Braga Insider’s Guide

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Braga Insider’s Guide

Braga is a Portuguese city located in the north of Portugal quite close to the city of Porto. With a 2000 year history, founded by the romans in 16 BC as Bracara Augusta in honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus (r. 27 BC – 14 AD), in 2019 it was voted Second Best European Destination of the year.

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Interesting Places

Here you can find the most interesting places to visit in the city of Braga or nearby.

Image - Bom Jesus do Monte
Bom Jesus do Monte
Jorge:Recently recognized as World Heritage by Unesco, this is a nice place to visit and wander around in the parks that are part of the complex. You can climb the stairs or take the funicular, of course you can reach also by Bus or own vehicle.
Image - Bom Jesus funicular
Bom Jesus funicular
Jorge:Located on the hill, provides an interesting trip to the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary (recognized World Heritage by UNESCO). It’s the world oldest funicular moved with a system of water counterweight.
Image - Roman Thermae of Maximinus
Roman Thermae of Maximinus
Jorge:Roman ruins at the Cividade Hill, that testifies the Roman period of that city, that in fact was founded by the Romans who named it Bracara Augusta.
Image - Braga Cathedral
Braga Cathedral
Jorge:National Monument, it’s one of the oldest religious monuments in Portugal, dates back to the XI century. It is the seat of the bishopric founded, according to tradition, by St. James the Greater, who here left his first disciple, St. Peter of Rates. Due to this apostolic origin it is considered as Sacro-Saint Primary Basilic of the Iberian Peninsula, and its Archbishop, Primate of the Spains. It has its own liturgy, the Braga liturgy. Considered as a center of episcopal irradiation and one of the most important Romanesque temples in the country, here are the tombs of Henrique de Burgundy, Count of Portugal and his wife, Teresa de León, parents of D. Afonso Henriques.
Image - Arco da Porta Nova
Arco da Porta Nova
Jorge:It was one of the doors in the city walls, torn in 1512, at the time of the Archbishop of Braga, D. Diogo de Sousa. Its present feature dates from 1772, at the initiative of Archbishop D. Gaspar de Bragança, designed by the architect Braga Soares, in a historic moment when the city was breaking the old walls, expanding. It has been classified as a National Monument since 1910. Next to it is a medieval tower, belonging to the Fernandina wall, and practically covered by the houses. The entrance is made by the Museum of Image.
Image - Avenida Central
Avenida Central
Jorge:The main center square of Braga, here you can wander around, do shopping or have a drink at one of the old cafes at Arcada.
Image - Rua do Souto
Rua do Souto
Jorge:It’s the main commercial street in Braga, the place to go shopping or just wander around.
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Interesting places nearby Braga

Image - Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães
Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães
Jorge:Throughout its history since the 11th century, and given its importance in the Portuguese Empire, the monastery has gathered the largest and most valuable estate in the region. It stood out from painting, sculpture and sacred art to a vast collection of books on various subjects. After the property was sold in 1834, most of the estate was lost. The present museum retains only a fragment of this estate, to which are added new pieces related to the history of the monastery and the Benedictine congregation. It is also possible to go through the "Museological Trail", where you can appreciate the area surrounding the Monastery, its architecture, the ruins of previous buildings, the woods, the gardens, and various agricultural fields such as gardens, orchards, and cornfields.
Image - Peneda-Gerês National Park
Peneda-Gerês National Park
Jorge:It is one of the biggest natural attractions in Portugal, for its rare and impressive landscape beauty and for its ecological and ethnographic value and variety of fauna (ibex, roe deer, wild horses, wolves, birds of prey) and flora (pine, yew, chestnut trees, oaks and various medicinal plants). It extends from the Gerês mountain range to the south, passing the Peneda mountain range to the Spanish border. It includes sections of the Roman road that connected Braga to Astorga, known as Geira. In the park are two important pilgrimage centers, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Peneda, a replica of the Bom Jesus de Braga sanctuary, and São Bento da Porta Aberta, a place of great popular devotion. Peneda-Gerês National Park is considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.


