Lake Pliva

An Oasis in Central Bosnia: The Stunning Waters of Jajce

Jajce is a wonderful town in Central Bosnia, known for magical natural sights and interesting culture and history.

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Elma Murić

1. October 2017

Well known for its rich history and a number of national monuments, the Bosnian town of Jajce is also famous for its stunning nature. Situated between mountains and built on the confluence of two rivers, Pliva and Vrbas, Jajce is a popular stop for tourists traveling from Sarajevo to Banjaluka, but also for local hikers and nature lovers. 

Along with the fortified city and a castle of medieval Bosnian kings, the main tourist attraction of Jajce is a gorgeous waterfall in the Pliva river.

Pliva waterfall, often dubbed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of the world, is the very place where river Pliva meets river Vrbas, which is a very rare natural phenomenon. 

Travelers gazing at a waterfall. Pliva Waterfall. 

It's important to add that there is a viewing platform where you can see this natural screen of water in all its beauty. Ticket for entering the platform is about 2 euros per person.

River Pliva also forms two lakes, Great and Small Pliva Lake, ideal for a boating, fishing and most important of all – getting a proper mind rest among their quiet surroundings! Paddleboats are quite popular as well, but you can also try kayaking, canoing and of course - swimming.

A boat on a calm lake. Pliva Lake. 

Due to the high levels of hydrogen, the water in the lakes is very still which makes it perfect for professional on-water sports. Lakes and their unique and quiet surroundings are perfect for enjoying the water and by the water – meaning you can swim but also rent a bicycle, take a walk or simply have a picnic an enjoy your day by the lake.

Two man sailing on a lake. Fishermen at the lake. 

These lakes are just few kilometres far from the town of Jajce and you won't find it difficult to reach them.

But that's not all, here is another breathtaking spot you shouldn't miss – the old Pliva’s watermills. 

Small cottages (watermills) on the lake. Watermills at Lake Pliva. 

The charming cluster of historical wooden huts sit upon a natural limestone barrier that separates Great from the Small Lake and are declared as a National monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Watermills at the lakeside. Watermills at the lakeside. 

The charm of all these picturesque locations is also the fact that they're all close to one another and close to the center of the town which is actually quite rare to find, even in a small country like Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Recommendation for travelers: If you are interested in finding out more about the town, its cultural and natural heritage and the activities, you should definitely check the website Visit Jajce. Along with general info about town attractions, the website also offers information about where to stay and what to eat, a tourist map and a bus schedule. You'll also find a gallery of breathtaking photos of the town and the surroundings which will definitely tempt you to include Jajce in your itinerary!

Photos: Adnan Julardžija