Buenos Aires - with kids

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Paul Welzel

Buenos Aires - with kids

Buenos Aires with kids, it can be done! If you visited BA in the past and didn't like your visit, I would encourage you to give it another try. There have been a lot of improvements to the city, and many work projects are ongoing. We enjoyed our visit this year during the fall!

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My Recommendations

Image - Teatro Colón
Teatro Colón
Paul:Check with the ticket counter, often the orchestra will have a full rehearsal the day before. It is open to the public and FREE! But, you will need to get a ticket.
Image - Obelisco
Paul:This is a must if you visit Buenos Aires. It is a great photo spot.
Image - Plaza de Mayo
Plaza de Mayo
Paul:Visit this plaza and you will see the Casa Rosada, the Catedral, and the Cabildo building. Great historic buildings with tours. The Casa Rosada has an English tour on Saturdays.
Image - Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero
Paul:A somewhat slower paced area during the day to take a nice stroll along the water. There are also several old navy ships that can be toured. The kids enjoyed running around and exploring the big ships. Also a great place for pictures with the skyline, bridges, and boats.
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Restaurants with Kids

These are places that we ate as a family. I hope you will enjoy them too!

Image - El Club de la Milanesa
El Club de la Milanesa
Paul:Eat the typical milanesa here! They serve it in a dozen different ways, so there will be a plate that everyone will enjoy.
Image - Burger 54
Burger 54
Paul:Great hamburgers made with grass-fed beef!
Image - Cumaná
Paul:We ate here for an early dinner. If you are not accustomed to eating dinner at 10pm, this might be an earlier option. I recommend trying the casuelas - a stew like meal. CASH ONLY
Image - Galerías Pacífico
Galerías Pacífico
Paul:This is a great place off of Florida to get out of the rain. There is also a large food court on the lower level for a fast bite to eat.

Coffee and Ice Cream

Sometimes you need a break from all that walking. Here are some good places:

Image - Starbucks
Paul:They are everywhere in the city. You only need to walk a few blocks and you will find one.
Image - Lucciano's
Paul:They serve really good ice cream. They have very cute ice cream on a stick for the kids. A nice treat after walking through Puerto Madero.
Image - OL'DAYS Coffee and Deli
OL'DAYS Coffee and Deli
Paul:This is probably the best coffee we had. We even bought some freshly ground to take back to our apartment. They have great fresh natural juices for the kids.

Wonderguide map

  1. Teatro Colón
  2. Obelisco
  3. Plaza de Mayo
  4. Puerto Madero
  5. El Club de la Milanesa
  6. Burger 54
  7. Cumaná
  8. Galerías Pacífico
  9. Starbucks
  10. Lucciano's
  11. OL'DAYS Coffee and Deli

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