Nice restaurants in Braga

Image - BRAC
Jorge:Nice modern restaurant in Braga historic center, where you can taste regional flavours presented on a modern style. A curiosity: you can visit in the restaurant’s building roman ruins that testifies the roman shape of the old Bracara Augusta.
Image - Restaurante Casa De Pasto Das Carvalheiras
Restaurante Casa De Pasto Das Carvalheiras
Jorge:Even if it is located in Braga historical center, this restaurant combines the tradicional and avant-garde styles, both in the decoration and food. You can expect a modern place with original fusion food proposals.
Jorge:Porta Nova Collection House is the hotel where you can find “Restaurant Praça Velha”, a delicious sharing place, open to the public. A restaurant where we can come and eat anytime, alone or well accompanied; the cozy and relaxed atmosphere, the friendly terrace and the running tables invite conversation and sharing. The menu consists of traditional and contemporary dishes for all tastes and lifestyles, always with a twist.
Image - Dona Petisca
Dona Petisca
Jorge:Dona Petisca is a tinny place in front of Braga Cathedral, where you can snack some local “Petiscos” (Tapas). The specialties are: different sizes of wooden plate with a mix of ham, regional sausages and cheeses; different types of Bifana (seasoned pork meat sandwich) according to diferent regions of Portugal.
Image - Subura Bar
Subura Bar
Jorge:A very cosy place in Braga historical center for all diferent lifestyles. Meeting point of artists, mainly musicians, in here you can count with a nice wine and beer, but also, some traditional snacks like: Caldo Verde (potatoe and cabbage soup with chorizo), Pataniscas de Bacalhau (Codfish Beignets), Alheira (traditional portuguese soft sausage) and a variety of toasts.
Image - Taberna Do Félix
Taberna Do Félix
Jorge:Nice regional restaurant with very good traditional food.
Image - Colher d'pau
Colher d'pau
Jorge:Nice family owned restaurant with traditional local food.
Image - Bracara Degusta
Bracara Degusta
Jorge:Very small place, where you can have a drink, but also eat some international inspired snacks like “, homemade Pizza, and a variety of Bruschetta.
Image - Lakkana
Jorge:It may seem bizarre recommend a Thai Restaurant in Braga, but if you enjoy Thai food you don’t want to miss that spot. Lakkana is a restaurant in Braga historical center that makes real Thai food.
Image - Bira dos Namorados
Bira dos Namorados
Jorge:Are you in the mood for a Hamburguer? Don’t search anymore, this is the right place to have a delightful hamburguer, all of them with a portuguese twist.
Image - Restaurante Churrasqueira da Sé
Restaurante Churrasqueira da Sé
Jorge:If you want the famous afro-portuguese chicken “piri-piri” or good quality grilled meat, so that place is the best place in Braga.
Image - Confeitaria do Arco
Confeitaria do Arco
Jorge:Nice place, with real genuine traditional local food and very affordable.
Image - La Piola
La Piola
Jorge:Why not a pizza in Braga? La Piola is a fantastic small restaurant owned by an italian guy, that makes, with italian products, wonderful Italian pasta and specially Pizzas.
Image - Corriqueijo
Jorge:In fact it’s not a restaurant, it’s a cheese store with a very good cheese and wine selection, and of course you can taste their products. Ideal for an evening cheese and wine meal!


Nice bars in Braga, to have a drink and hear som live music.

Image - Sé La Vie
Sé La Vie
Jorge:Nice bar, with nice beers and sometimes live music.
Image - Liffey Irish Pub
Liffey Irish Pub
Jorge:Nice place to have a guiness irish beer or local beers, but specially to watch live music every Tuesday and Saturday.
Image - StationBlues
Jorge:Clearly inspired on a biker’s american bar, this place offer a good variety of beer and live music on Friday and Saturday, but specially a Blues Jam Session on Wednesday.
Image - SETRA
Jorge:Nice Bar, in Braga historical center. Big variety of Cocktails.
Image - Juno
Jorge:Nice Bar, nice to have some drinks, the focus is on DJ Sets with alternative and electro style music.

Art Galleries

A few art or related to art galleries and museums

Image - Galeria Mário Sequeira
Galeria Mário Sequeira
Jorge:Art gallery with interesting collection of national and international art.
Image - Image Museum
Image Museum
Jorge:Exhibitions of photography.


Daily and taylor made tours

Image - Bago D'Uva 360º | Portugal Tours
Bago D'Uva 360º | Portugal Tours
Jorge:The best tour operator in Portugal. With a main focus on wine tourism, that company also promote city tours all around Portugal and specially can design a tour that fits on your needs and desires.

Wonderguide map

  1. Bom Jesus do Monte
  2. Bom Jesus funicular
  3. Roman Thermae of Maximinus
  4. Braga Cathedral
  5. Arco da Porta Nova
  6. Avenida Central
  7. Rua do Souto
  8. Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães
  9. Peneda-Gerês National Park
  10. BRAC
  11. Restaurante Casa De Pasto Das Carvalheiras
  13. Dona Petisca
  14. Subura Bar
  15. Taberna Do Félix
  16. Colher d'pau
  17. Bracara Degusta
  18. Lakkana
  19. Bira dos Namorados
  20. Restaurante Churrasqueira da Sé
  21. Confeitaria do Arco
  22. La Piola
  23. Corriqueijo
  24. Sé La Vie
  25. Liffey Irish Pub
  26. StationBlues
  27. SETRA
  28. Juno
  29. Galeria Mário Sequeira
  30. Image Museum
  31. Bago D'Uva 360º | Portugal Tours

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