Travelling in Nepal

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Björk Kristjánsdóttir

Travelling in Nepal

I spent 6 weeks in Nepal. I hiked the Annapurna Circuit for 11 days, went on a 7 day river rafting on Karnali river, hung out in Pokhara and did paragliding, wandered the streets of Kathmandu and had a sneak peak at their health care service 😎 Adventurous trip to say the least!

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Where to stay, what to do

Image - Hotel Garuda
Hotel Garuda
Björk:Stayed there for my first night in Nepal. Cannot say I remember much, perhaps due to jet lag but this one is famous for Rob Hall staying.
Image - Thamel
Björk:It is Kathmandu's heart, so busy with stores, cars, people. Coming from Iceland at first it made you a bit dizzy.
Image - Shisha Lounge and Bar
Shisha Lounge and Bar
Björk:Visit any of the rooftop cafés for breakfast. Toast, oatmeal porridge, french toast and fresh orange juice.
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Love this relaxed city

Image - World Peace Pagoda
World Peace Pagoda
Image - Chamero Gufa
Chamero Gufa
Björk:The Bat Cave
Image - Pokhara Paragliding
Pokhara Paragliding
Björk:Paragliding is not one of those things I'll have to do over and over but definitely do not regret trying it! With a russian guy attached...

Trekking in Nepal

It is essential to go trekking in Nepal. There are two main areas, Annapurna and the Everest area. Choose one or do both.

River Rafting

I went river rafting on two rivers, one daytour and one seven day tour

Image - Karnali
Björk:Picture does not do it justice but this is a great 7 day mission, camping on the riverbank, paddling throughout the day, relaxing.
Image - Marsyangdi
Björk:River rafting daytours are available from Pokhara.

Wonderguide map

  1. Hotel Garuda
  2. Thamel
  3. Shisha Lounge and Bar
  4. World Peace Pagoda
  5. Chamero Gufa
  6. Pokhara Paragliding
  7. Tal Barahi Temple
  8. Karnali
  9. Marsyangdi

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