My Budapest Tips

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Baldur Jón Kristjánsson

My Budapest Travel Recommendations

I've been to Budapest couple of times and absolutely love this city. Here below I'll give you things that I recommend to eat and do in the city.

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Image - Zeller Bistro
Zeller Bistro
Baldur Jón:Lovely staff and good food. What do you need more :) Come
Image - TöLTő
Baldur Jón:Great hotdogs and good beers. The price is also very good.
Image - IGEN
Baldur Jón:Best Pizza in Hungary!
Image - Bangla Büfé
Bangla Büfé
Baldur Jón:Type of place you take a tin of beer from a fridge. Its my Indian friends favourite place. It's very cheap.
Image - Il Pomo Doro Tralee Restaurant
Il Pomo Doro Tralee Restaurant
Baldur Jón:Why would you want to eat Italian in Budapest?? Because its actually really freakin' nice.
Image - KönyvBár & Restaurant
KönyvBár & Restaurant
Baldur Jón:Its like a book shop inside. Some very interesting dishes all with Hungarian twist.
Image - Gettó Gulyás
Gettó Gulyás
Baldur Jón:Best goulash in the city but also loads more Very traditional Hungarian dishes. Class Hungarian wine.
Image - Kiskakukk Restaurant
Kiskakukk Restaurant
Baldur Jón:Fantastic food
Image - Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen
Baldur Jón:Authentic Hungarian atmosphere & great food
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Image - Rengeteg RomKafé - avagy Míves 2.0
Rengeteg RomKafé - avagy Míves 2.0
Baldur Jón:The best and most alcoholic hot chocolate you will have (can be non-alcoholic). Also café attached to a craft beer bar for afterwards.
Image - Blue Bird Cafe
Blue Bird Cafe
Baldur Jón:Best coffee in town. Go to the one on Rumbach Sebestyn utca for an amazing selection of coffee

Street Food

Image - Street Food Karavan Budapest
Street Food Karavan Budapest
Baldur Jón:Garden full of foodtrucks that served all kinds of street food... both local and international. Located just beside the Szimpla Kert bar
Image - Bors Gastro Bar
Bors Gastro Bar
Baldur Jón:An institution. Queued out the door from when it opens till it closes. Soups and sandwiches.
Image - Budapest Bagel
Budapest Bagel
Baldur Jón:Great bagels. Always a queue there.


Image - Kisüzem
Baldur Jón:Good night spot and good lunch. Again ask for the specials.
Image - Kádár Étkezde Comida Judia Hungara
Kádár Étkezde Comida Judia Hungara
Baldur Jón:If you want to see how a restaurant looked during communism come to this traditional jewish place.
Image - Castro Bisztró
Castro Bisztró
Baldur Jón:Centre of the city. They have some pretty big portions on normal menu. If there for lunch just take the 3 course daily special.


Image - Palatinus Strand Baths
Palatinus Strand Baths
Baldur Jón:I spend a whole day there with my family and it is just perfect for all ages. Highly recommend!
Image - Fővárosi Nagycirkusz
Fővárosi Nagycirkusz
Baldur Jón:Probably the highlight of the trip when we went with my 5yr old. She loved it!
Image - Margaret Island
Margaret Island
Baldur Jón:Big island that is tailored for outdoor activities. Go there with frisbee, jog or just stroll around and relax. Beautiful place.
Image - Rudas Baths
Rudas Baths
Baldur Jón:Mix between ancient Turkish and Modern. have a look at their website because some have womens/mens days only.
Image - China Market
China Market
Baldur Jón:For the brave :) It's basically a china town in a massive old Soviet train factory. It's the closest I ever felt to being back in Beijing.
Image - Szentendre
Baldur Jón:If you want a day trip out of city this place is great. Aranysarkany Vendeglo is first privately owned restaurant in Hungary. Best Langos!
Image - Central Market Hall
Central Market Hall
Baldur Jón:Visit all 3 floors. Finish with a beer in the sky-bar (not on roof)
Image - Dohány Street Synagogue
Dohány Street Synagogue
Baldur Jón:Is worth going in but the admission is quite expensive.

Bars & Nightlife

Image - Szimpla Kert
Szimpla Kert
Baldur Jón:Most famous bar/nightclub in Budapest. The locals don't go there much (too many tourists I guess) but it is good fun though.
Image - Boutiq Bar
Boutiq Bar
Baldur Jón:Great cocktails

Wonderguide map

  1. Zeller Bistro
  2. TöLTő
  3. IGEN
  4. Bangla Büfé
  5. Il Pomo Doro Tralee Restaurant
  6. KönyvBár & Restaurant
  7. Gettó Gulyás
  8. Kiskakukk Restaurant
  9. Hell's Kitchen
  10. Rengeteg RomKafé - avagy Míves 2.0
  11. Blue Bird Cafe
  12. MassolitBudapest Books and Café
  13. Street Food Karavan Budapest
  14. Bors Gastro Bar
  15. Budapest Bagel
  16. Kisüzem
  17. Kádár Étkezde Comida Judia Hungara
  18. Castro Bisztró
  19. Palatinus Strand Baths
  20. Fővárosi Nagycirkusz
  21. Margaret Island
  22. Rudas Baths
  23. China Market
  24. Szentendre
  25. Central Market Hall
  26. Dohány Street Synagogue
  27. Szimpla Kert
  28. Hintaló Iszoda
  29. Lámpás Student Pub
  30. Úri Muri kávéház és mulató
  31. Boutiq Bar

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