Lukomir: the Last Bosnian Mountain Village

Lukomir is a small authentic village, located on Mt. Bjelašnica. If you're looking for a traditional Bosnian experience, Lukomir is the place to visit.

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Elma Murić

8. February 2018

Lukomir, often called "the last Bosnian village", is the highest and the most isolated mountain settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It sits at 4,904 ft (1,495 meters) above sea level on the stunning mountain Bjelašnica and it has been inhabited for hundreds of years.

This authentic mountain village is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, especially for travelers keen on hiking and outdoor adventures. It is situated around 30 miles (50 kilometers) from Sarajevo and it's easy accessible by car. This, of course, depends on the season. During the winter months this area is heavily covered in snow and the roads are closed, so you will have to walk or ski to reach it!

A woman walking on a gravel road with cottages in the background. Wonderguide/WikimediaCommons

Traditional housing in Lukomir village. Wonderguide/WikimediaCommons

Getting to know the traditional Bosnian way of living

Composed of old houses traditionally made of stone and wood, Lukomir represents the unique historical, cultural and architectural way of life of Bosnian highlanders who have been living here for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact, the old necropolis located at the end of the village, shows that the village was inhabited as early as in the 14th century.

Lukomir is a sheep herder's village whose inhabitants, even nowadays, wear traditional clothes made of wool and live very humbly in every possible way, although today they have running water and electricity. Villagers are very hospitable and if you have a local guide with you, you might even hear some interesting stories and legends about the village and the mountain.

The mountain cuisine in this region is very simple, but fresh and tasty. You will be offered cheese and other freshly made dairy products such as traditional yoghurt, homemade pies, herbal tea and rakija (the Bosnian version of grappa).

Amazing scenery

Fantastic scenery of Bjelašnica mountain around the village offers many other stunning sights, such as Studeni potok (The Cold Creek) which is equally beautiful in every season of the year.

If you walk to the edge of the village, you will see the breathtaking canyon of river Rakitnica, dropping 2625 ft (800 m) below. The good news is that there is a hiking trail along the ridge of this 16 miles (26 km) long canyon that goes straight from the village of Lukomir.

Rakitnica canyon separates mountains Bjelašnica and Visočica and it is one of the longest and deepest mountain canyons in the region. Canyoning Rakitnica is very demanding and it's not recommended without an experienced guide. Waters are very cold, full of unpredictable slides and the width of the river can be very narrow (at one point not wider than 3 ft) so one should be pretty well prepared for this adventure, both physically and in the terms of equipment.

For guided tours to the Lukomir village and its beautiful surroundings, check out the guided tour offered by local agency Green Visions, or the more adventurous Via Dinarica hiking tour.