Viennese Café Sarajevo

Six Cafés Worth Trying out in Sarajevo

Every time  I travel abroad I eventually end up searching for places where I would take a break from sightseeing with a nice cup of coffee or tea. This is my selection of the top six cafés in Sarajevo.

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Lejla Mujagic

12. March 2018

1. Miris Dunja (Smell of Quince)

Three women sitting at a pavement café. Photo: Miris Dunja Facebook page.

A tiny, two-storey place in heart of old town (Baščaršija). They serve a wide range of home-made juices, tea, Bosnian coffee as well as traditional cakes and sweets. The menu is more or less the same as in many other places around the old town, but visitors of 'Miris Dunja' are amazed by the pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, who make them feel like home.

Check out Miris Dunja's Facebook here .

2. Talks & Giggles

A stack of pancakes with chocolate, bananas and strawberries. Photo: Talks and Giggles Facebook page

This recently opened pastry/coffee shop has quickly become one of the city’s popular leisure spots. Parisian style interior, American pancakes and cupcakes, with the view of Austro-Hungarian facades across the river make 'Talks & Giggles' a perfect take-a-break spot. The only shortcoming is its tiny space, which means you won't be able to taste their menu specials in first attempt ☺

Check out the café's Facebook page here . It's also delightful to browse through their Instagram account.

3. Espresso lab

A group of baristas standing behind the counter of the Espresso Lab. Photo: Espresso Lab Facebook page.

A heavenly place for coffee-lovers , which includes a library and separate non-smoking area (this is a rarity in Sarajevo, which has not yet introduced a law prohibiting smoking in closed and public areas).  Besides coffee, they also serve chocolate desserts, various hot chocolate drinks and tea.

Check out their Facebook page here .

4. Galerija Boris Smoje

People sitting outside enjoying drinks and food in good weather. Photo: Galerija Boris Smoje Facebook page.

A little bit further from the old town and its crowd, ‘Galerija Boris Smoje’ (Boris Smoje Gallery – named after a famous theater actor) is a place of gathering for artists and art lovers. Its terrace under thick tree shadows is a popular refreshment spot during hot summer days and evenings. Not only that; while here, you will often have a chance to enjoy poetry evenings, movie screenings or exhibitions inside the gallery.

Check out Galerija Boris Smoje's Facebook page here .

5. Ministry of Ćejf/Džirlo Teahouse/ Birtija

Two cappuccinos and a cookie. Photo: Ministry of Cejf Facebook page.

Back to the old town. A narrow, steep, cobblestone street just across the Sebilj (central square of Baščaršija) is home to three super-tiny, cozy places, which happen to be among the favorite spots of foreign visitors.  Each of them designed as tasteful mixture of oriental and Bosnian, the old and the modern. They don’t have long menus but will definitely attract you with homey atmosphere and friendly staff.

6. Viennese Café at Hotel Europe

A majestic dining hall with chandeliers. Photo: Viennese Café Facebook page.

And finally, a little bit of Vienna in Sarajevo. Viennese Café or, in local languages, ‘Bečka kafana’ was the most famous café in Sarajevo during Austro-Hungarian era and long afterwards.

Located on the ground floor of Hotel Europe, this establishment incorporates details of ‘Wienner Kaffehaus’ such as wallpapers and newsstands. After the hotel was restored in 2008, Viennese Café and adjacent Mozart pastry shop have again become popular place of gathering.