Bouxurulles, at the end of the world

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kurt moeyersons

Bouxurulles, at the end of the world

a hidden "cosy nutshell" to live in...

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My favorite events

Image - Travelade Image
Testu Valérie
kurt:Event "Autour du Saule", (, participation in basketry courses, moderated by local and international experts, exhibitions of old basketry, contemporary basketwork, many shows, conferences, entertainment and especially in the weekend a large basketry market. High level of expertise, very cosy place, wonderful atmosphere ...and very friendly people. If you got the opportunity to join once,'ll love it!
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My favorite places

Image - Charmes
Image - Gare de Charmes
Gare de Charmes
kurt:...easy connections via regional trains and TGV to Paris.
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kurt:next to Bouxurulles....the smallest village I've ever seen. They told me, by crossing the village on your bike, hold your brakes ....because you'll drive through it...whithout mentioning....

My shops

Image - Supermarchés Match
Supermarchés Match
kurt:...for all your shopping, this is the place
Image - E.Leclerc Charmes
E.Leclerc Charmes
kurt:....for all your shopping...this is also the place
Image - Boulangerie Patisserie Antoine
Boulangerie Patisserie Antoine
kurt:...tasty bread and sandwiches and delicious pastries
Image - Café L'Utopic
Café L'Utopic
kurt:...on your way biking...excellent for a break....
Image - Travelade Image
Francois Carole
kurt:...very nearby pastry shop with delicious sweets

My favorite restaurants


Image - Don Tito
Don Tito
kurt:...the pizza's are delicious!
Image - L'Origano
Image - Le Boux du Monde
Le Boux du Monde
kurt:...even "at the end of the world" you'll find very fresh and tasty products, cooked with passion. Cosy restaurant, friendly people.
Image - Le Bagatelle
Le Bagatelle

My Recommendations

Image - Basilique Notre-Dame de Sion
Basilique Notre-Dame de Sion
kurt:...climbing one of the hills of Bouxurulles, you'll see in the distance, on top of hill at the far end, ...the basilique. It takes a while to get there by bike, but it's a lovely road and worth the effort.
Image - Monument Maurice Barrès à Vaudémont
Monument Maurice Barrès à Vaudémont
kurt:...this remembrance statue is very impressive, an amazing view and a very interesting history to discover.
Image - Travelade Image
Canal de l'Est (Branche d'Épinal)
kurt:...from Bouxurulles, heading Charmes, you can bike along the waterside to Epinal.
Image - Office de Tourisme de Charmes
Office de Tourisme de Charmes
kurt:...very friendly people, helping you with any advise on the region.
Image - Parc du château
Parc du château
kurt:....amazing place and views, with a lot interesting history to discover...
Image - Boux'Fleurs - Jardinerie Pépiniériste
Boux'Fleurs - Jardinerie Pépiniériste
kurt:...every woman loves some flowers....which you'll find here.
Image - Travelade Image
1 Gr Grande Rue
kurt:....beautiful old chapel. During the event "Autour du Saule" it's used as exhebition space.
Image - Brasserie Jeanne d'Arc
Brasserie Jeanne d'Arc
kurt:...near the statue of Jeanne d'Arc, a nice place to rest, after an amazing bike trip along the former Romain road between Bouxurulles and Mirecourt.
Image - Commune de Bouxurulles
Commune de Bouxurulles
kurt:....on one of the hills, hidden in the forest, along a forest path, you'll find the memorial stone of a crashed English plane, an Armstrong Whitworth AW.38 Whitley V, RAF, Nov 11- 1939

Wonderguide map

  1. Testu Valérie
  2. Charmes
  3. Gare de Charmes
  4. Departmental Museum of Ancient Art and Contemporary
  5. Rapey
  6. Musée de la lutherie et de l'archèterie française
  7. Gîte Monchablon
  8. Kayros, chambres d'hôtes, ancienne ferme, hébergement studio ou chambre, piscine
  9. The Templars Inn
  10. Camping Les Iles
  11. Supermarchés Match
  12. Match Station-service
  13. Pharmacie Drouot
  14. A la bonne bouffe
  15. E.Leclerc Charmes
  16. Boulangerie Patisserie Antoine
  17. Café L'Utopic
  18. Francois Carole
  19. Don Tito
  20. L'Origano
  21. Le Boux du Monde
  22. Aux Charmes Gourmands
  23. Le Bagatelle
  24. Basilique Notre-Dame de Sion
  25. Monument Maurice Barrès à Vaudémont
  26. Canal de l'Est (Branche d'Épinal)
  27. Office de Tourisme de Charmes
  28. Parc du château
  29. La Tour Chinoise d'Épinal
  30. Boux'Fleurs - Jardinerie Pépiniériste
  31. 1 Gr Grande Rue
  32. Brasserie Jeanne d'Arc
  33. Commune de Bouxurulles

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