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Where to Eat While in Sarajevo?

Travel websites are often used as first-choice source for travelers taking a trip to destinations they know little about. In this article we focus on Sarajevo’s most popular places to eat, according to TripAdvisor.

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Lejla Mujagic

30. September 2017

TripAdvisor catagorizes local places-to-eat at by "Fine Dining" and "Cheap Eats", and here are the top five of each group with a few tips from myself. 

Fine Dining:

1. 4 Rooms of Mrs Safija (4 sobe gospodje Safije)

An outdoor restaurant and garden in the evening. Cozy ambience of summer garden at ‘4 Rooms of Mrs Safija. Photo: 4Rooms of Mrs Safija/Facebook

If you are looking for a fancy place either for a special occasion or a casual dinner, this restaurant will do just fine. Visitors appreciate the professional and polite staff, a spectacularly creative and imaginative menu, outstanding service, pleasant atmosphere and wonderful selection of wines. The only complaint referred to somewhat higher prices than in other restaurants. 

Our tip: The best time for visiting this restaurant is definitely the summer season because during that time of year you will get to enjoy the restaurant's flower-filled summer garden. 

2. Libertas

Three waiters preparing food. Excellent waiters of Libertas preparing food. Photo: Restaurant LibertAs/Facebook

Another elegant restaurant that leaves very positive impression on its guest is Libertas. According to TripAdvisor, the reviewers particularly liked the seafood selection and great desserts. Don’t bother taking a cab to the place just take a short walk uphill from the main tourist road. Also assessed as expensive but well worth it.

Our tip: Making a reservation for dinner is highly recommended, since the restaurant is almost always fully booked.

3. Luka

A big bowl of octopus and vegetables. Seafood at ‘Luka’ restaurant. Photo: Luka Sarajevo/Facebook. 

Luka is a place whose guests gladly return to have another portion of delicious fish. Some reviewers said it was a very pleasant introduction to Sarajevo and the service and staff were applauded for being professional and pleasant. The guests also noticed that portions in Luka are rather large.

Our tip: Feel free to leave the choice to the chef, who is also the restaurant’s owner. You won't regret it!

4. Vinoteka

The entrance to ‘VInoteka’ RestaurantEntrance to ‘VInoteka’ Restaurant. Photo: Vinoteka Sarajevo/Facebook.

Nearly all reviews for this restaurant mentioned a great selection of Bosnian wines, but the food menu was assessed as wonderful as well. Some thought that the menu was quite short but this did not ruin their impression whatsoever.

Our tip (and tip of a TripAdvisor visitor): The restaurant does not prefer separate billing for one table. 

5. Hedona Wine Club

A small dish and some glasses of wine. Some great wines from the Hedona-cellar. Photo: Wine Club Hedona/Facebook

Located above the steep hills of Sarajevo, this restaurant does not offer only great food and drinks but also a stunning view of the city. As its name suggests, the place offers some excellent wines, which perfectly pair the food on the menu. 

Our tip: The restaurant is a little bit hard to find so it is better to spare time and take a cab to get there.

Although this list goes further we will stop here and will present some other fine restaurants of Sarajevo in a more detailed article next time!

Cheap Eats: 

The list of cheap eats in Sarajevo is considerably longer than this one but we will focus on the top 5 places according to TripAdvisor's reviewers. 

1. Cakum Pakum

A huge strawberry trifle A sneak peek inside the ‘Cakum Pakum’. Photo: Cakum-Pakum/Facebook. 

A cozy, small restaurant located in the very center near the touristic area. It is not a typical fast food place although its prices suggest it may be one. Great food at a good price – nothing more to add.

2. Buregdzinica Bosna

Pastries with spinach on a plate and two glasses of milk. Pastry filled with spinach. Photo: Buregdzinica Bosna/Facebook. 

Serving delicious, traditional pastry bites, called burek and pita (depending on the filling), this place is among top visited ‘cheap eats’ in the Old Town area. As the tourists themselves concluded, burek (meat filling) goes the best with yoghurt cream! 

3. Cevabdzinica Zeljo 

Another traditional, authentic food place, offering barbecued meals. This is sort of a fast food restaurant you come across many times during the walk through Old Town, so if you decide to try it, check out this specific place, it is easy to find.

4. Buregdzinica Sac

A stack of pita bread filled with spinach and meat.A mixed portion of pita filled with spinach and meat. 

We already presented one buregdzinica and the food it offers, so I'll tell you a bit more about the environment of Buregdzinica Sac. It is hidden in a small back street, the place itself is super-small and it is always super-busy.

Don’t let this discourage you, it is a must to go there and see the girls handling the work efficiently and making no one wait longer than a couple of minutes for their portion, which you can eat on foot or at one of the tables outside.

5. Cevabdzinica Petica

Meat sausages, bread and onion. The most popular barbecued meal dish, known as cevapcici, served in bread and with chopped onions. 

Again a cevabdzinica with barbecued meals, with cevapcici being the first choice of the many. The interior of this one is very authentic and traditional, and the area is restricted from smoking.