Bugambilias Neighborhood

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Covi Montero

Bugambilias Neighborhood

We don´t have a lot of things but it is an interesting place where you can relax, eat, also travel, and ask for help when you have a problem.

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Image - Laguna de San Baltazar
Laguna de San Baltazar
Covi:This is a place which is visited for many people, they came here when they want to relax or when they want to do excercise also here the kids can feed the ducks. I really recommend this place when you are felling down.
Image - Capilla de Cristo Rey
Capilla de Cristo Rey
Covi:This shrine is a holy place, it´s a beautiful place also it´s a big place. The eucharistic celebration is magical.
Image - Plaza Bugambilias
Plaza Bugambilias
Covi:It is a complete place, you can have food, coffe, there is a gym, also a bank, and near the place we have a supermarket.
Image - Emiliano Zapata Mercado
Emiliano Zapata Mercado
Covi:Here we can find a lot of varities of fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, food. Also during september we can find a lot of typical food, lights and traditional clothes.
Image - Bomberos Valsequillo
Bomberos Valsequillo
Covi:The firefighters are very kind also they are very organized.
Image - Linea 3 metrobus estación Cristal
Linea 3 metrobus estación Cristal
Covi:Lot of people use this line to travel around the city.
Image - Travelade Image
Assistant pantheon of San Baltazar Campeche
Covi:In November a lot of people came here to honor the deceased.
Image - Ciudad Universitaria BUAP
Ciudad Universitaria BUAP
Covi:This place is not in Bugambilias but it is near to it. Here we can find the botanic park, bike path, places where you can practice lot of sports.
Image - Cemitas la Atómica
Cemitas la Atómica
Covi:The food here it is delicious.
Image - Centro Comercial Plaza Cristal
Centro Comercial Plaza Cristal
Covi:You can find here a lot of stores, food places, supermarket, a cinema, coffe and ice cream shops.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Laguna de San Baltazar
  2. Capilla de Cristo Rey
  3. Plaza Bugambilias
  4. Emiliano Zapata Mercado
  5. Bomberos Valsequillo
  6. Linea 3 metrobus estación Cristal
  7. Assistant pantheon of San Baltazar Campeche
  8. Ciudad Universitaria BUAP
  9. Cemitas la Atómica
  10. Centro Comercial Plaza Cristal

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