Best Things to Do in Santiago de Chile

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Best Things to Do in Santiago de Chile

If you are planning to Visit Santiago do Chile, I am sure you won鈥檛 be disappointed! The beautiful city between the eye-catching snow-capped Cordillera de los Andes is a must-see.

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馃弳 The must-see Places

Santiago de Chile is, in my opinion, one of the world's most beautiful and interesting places to visit. The big city surrounded by the Andes which summit is always capped with white snow offers a great view no matter your location in the city.

Image - San Crist贸bal Hill
San Crist贸bal Hill
Eline:San Cristobal Hill is part of the Metropolitan Park, an immense green area which can be reached either by Funicular or by hiking/cycling. If you think you are fit enough, I would recommend the 45 min walk up to the top to enjoy the complete view of the city. Located only some minutes, by tube, from the city centre. The closest station is Baquedano, but you can also come from Pedro de Valdivia Station.
Image - Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
Eline:In one single place, the lucky tourist will find one of the top hotspots of this city. Tourists from every single part of the globe, mixture of languages and cultures, and the great view of the Central post office (Correo Central) along with the access to the Cathedral. Walk around the shops to get the best souvenirs and a quick stop for a fancy ice cream.
Image - La Moneda Palace
La Moneda Palace
Eline:La Monela Palace with its impressive architecture, also known by the locals as La Moneda, is the political headquarter of the country and where the seat of the President is based on. It is also a house of three important Ministries. It is within a walking distance from other important places and shops. In front of La Moneda Palace seats the Plaza Ciudadana (Citizen Square) and underneath its premises it is the Cultural Center.
Image - National Museum of Fine Arts
National Museum of Fine Arts
Eline:Located in the charming neighbourhood of Lastaria, this Museum represents the resilience and strength of Chilean people. After the earthquake in 2010 and being partially destroyed, it had been refurbished with the German Government Support.
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馃嵎 Wine Tours

Santiago de Chile is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit. The big city surrounded by the Andes which summit is always capped with white snow offers a great view no matter your location in the city.

Image - Maipo Valley Wine Tours
Maipo Valley Wine Tours
Eline:I am adamant that you know at least one of these names: 120, 120 Reserva, Secret Reserve or Medalla Real. So, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most famous Winery of all Chile and taste a bit of all this great variety offered by Santa Rita. Process of elaboration, wine tasting and a paradisiac location in the Alto Jahuel is what is expecting you there. Everything with the best price!

馃挸 Shopping in Santiago

Here are some fantastic places to shop in Santiago.

Image - Patronato
Eline:Patronato is well known by the number of shops, Asian food and low prices. With Chinese, Korean and Arabic predominance, it is a commercial area for most clothes, accessories and shoes for different fashion styles and pockets. There is also a great number of Chinese and Korean shops.
Image - Rosen
Eline:Parque Arauco is the leading shopping mall in the country. It is located in the very exclusive and high-end neighbourhood of Las Condes, near Hitz Hotel. Branches from all corners of the globe, and a diversity of leisure activities and a complete food court would make of this place a great place to visit.
Image - Mall Costanera
Mall Costanera
Eline:Costanera Center is a Shopping Mall in Santiago de Chile which has six floors and started to operate in 2012. This Commercial Complex is inside the Constaner Center Building in the District of Providencia. Constanera Center Building is highest skyscraper ever built in South America and the second in all Latin America. It has one hypermarket, a gym, and a number of luxury and fashion stores and an excellent food hall.

馃椈 Day Trips to the Mountains

No trip to Chile is complete without visiting the Andes Mountains.

Image - Vertical Rafting Route Cajon del Maipo
Vertical Rafting Route Cajon del Maipo
Eline:Based in the Southeast of Santiago de Chile, it is one of the most breath-taking places I have ever been to. The perfection of the nature just 45 min from the city centre of the Capital of the Country will allow you to experience the best daytrip or weekend ever. If you are into Adventure Activities this is the perfect place for you!

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  1. San Crist贸bal Hill
  2. Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
  3. La Moneda Palace
  4. National Museum of Fine Arts
  5. Maipo Valley Wine Tours
  6. Patronato
  7. Rosen
  8. Mall Costanera
  9. Vertical Rafting Route Cajon del Maipo

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