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I am excited to welcome you to Long Island. Here are my personal recommendations for some great tours and activities in Long Island along with car rentals and great travel articles to help with your planning. Hope you will enjoy your time in Long Island!

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My Recommendations

Image - Bling Bar & Grill
Bling Bar & Grill
Dean Alfred:Nice chill spot food and drinks are awesome
Image - Lighthouse Point Restaurant
Lighthouse Point Restaurant
Dean Alfred:Must say very chill spot food and drinks are nice
Image - Hamilton's Cave
Hamilton's Cave
Dean Alfred:Great place for visitors coming to the island to explore
Image - Unique Wheels Rental
Unique Wheels Rental
Dean Alfred:Best car rental on the island
Image - Tiny's Hurricane Hole
Tiny's Hurricane Hole
Dean Alfred:A very quiet peaceful spot to wine and dine
Image - Kooters Vacation Rentals
Kooters Vacation Rentals
Dean Alfred:Very quiet peaceful place for a long time stay or short time.located by the water
Image - Harbor Breeze Villas
Harbor Breeze Villas
Dean Alfred:Nice area mini-hotels the best on the island over looking the sea
Image - Stella Maris Resort Club
Stella Maris Resort Club
Dean Alfred:Friendly staffs nice place to stay at the food is awesome
Image - Kirtland's Supermarket & Deli
Kirtland's Supermarket & Deli
Dean Alfred:Great food store
Image - Haven Grill
Haven Grill
Dean Alfred:Very chill spot food awesome
Image - Long Island Bahamas Boat Rentals
Long Island Bahamas Boat Rentals
Dean Alfred:Great service check them out
Image - Greenwich Creek Lodge
Greenwich Creek Lodge
Dean Alfred:Great place to stay at very friendly staff on hand
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Wonderguide map

  1. Bling Bar & Grill
  2. Lighthouse Point Restaurant
  3. Hamilton's Cave
  4. Unique Wheels Rental
  5. Tiny's Hurricane Hole
  6. Kooters Vacation Rentals
  7. Harbor Breeze Villas
  8. Stella Maris Resort Club
  9. Kirtland's Supermarket & Deli
  10. Haven Grill
  11. Long Island Bahamas Boat Rentals
  12. Greenwich Creek Lodge

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