Prokosko Lake

Hidden Gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prokosko Lake

Prokoško Lake is truly one of Bosnia's hidden gems. It's a glacial lake located about 35 miles from Sarajevo.

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Elma Murić

29. September 2017

Prokoško Lake is a small glacial lake, located around 14 miles above small Bosnian town of Fojnica, at mountain Vranica. Even though Prokoško Lake is reachable by car via gravel road, many visitors decide to take a hike to this pearl of nature located at 5370 ft. above sea level. 

Many of them decide to take their journey further up to the Vranica highest peak, Nadkrstac (2112m/6929 ft) but not before taking a break by this picturesque lake.

Prokosko Lake is 1400 ft. long and 626 ft. wide with maximum depth of 42 ft. Due to its unique location, abundance of fresh air and an authentic mountain village, it represents the real jewel of nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is surrounded by a number of old wooden shepherd huts called katuni and there is also an old wooden mosque you can visit while at the lake.

The lake is known to be a home of the amphibian Triton (Triturus alpestris reiseri), which only lives in Prokoško lake. Surrounding area is also rich in several endemic and beautiful white flower plant species specific only for mountain Vranica.

A little village in a green valley.

Why Prokoško Lake?

  • Hike to Prokoško Lake is not demanding or especially exausting so it is usually reccommended for all nature lovers, even for those who claim they’re not ‘in the shape’ to climb the mountain!
  • It's ideal for daily or weekend trip from Sarajevo and therefore perfect for travelers that don't have much time to explore Bosnian mountains
  • On your way to Vranica and Prokoško Lake, you can visit town of Fojnica, mostly known for the old Franciscan monastery and its famous library of philosophical and theological works and documents dating back to 15th century
  • Fojnica is also a balneological resort. Healing power of thermal water in this area is discovered in Roman times and ever since used as a cure for many medical conditions but also for enjoyment and relaxation. There is a big wellness center in the town, so if you're tired from exploring the mountains and need a spa-break, Fojnica is the place to be! 

Houses by the bank of Prokoško Lake

Where to stay?

If you want to spend the night in one of the cabins by the lake, book in advance. Many locals are renting their cabins to the visitors, but beware that once you're there you may have difficulties to find adequate accommodation due to the limited capacities and/or language barriers.

If you are visiting without guide and want to stay overnight or longer, you can check It's in English and has a detailed description of cabin capacities and prices. They also offer a guided tours and prepare homemade food delicacies from fresh ingredients.

You can also check available listings on websites such as AirBnB, or look for the accommodation in town of Fojnica.

Local food is delicious but also rustic and simple, usually consisted of domestic bread, dried meat, cottage cheese, wild fruit and herbal tea, so maybe consider bringing some of your favorite food or drinks in your backpack. Don’t forget sunscreen, good hiking shoes and plenty of water on your way up and enjoy green scenery of Vranica!

Lush green hills by the lake.

Explore Vranica and Prokoško Lake with guides

If you are interested in guided tours to this area, we will here recommend few that will satisfy everyone’s taste;

Some websites such as Balkanvibe offer a daily hiking tours to Vranica, and you can also check Prokoško Lake tour organized by Sarajevo Funky Tours. The good thing about this tour is that you can choose from several different ways to reach the lake and the mountain, such as SUV ride, mountain biking or classic hike. 

There is also a daily hiking tour offered by Sarajevo Bosnia Tours agency.

If you have enough time on you, possibly the most unique and memorable way to explore this beautiful landscape is the five-day riding tour offered by Horse ranch 'Lazy Horse' from Sarajevo.

Unfortunately, in the last several years, many new cabins were built around the Prokoško Lake, and village and the lake are not the same as they once were. Environmentalists are making some efforts to protect the nature from illegal activities and commercializing this wonder of nature on mountain Vranica.

Photos: Elma Murić