendations in the area.

Image - Chatham Squire
Chatham Squire
Caroline:A classic. The Chatham Squire is in Chatham center. Although there is typically a line to get in, I've never had a bad time here!
Image - Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
Caroline:Chapin's Fish & Chips (ocean side - yes, there are two of them), has and outdoor/indoor bar. There is always live music here!
Image - Sand Dollar Bar and Grill
Sand Dollar Bar and Grill
Caroline:Similar to Chapin's the Sand Dollar is a go-to for live music during the night!
Image - The Port Restaurant
The Port Restaurant
Caroline:The Port is in the heart of Harwichport. It is a restaurant by day/bar by night. The outdoor seating section in the back is perfect for day-drinking if that is what you're looking for!
Image - Woodshed
Image - Encore Bistro and Bar
Encore Bistro and Bar
Caroline:Encore not only has great food, but an awesome bar in the front of the building (house). The bar entrance is right when you pull in on the right hand side of the building.

Wonderguide map

  1. Cape Cod Rail Trail
  2. Sesuit Beach
  3. Corporation Beach
  4. Lobster Roll Cruises
  5. Cape Cod Museum Of Natural History
  6. The Brewster Store
  7. Grand Slam Entertainment, Cape Cod Bumper Boats, Batting Cage, Zip Line, Family Fun Cape Cod
  8. Bud's Go-Karts
  9. Devil's Purse Brewing Company
  10. Hog Island Beer Co.
  11. The Cape Playhouse
  12. Dennis Parasail and Jet Ski
  13. Dennis Pines Golf Course
  14. Bass River Golf Course
  15. Dennis Highland Course
  16. The Captains Golf Course
  17. Beachcomber in Wellfleet
  18. Scargo Lake
  19. Stop & Shop
  20. Ring Bros. Marketplace
  21. Dennis Public Market
  22. Northside Liquors
  23. Sesuit Harbor Cafe
  24. Scargo Cafe
  25. Fin
  26. Encore Bistro and Bar
  27. Gina's by the Sea
  28. The Brewster Fish House
  29. The Marshside
  30. Laurino's Tavern
  31. Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
  32. Pelham House Resort
  33. Lost Dog Pub
  34. The Mercantile
  35. Dennis Public Market
  36. Fare and Just Kitchen
  37. 7-Eleven
  38. Grumpy's
  39. The Mercantile
  40. Underground Bakery
  41. Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
  42. Sesuit Harbor Cafe
  43. Kender & Sisters Kitchen + Coffee
  44. The Otherside
  45. Showtime Pizza
  46. Firestarter Pizza
  47. Peterson's Market
  48. Stone L'oven Pizza
  49. Ice Cream Smuggler
  50. Sundae School Ice Cream
  51. Cape Cod Creamery
  52. Chatham Squire
  53. Chapin's Fish & Chips and Beach Bar
  54. Sand Dollar Bar and Grill
  55. The Port Restaurant
  56. Woodshed
  57. Cleat & Anchor
  58. Encore Bistro and Bar

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