Brighton - the gem of the south

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Brighton - the gem of the south

In the South East Coast of England where the land meets the sea, you will find the most vibrant and colourful town around! It is home to the pride, unique vintage shops, high street retailers, fish & chips and great coffee! Want to know more? Here are some of Brighton's must-dos!

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Things to see and do in Brighton.

Image - British Airways i360
British Airways i360
Inês:Brighton has its own London Eye, aka i360, how fancy is that? Glide up to 137 meters above sea level to get a jaw-dropping 360 view of Brighton’s most famous landmarks, huge offshore wind farm and an amazing sunny coastline. But it doesn’t end there, with Nyetimber Sky Bar on board you can celebrate life with the perfect glass of sparkling wine or a famous glass of Brighton gin whilst ascending to the skies. Can you picture yourself there? This unmissable “flight” experience lasts about 25 minutes and departs every half an hour.
Image - Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier
Inês:This 540m long Victorian pier is equally a perfect walk in the park or the maddest amusement arcade over the sea. It offers a big variety of rides for all ages and bravery levels that will make you spin, twist, laugh and cry a million times. If you cannot stand big crowds and “touristy” attractions, I would suggest you avoid the midday/sunset hour as it is very likely to be packed at these particular times of the day, - a local’s advice. Bonus tip: hop to the beach and catch that picture perfect sunset!
Image - Royal Pavilion
Royal Pavilion
Inês:Stretching back almost 200 years ago, this majestic landmark was built as the seaside residence of King George IV. It has a completely different atmosphere to other Victorian aged castles in England, with a touch of India and China, exquisite decoration and timeless artefacts. Be ready to embark on a trip to the Eastern world without having to leave Brighton.
Image - The Lanes
The Lanes
Inês:No better way to feel the Brighton vibes than walking through this collection of narrow streets filled with peculiar goods for every taste and purse. You will find all kinds of jewellery work, natural cosmetics, antique bookshops, skate shops and endless cafes and brunches to choose from. To me, the best thing about the Lanes is how it attracts a huge diversity of people, cultures, styles and products and how it all comes together in this rather fancy open-air market.
Image - Brighton Open Market
Brighton Open Market
Inês:London Road is alive, the market brings joy and sparkle to anyone who walks through its main bustling corridor. Browsing is endless here, you will find unique crafts, hidden antiques, handmade bags and so much more! The vibe is incredible; the smell of the finest cheese in the air, the sweet taste of local honey, pastries, colourful fruits and a huge offer of market stalls is what makes the OM so friendly and attractive. The market is also a good option for a quick and cheap freshly made lunch or snack.
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Best places to munch, brunch and lunch in Brighton!

Image - Iydea
Inês:Ideya is a great laid back restaurant for a delicious ‘do it yourself lunch’. They offer a big variety of salads, quiches, plant-based combinations, lasagne, enchiladas etc, that you can pick and mix as you wish! Every day there is something new on the menu, so it is worth checking in more than once cause the food in this place is suberb and the price suits every pocket! Meal price ranges from £4.70 to £9.70. Lunch is served from 12pm - 4:30pm.
Image - Sugardough
Inês:Oh, how can I describe this place? Perhaps the best bakery and cafe in Brighton serving amazing breakfasts and brunches. From sourdough bread, cupcakes, cheesecakes, Victoria sponges, perfect lattes and not to talk about the meringue topped chocolate cupcake, my personal favourite! If you are a foodie as I know you are, Sugardough is a must-do on your top eatery list! Woohoo GF, vegan and vegetarian options available!
Image - Purezza Brighton
Purezza Brighton
Inês:The best vegan/vegetarian sourdough pizza you could ever ask for! With a thick crusty border, in house made mozzarella and the perfect toppings, I am sure you won't go anywhere else after you've tried them! But it's not just about pizza; this place's atmosphere is epic, the decoration is incredible and the staff are so warm and lovely making your lunch/dinner experience unforgettable. Their menu is quite extensive but nothing beats their class Margherita, my personal favourite, or if you are feeling brave, why not try their spicy Volcano pizza? I dare you to visit Purezza in your next visit to Brighton!
Image - Gelato Gusto
Gelato Gusto
Inês:If you are walking around Brighton and suddenly you bump into a big queue leading into a tiny purple shop, stop and queue IMME-DIA-TE-LY! Gelato Gusto is seriously good; the texture is soft and creamy, the choices of flavour are endless and the best part of all is their chocolate sprinkled cones. In fact, these fine handmade ice creams have won several Great Taste awards and they have been elected as one of the best 'gelatarias' in the world! So rain or shine, you know where to go next! Vegan options available.
Image - Terre A Terre
Terre A Terre
Inês:Let’s talk about food! Brighton is well known for its wide range of ethical cuisines and Terre a Terre does not remain in the shadows. With an astonishing 5-star vegetarian/vegan menu, this charming restaurant was recently named one of the best in the UK! All ingredients used in the meal prepping are of the finest quality, ethically sourced in local farms. They are open for lunch and dinner with mains starting from £16.50.
Image - Small Batch Coffee Roasters
Small Batch Coffee Roasters
Inês:Premium coffee roasters company based in Brighton. SBC is the best spot in town for a breaky or quick pit stop for refuelling.


Dance the night away with this collection of the best bars and pubs to go on a night out in Brighton.

Image - Patterns, Brighton
Patterns, Brighton
Inês:Patterns is one of Brighton's most iconic music venues with a mixture of contemporary and retro decoration. Great place to go if you are looking to dance the night away.
Image - No 32
No 32
Inês:A restaurant during the day and party venue at night! One of the best place in The Lanes to go for an after work drink or a live music night out!
Image - Tempest Inn
Tempest Inn
Inês:If you are looking for a laid-back night out then Tempest Inn is your best shot. You can enjoy a locally brewed beer with your friends at the sound of the waves hitting the shore. What else do you need?

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  1. British Airways i360
  2. Brighton Palace Pier
  3. Royal Pavilion
  4. The Lanes
  5. Brighton Open Market
  6. Iydea
  7. Sugardough
  8. Purezza Brighton
  9. Gelato Gusto
  10. Terre A Terre
  11. Small Batch Coffee Roasters
  12. Patterns, Brighton
  13. No 32
  14. Tempest Inn

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