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the bikaner is the state of rajasthan,it was surround by that desert.

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Image - Junagarh Fort
Junagarh Fort
arjun:the junagarh fort is beautiful place for travelling once you visit the fort ,the fort is very big and there is an airoplane,tophs,gun,and
Image - Karni Mata Temple
Karni Mata Temple
arjun:this is located at Deshnoke,entire temple is built with white marble,The 25,000 black and few white rats that live here are all considered holy and are worshipped. The rats are allowed to move freely all around the temple.
Image - Lalgarh Palace
Lalgarh Palace
arjun:The lalgarh palace's architecture reflects the style of rajputs,mughals and british.
Image - Rampuria Havelis
Rampuria Havelis
arjun:the bikaner especially famous for havelis and this rampuria haveli intricate details of jharokas and carvings.
Image - Gajner Palace
Gajner Palace
Image - Camel Festival
Camel Festival
arjun:the event is held for 2days in january,in this some spectacular and unusual camel performences,like camel races,camel dances,and the bumpy.
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  1. Junagarh Fort
  2. Karni Mata Temple
  3. Lalgarh Palace
  4. Rampuria Havelis
  5. Gajner Palace
  6. Camel Festival
  7. Laxminath Temple
  8. Hotel Sagar Bikaner
  9. Gallops Restaurant & Coffee House
  10. Hotel Heeralal and Restaurant

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