Buenos Aires

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Victoria Alessandria

A Local's Guide to Buenos Aires

A city offering a combination of European and Latinoamerican influences that will get under your skin.

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Places to go

If you have an adventurous soul, you don't want to miss these places. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Image - Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero
Victoria:This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Capital Federal. You may like the idea of having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or maybe you prefer taking a relaxed walk along the water.
Image - Obelisco
Victoria:This is the iconic monument of Buenos Aires city. As it happens in any downtown, it is always crowded, but don't let this disappoint you! You can take some pictures at the Buenos Aires sign, buy some souvenirs and local snacks along Florida street.
Image - Bosques De Palermo
Bosques De Palermo
Victoria:Nature lover? This is the perfect spot for you!
Image - Feria Honduras - Plaza Serrano
Feria Honduras - Plaza Serrano
Victoria:You can find lots of handicrafts from local people as well as unique fashion design.
Image - Plaza Dorrego
Plaza Dorrego
Victoria:Plenty of restaurants, pubs, and stores to visit.
Image - Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada
Victoria:One of the must-see places in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal.
Image - Barrio Inglés (Buenos Aires)
Barrio Inglés (Buenos Aires)
Victoria:This English neighborhood is a gem you can find in Caballito.
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Image - La Boca Walking Tour
La Boca Walking Tour
Victoria:La Boca will delight you with its colorful facades and tango dancers dancing in the street.
Image - Planetario Galileo Galilei
Planetario Galileo Galilei
Victoria:An original idea to spend the night in Buenos Aires.
Image - Jardín Japonés
Jardín Japonés
Victoria:A piece of Japan in Buenos Aires.
Image - Recoleta Cemetery Tour
Recoleta Cemetery Tour
Victoria:This beautiful cemetery looks like taken from a movie scene.

Grab and go!

If you don't have enough time to sit at a restaurant... just grab something to eat and drink... and keep on walking!

Image - Tostado Café Club - Obelisco
Tostado Café Club - Obelisco
Victoria:You can find a variety of grilled sandwiches as well as salads and wraps. They also offer homemade lemonade with ginger and mint.
Image - Fōster Nutrition
Fōster Nutrition
Victoria:When it's time to eat healthier, it's time to stop here!
Image - Green Eat
Green Eat
Victoria:Salads, sushi, sandwiches, natural juices... everything in one place!
Image - Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui
Victoria:Lose yourself in chocolate, jam, ice-cream!

It's five o'clock

These are some options if you want to take some time to enjoy a cup of tea and try some pastry.

Image - Pani Salvador - Palermo Viejo
Pani Salvador - Palermo Viejo
Victoria:Delicious and massive cakes!
Image - Alvear Palace Hotel
Alvear Palace Hotel
Victoria:You can make a reservation for the five o'clock tea service.
Image - Café Martínez
Café Martínez
Victoria:Coffee and cake, the perfect match!
Image - Pertutti
Victoria:Here you can find options to share including pastries, sandwiches, chocolate bars, juice, and coffee.

Dining out

This is a list of recommended restaurants to spend a perfect night and try some of the most outstanding dishes

Image - La Parolaccia Trattoria
La Parolaccia Trattoria
Victoria:Best known for its Italian pasta options. Don't go without trying the traditional tiramisu.
Image - Gourmet Porteño
Gourmet Porteño
Victoria:This is one of the best options among "All you can eat restaurants". It is the perfect choice for those who love trying local dishes and discovering new flavors. Starting with some appetizers you can find cold cuts, different types of cheese, salads. Then, as main dish, you can try anything from the barbecue area. Are you vegetarian? don't worry! you can find Italian pasta dishes and even veggie sushi.
Image - Johnny B. Good Puerto Madero
Johnny B. Good Puerto Madero
Victoria:Ask for your favorite cocktail and enjoy it! Everything in this place is made with high-quality ingredients.
Image - Futu Sushi
Futu Sushi
Victoria:If you love sushi and 12 pieces aren't enough for you, then, Futu Sushi is the best option, you can pay for the "all you can eat" menu.
Image - Lupita
Victoria:Looking for some margaritas and tacos? Lupita is the best place for you.

Wonderguide map

  1. Puerto Madero
  2. Obelisco
  3. Bosques De Palermo
  4. Feria Honduras - Plaza Serrano
  5. Plaza Dorrego
  6. Casa Rosada
  7. Barrio Inglés (Buenos Aires)
  8. La Boca Walking Tour
  9. Planetario Galileo Galilei
  10. Jardín Japonés
  11. Recoleta Cemetery Tour
  12. Tostado Café Club - Obelisco
  13. Fōster Nutrition
  14. Green Eat
  15. Rapa Nui
  16. Pani Salvador - Palermo Viejo
  17. Alvear Palace Hotel
  18. Café Martínez
  19. Pertutti
  20. La Parolaccia Trattoria
  21. Gourmet Porteño
  22. Johnny B. Good Puerto Madero
  23. Futu Sushi
  24. Lupita

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