Ljubljana by night

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Hörður Ragnarsson

Ljubljana by night

I was in Ljubljana for a few nights when attending a conference at a Hotel down town. Traveling for business didn't exactly allow me to roam around and do some exploring - but it gave me a great deal of insights into the nightlife and the bars centered in Ljubljana! 🍻

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From what I can still remember

Image - Best Western Premier Hotel Slon
Best Western Premier Hotel Slon
Hörður:Good hotel for conferences, the bar down stairs is also very nice. Premium beer and snacks to go along with it.
Image - Holidays' Pub
Holidays' Pub
Hörður:A proper pub with plenty of beverages to choose from. Small and cozy. A great place to meet Ryan Gosling look-alikes, two of them!
Image - Pcj's Burger Bar
Pcj's Burger Bar
Hörður:Burgers and beer, nothing to complain about - plenty to be happy about!
Image - roštilj
Hörður:Came here for the Kebab and the smiles from the employees.
Image - Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle
Hörður:Belive it or not, we had dinner there. The view was amazing over the city and the area surrounding it.
Image - Cutty Sark Pub
Cutty Sark Pub
Hörður:Good coctails, nice place to sit and sip.
Image - Makalonca
Hörður:This is a cozy one, with a terrance just above the river. If you are an instagrammer - this will get you all tingley inside.
Image - Captain's Cabin
Captain's Cabin
Hörður:Yarrr going to like this on mate.
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  1. Best Western Premier Hotel Slon
  2. Holidays' Pub
  3. Pcj's Burger Bar
  4. roštilj
  5. Ljubljana Castle
  6. Cutty Sark Pub
  7. Makalonca
  8. Captain's Cabin

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