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A charming little town that sits on the banks of one of the beautiful rivers in my country.

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Sightseeing and nature

Some of the locations are about half an hour driving from the city center but are definitely worth the drive.

Image - Japodski Otoci
Japodski Otoci
Ibro:A series of mini islands on the river Una not too far away from the city, includes a restaurant and you can rent a modern tree house to spend the night. I would invite everyone to google more pictures you will not regret it.
Image - Una National Park and Bihać
Una National Park and Bihać
Ibro:Here You can find the biggest waterfall of the Una National Park, at almost 25 meters high. Everything is beautifully built around the waterfall and you can even witness people jumping off it if you come at the right time.
Image - Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Ibro:Technically not in Bihac but given that it is one of the most beautiful places in all of Croatia and only 20 kilometers from Bihac i have to include it. Make sure you have at least one day to spend there and some good walking shoes :D
Image - Ostrožac Castle
Ostrožac Castle
Ibro:A castle that's been very well preserved given it was built in the 16th century. I would recommend this to everyone especially those who like medieval times(or Game of Thrones...).
Image - Sokolačka kula
Sokolačka kula
Ibro:More medieval times, this fortress is even older than the previous castle. Built in the 13th century it played a crucial role in defending the city. You will have a about 10 minutes of hiking to get there so be prepared.
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Sport and Recreation

There is stuff to do both for adrenaline junkies and for those who want to find a peace of mind.

Image - Una Kayak Safari
Una Kayak Safari
Ibro:No need to say for which of the two this is. With numerous waterfalls it definitely is an adrenaline rush and one of the best ways to experience the river Una first hand. For me though, it was a bit too much adrenaline in this form.
Image - Martin Brod
Martin Brod
Ibro:Fishing and fly fishing, there are many fishing districts on the river Una and this is just one of them with 7.5 kilometers in length and 900 meters designated for fly fishing.
Image - Bosanska Krupa
Bosanska Krupa
Ibro:This is quite a popular place for cyclists, with beautiful canyon roads leading to this yet another small and charming city on the river Una about 30 kilometers from Bihac. Cycling is very popular in Bihac so you won't have trouble renting a bike.
Image - Plješivica
Ibro:For the more adventurous people there is hiking on the Pljesevica mountain. With the highest peak at 1657 meters it can be a challenge for some. There are of course lower peaks so choose the one that works best for you. I have to say, there is a possibility to encounter a bear so just yell sometimes to scare it away(i'm not kidding).

Scroll down for food please.

In one of the restaurants you can eat your food on a boat, while going for a ride.

Image - Čardak na Uni
Čardak na Uni
Ibro:One of the oldest restaurants i know of and one of the best ones. Located in the city center right next to the river. Prices are not too bad either.
Image - Ljetna Jolly Bašta
Ljetna Jolly Bašta
Ibro:One of the newer places in Bihac, mainly attracts younger people and is especially attractive in those hot summer nights. You can both eat and drink at this place, whatever you feel like.
Image - Hotel Kostelski buk
Hotel Kostelski buk
Ibro:Yes it says hotel but it has one of the best restaurants in the Bihac region, it's about 15 minutes driving from the city but it's just lovely. The prices are a bit steep but still reasonable for a place like this.
Image - River Dock Restaurant
River Dock Restaurant
Ibro:I had to put a picture like this just so you can see what it's all about but the restaurant is a whole story for itself, if you ask me the most sorted restaurant Bihac has to offer i would invite you to look up more pictures. It also has a big playground for kids.
Image - Milky Way Bihac
Milky Way Bihac
Ibro:If you care for something sweet this place has one of the best pancakes ever.
Image - Slastičarna Sweets
Slastičarna Sweets
Ibro:Another great place for those who are striving for a sugar overdose, besides those pancakes this is the best way to achieve it.

Nightlife in Bihac

As you have seen in the description Bihac is often called a city of eternal youth, so you can expect to find lots of cafes, bars and clubs. And a lot of youth as well. Here are some the more popular ones.

Image - Gig Bar
Gig Bar
Ibro:Perfect for casual summer nights. Often with live music and local bands. One of the most popular bars in Bihac.
Image - H20
Ibro:A night club only open during the summer season, located right on the bank of river Una and almost all the way open from two sides it's the perfect summer club.
Image - Bistro
Ibro:The most popular summer nightclub in Bihac and the only open air nightclub in the city.
Image - Svarog Winter House Club
Svarog Winter House Club
Ibro:The biggest club in Bihac, one that is open all year round. One where you can expect the best performances, theme nights and special activities, fun ones of course.

My Recommendations

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  1. Japodski Otoci
  2. Plitvice Lakes National Park
  3. Ostrožac Castle
  4. Sokolačka kula
  5. Una Kayak Safari
  6. Martin Brod
  7. Bosanska Krupa
  8. Plješivica
  9. Čardak na Uni
  10. Ljetna Jolly Bašta
  11. Hotel Kostelski buk
  12. River Dock Restaurant
  13. Milky Way Bihac
  14. Slastičarna Sweets
  15. Gig Bar
  16. H20
  17. Bistro
  18. Svarog Winter House Club

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