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A Guide to Outdoor Activities and Local Delicacies in Tenerife

Tenerife is the biggest and the most densely populated Canary island. It is only 300 km away from the African coast. Tenerife is getting one of the most desired tourist destination in the world.

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Nature & Outdoor

Tenerife is known internationally as the Island of eternal spring, It has stunning natural places.

Image - Teide National Park
Teide National Park
Esteban:Mount Teide is the third highest volcanic structure and most voluminous in the world and the highest point in Spain.It is spectacular and one of the world’s most amazing places which breathtaking scenery and beauty that is just a joy to look at which explains why it’s the main Tenerife attraction.
Image - Acantilados de los Gigantes
Acantilados de los Gigantes
Esteban:Remarkable cliffs which tower high into the sky and plummet straight down into the deep blue sea far below.They are one of the island’s most popular attractions, after the Mount Teide National Park. These huge cliffs are entirely natural, rising approximately 500-800m above water and sinking 30m underwater.
Image - Masca
Esteban:Roads that meander around the steepest ravines in Tenerife will take you to the most iconic village on the island and the location is exceptionally beautiful. Masca is more a collection of rural houses linked by rough stone walkways than a village.
Image - La Esperanza
La Esperanza
Esteban:Find the best Hiking trails and discover the amazing views from a winding mountain road that passes through the magical wood of Esperanza. If you have the opportunity I recommend to go and spend a day in this magical forest with places where you can barbecue.
Image - Benijo
Esteban:It boasts a unique landscape on the Island and fabulous views of the Roques de Anaga rock formations. Its sunsets are simply magical, especially when the glimmering sea contrasts with the red horizon and the dark outline of the volcanic rocks rising from the depths of the ocean.
Image - Playa Los Patos
Playa Los Patos
Esteban:Los Patos beach is legendary amongst nudists in the Canary Islands. Located in the spectacular La Orotava valley, with Teide in the background, the volcanic sand of this virgin beach widens over the summer and at low tide leaving one of the largest expanses of beach in northern Tenerife.
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Nature activities

Tenerife is an island with many attractions and many activities to enjoy outdoors.

Image - Teide Observatory
Teide Observatory
Esteban:Canary is one of the three best places on Earth to observe the sky. Located at 2,390 m altitude, the Teide Observatory is the largest solar observatory in the world. There are excursions and activities suitable for all audiences: from astronomy lovers, couples and families.
Image - Neptuno Whale Experience Tenerife
Neptuno Whale Experience Tenerife
Esteban:This tour is all about dolphins and whales. The researcher on board will take you to experience the local species (pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins) and any other transient species that might be in the area. You can seat back and relax or fully participate in the research.
Image - MOANA DIVING Dive Center in Tenerife
MOANA DIVING Dive Center in Tenerife
Esteban:Discover the natural beauty of the Canary Islands during a boat snorkeling tour. Approximately 15 minutes on the boat, then snorkel in crystal clear waters where you can observe turtles, fish, dolphins and other animals.
Image - Overfly Paragliding Tenerife
Overfly Paragliding Tenerife
Esteban: Enjoy a paragliding experience that takes off at 700 m, see the natural beauty of Tenerife while flying. You will see a beautiful panoramic view of the island, where you can appreciate the sea and ravines. Discover the most impressive landscapes while flying like a bird.
Image - Siam Park
Siam Park

Traditional Guachinches

popular establishment where local wine and typical foods are served. The origins of guachinches lie in the wine-tasting parties that the local wine growers organized at certain dates of the year to sell their products.

Image - Guachinche Casa Yayi
Guachinche Casa Yayi
Esteban:Home made food cooked in a quiet and familiar environment.
Image - Guachinche El Ramal
Guachinche El Ramal
Esteban: Authentic Canarian Guachinche, with a privileged location. Located in La Orotava, this place has everything in its favor: it is spacious, with tables of all sizes, beautiful views.
Image - Guachinche Basilio
Guachinche Basilio
Esteban:Cozy and quiet place. Homemade food and good grilled meat on weekends.

Wonderguide map

  1. Teide National Park
  2. Acantilados de los Gigantes
  3. Masca
  4. La Esperanza
  5. Benijo
  6. Playa Los Patos
  7. Teide Observatory
  8. Neptuno Whale Experience Tenerife
  9. MOANA DIVING Dive Center in Tenerife
  10. Overfly Paragliding Tenerife
  11. Siam Park
  12. Guachinche Casa Yayi
  13. Guachinche El Ramal
  14. Guachinche Basilio

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