Zlatna ribica café

Authentic and Charming: Local Bars and Cafès in Sarajevo you Have to Visit

Here's an ideal guide to the most charming cafés and bars in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Elma Murić

23. October 2017

As every bigger city, Sarajevo is full of bars, pubs and restaurants offering a different food and drinks for everyone's taste, but many travelers and first time visitors are usually looking for something local and authentic.

So, here we have a few lovely places where you can have either a coffee, beer, shisha and even enjoy some art along!

1. Zlatna ribica

A shop full of antiques. The interior of Zlatna ribica. Wonderguide/Elma. 

Tiny but very charming, 'Zlatna ribica' (literally meaning Goldfish), is one of the most popular bars in Bosnian capital. Fantastic decor, old furniture and so many eye-catching details will make you to forget about outside world, at least for a while.

Along with locals, many expats and tourists hang there, so it's also a good place to meet new people and other travelers. As place is quite small, in the evenings is usually full so it's sometimes better to reserve your table for the night.

Selection of drinks is wide so here you can enjoy a glass of good wine or rakija but also hot beverages like coffee or tea. They serve sweets, nuts and fresh fruits in scallop shells which is also so adorable that many guests can't wait to go back to this ultra-cute bar in the center of the city.

'Zlatna ribica' also has a most charming toilet (yes, toilet!) you've ever seen.

Address: Kaptol 5, Sarajevo 71000


2. Kino Bosna

Old socialist cinema turned into a bar and concert venue is a truly unique place in this city! 'Kino Bosna' hosts different art and cultural events such as exhibitions, performances, alternative music gigs and much more.

Monday nights are reserved for sevdah, traditional Bosnian music played by musicians who walk around the tables with their instruments just like in the old days. So, if you are in Sarajevo and don't know where to go on Monday night, 'Kino Bosna' is a place to be!

Don't be surprised if you hear a lot of different languages while in this bar as many foreigners just love the place.

Good thing is that you don't have to worry about reservations as 'Kino Bosna' is huge and can accommodate more than 200 people.

Most popular drinks in Kino Bosna are local beer and local brandy rakija so don't expect fancy wines or liquors and just go with the flow! If you are hungry, you can order a cold plate with local cheese, smoked beef and olives.

Address: Alipašina 19, Sarajevo 71000


3. Male Daire

Maile Daire shisha bar.Maile Daire shisha bar. Wonderguide/Elma. 

There are many new and trendy shisha bars in Sarajevo, so you can find one in almost every part of the city. But anyways, some were here much longer and 'Male Daire' are one of those. This place, along with good shisha, kept its traditional menu with authentic Bosnian coffee, Turkish tea and homemade non-alcoholic beverages made from mint, berries and a very popular one made from elderberry flowers.

'Male Daire' is located in the very center of the Old Town and it is equally charming in the colder days and in the summer. Its interior is very traditional with floor cushions and wooden furniture, perfect for the afternoon chill during the rainy days, and its big and green summer terace is a favorite spot for those who need a quick escape from the heat of old Baščaršija.

Address: Luledžina 6, Sarajevo 71000


4. Gallery ‘Boris Smoje’

People sitting at an outdoor café on a sunny day. Enjoying a drink at the outside area of Boris Smoje. Wonderguide/Elma. 

Gallery, coffee place and a bar in one, 'Boris Smoje' is one of the favorite spots for urban artists, designers, writers and many other people in the mood for the refreshing drink and relaxed conversation.

Local artists exhibit there often, so here you can enjoy and/or buy some of their art. Also, from time to time, it hosts various events such as concerts, film screenings and poetry nights.

'Boris Smoje' is very centrally located but hidden in one of the rare 'green streets' of Sarajevo, with small but lovely summer terrace. It is also a good place to relax alone during the day, read a book or do some work if you prefer to work outside.

Address: Radićeva 11, Sarajevo 71000


5. Cafè 'Tito'

Located in the backyard of the Historical museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this caffe is named by Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslav socialist leader and a long time president of the former country.

Big sign above the bar 'Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu!' (meaning 'Death to fascism, freedom to the people!') was a Yugoslav army slogan from the Second World War which later became a symbol of resistance to fascism in this region. Pictures, sculptures, books and other memorabilia in this cafè are the best example of Yugonostalgia phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cafè ‘Tito' has a big terrace with a view on Vilsonovo alley, wide selection of drinks and lesson in history - quite enough to make it a favorite spot for many locals but also museum visitors and travelers hungry for an authentic place to grab a drink.

Address: Zmaja od Bosne 5, Sarajevo 71000