Between Langhe and Monviso - UNESCO SITES

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Raffaele Mana

Between Langhe and Monviso - UNESCO SITES

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Image - Trattoria Vascello d'Oro
Trattoria Vascello d'Oro
Raffaele:Come and discover "Bollito" dishes

My Recommendations

Image - Cuneo
Image - Barolo, Piedmont
Barolo, Piedmont
Raffaele:The centre of production of Barolo wine. Taste it in many famous wine cellar
Image - Cà Neuva - Visite in Cantina
Cà Neuva - Visite in Cantina
Raffaele:A small wine cellar with very excellent wine. Go to meet the family who explain all the secret about to make a good wine
Image - Vicoforte
Raffaele:The largest elliptical dome in the world
Image - B&B Casa Danoi
B&B Casa Danoi
Raffaele:The best place to rest after a day of sightseeing. Ask for tour tips, personalized cooking courses, wine tasting. Try the barbecue and the immense garden for relaxation and for your children
Image - Cappella delle Brunate
Cappella delle Brunate
Raffaele:Strange chapel in Langhe
Image - Ostana
Raffaele:An old village enhanced

Wonderguide map

  1. B&B Casa Danoi
  2. Marsam Locanda
  3. Ristorante Trattoria dai Bercau
  4. Trattoria Vascello d'Oro
  5. Riserva Naturale Confluenza Gesso - Stura
  6. Cuneo
  7. Barolo, Piedmont
  8. Cà Neuva - Visite in Cantina
  9. Vicoforte
  10. B&B Casa Danoi
  11. Cappella delle Brunate
  12. Ostana

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