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Best breakfast in Reykjavik, 2022

Iceland has an excellent bakery game going on, which may explain why baked goods and pastry is often on the menu in breakfast places. For those who prefer something fried or scrambled, there are also tons of options. Read on to find more about where to find the best breakfast in Reykjavik.

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Breakfast places in the capital 🍳

These breakfast places all open before 9am and serve a variety of breakfast dishes.

Image - Early in the morning
Early in the morning
Nína:As the name suggests, this breakfast place down town opens very early. You'll find classic breakfast options at a decent price - and good coffee too.
Image - Sandholt
Nína:One of my favourite bakeries ever. Their breakfast options are not confined to baked goods, and they also have a very nice lunch/dinner menu.
Image - Grái kötturinn
Grái kötturinn
Nína:The first restaurant in Reykjavik to serve proper American-style brunch. Never fails to impress.
Image - Kaffihús Vesturbæjar
Kaffihús Vesturbæjar
Nína:This cafe in the West side of Reykjavik is hugely popular amongst freelance workers, artists and new moms. The food is excellent, but a bit expensive.
Image - Brikk
Nína:A fantastic bakery close to the harbour. Check out their pastry, especially that bun with the nutella topping that I can't remember what they call 🤤
Image - Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
Nína:Superb artisan coffee and nice vegan croissants - among other things.
Image - Te & Kaffi
Te & Kaffi
Nína:Te & Kaffi is Iceland's biggest coffee house chain. Despite being a chain, it is quite good. Check out their cafe on Lækjartorg Square (pictured), it's fantastic on sunny days.
Image - Kaktus Espressobar
Kaktus Espressobar
Nína:Nice vegan options and a cozy locale.
Image - Kaffitár
Nína:A cozy cafe that opens early - at 7:30 every morning.
Image - Nútrí Açaí Bar
Nútrí Açaí Bar
Nína:The best breakfast for the health freak! It's a bit far from the city centre, which is a pity.
Image - Mikki Refur
Mikki Refur
Nína:One of my favourite bars/restaurants. Although they currently offer just five breakfast options, I decided to include it just because it's such a hip place.
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  1. Early in the morning
  2. Sandholt
  3. Grái kötturinn
  4. Kaffihús Vesturbæjar
  5. Brikk
  6. Reykjavik Roasters - Kárastígur
  7. Te & Kaffi
  8. The Laundromat Cafe
  9. Kaktus Espressobar
  10. Kaffitár
  11. Nútrí Açaí Bar
  12. Mikki Refur

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