Brighton with Guðrún

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Guðrún Magnúsdóttir

Brighton with Guðrún

Been to Brighton two times and both were amazing. I'm going there again in February 2019 and can't wait!

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I love food and in my opinion, one of the best things about travelling is trying new food and restaurants

Image - VIP Pizza Brighton
VIP Pizza Brighton
Guðrún:Seriously the most delicious pizza I've ever had. The service isn't the best though, but it is worth the wait!
Image - Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
Guðrún:Waiters walk around the place with meat and seafood and you can have as much as you want. I know! Heaven!
Image - China Garden
China Garden
Guðrún:Went there with a group of friends and we ordered a group menu, lots of delicious food came to the table and we were SO full!
Image - Dos Sombreros
Dos Sombreros
Guðrún:Mexican food. Please ask to wear a sombrero while eating. It makes everything better :)
Image - Al Duomo Italian Restaurant Brighton
Al Duomo Italian Restaurant Brighton
Guðrún:Went there in the summer and sat outside, beautiful view and DELICIOUS pizza!!
Image - Jamie's Italian Brighton
Jamie's Italian Brighton
Guðrún:I've heard good things about this place and I'm definitely going there when I'll visit Brighton again!
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When mama goes on a vacation, she goes straight to the bar!

Image - Molly Malones - Indigo Pub Company
Molly Malones - Indigo Pub Company
Guðrún:Live music and a great atmosphere. Try the coctails on the lower ground floor!
Image - Pitcher and Piano
Pitcher and Piano
Guðrún:Delicious coctails and a huge dancefloor!
Image - Black Lion
Black Lion
Guðrún:There was a band playing when I was there and it surely was a great time!
Image - The Mesmerist
The Mesmerist
Guðrún:Good coctails and live music!
Image - The Western
The Western
Guðrún:A great pit stop on your way to Churchill shopping centre! Always a good idea to have a cold one before shopping!

Interesting stuff!

Various places and other stuff I find interesting!

Image - Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion
Guðrún:Amazing building and gardens surrounding it. Interesting history as well!
Image - Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier
Guðrún:Amusement and snacks! I recommend walking along the seaside also! Lots of bars and restaurants there.
Image - The Lanes
The Lanes
Guðrún:Almost like a maze of small streets. A lot of shops, restaurants and pubs. Don't be afraid to get lost there!
Image - Churchill Square Shopping Centre
Churchill Square Shopping Centre
Guðrún:A shopping centre. Shops. Boutiques. Stores. You get the picture!

Wonderguide map

  1. VIP Pizza Brighton
  2. Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
  3. China Garden
  4. Dos Sombreros
  5. Al Duomo Italian Restaurant Brighton
  6. Jamie's Italian Brighton
  7. Molly Malones - Indigo Pub Company
  8. Pitcher and Piano
  9. Black Lion
  10. The Mesmerist
  11. The Western
  12. Royal Pavilion
  13. Brighton Palace Pier
  14. The Lanes
  15. Churchill Square Shopping Centre

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