Best Things to do in Buenos Aires

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Best Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, known as the capital of Tango, is one of the most European city in South America. Great architecture, good wine, fancy boutiques and thousands of places to go and tons of different things to do there.

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If you are looking for a lively and bustling destination to spend your holidays, you have just found it! BA not by mistake, hailed as the capital of dance and culture. The tango of Carlos Gardel and the football of Maradona are everywhere on the roads of the most European Capital of South America.

Image - Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero
Eline:What in the past used to be a Port, was built to be a place of receival and departure of cargo ships. Today, Puerto Madero has become an important touristic district in BA. An impressive bridge (Puente de la Mujer), fancy wine shops, restaurants, nightclubs and two nautical museums just some steps of the Ecological. Enjoy your walk along the canal!
Image - Caminito
Eline:Located in the district of La Boca, it is a place of cultural significance and a must-see. Colourful painted houses made of wood and sheet metal, tango dancers and figures of Diego Madarona, Juan y Evita Peron sitting on the balconies giving a glamorous touch to what in the past used to be a district for immigrants.
Image - Plaza de Mayo
Plaza de Mayo
Eline:Plaza de Mayo is the oldest public square in BA. From the Square you can see the balcony of Casa Rosada. It is located in the city centre. Every day, thousands of tourists from all continents come to see this Argentinian Political Landmark, while workers use the square during their breaktime as a place to rest and chat. During the uneven days, if you are lucky, you will see the exchange of the guard of the Palace.
Image - Recoleta Cemetery Tour
Recoleta Cemetery Tour
Eline:Located in the touristy and picturesque district of Recoleta, it is considered one of the most peculiar cemeteries in the world and is the burial site of important Argentinian figures, including Eva Peron, Isabel Walewski Colonna (niece of Napoléon Bonaparte), and many others local personalities. A vast assortment of different kind of architectures and styles conveys a magic feeling to the over 6000 graves along the cemetery.
Image - Floralis Genérica
Floralis Genérica
Eline:Floraris Genérica is located in the United Nations Square (Plaza de las Naciones Unidas), and it is a huge metal sculpture which shapes a flower and opens (blooms) and closes daily according to its exposition to the sun. It is located within a green area, contrasting with the University building located right behind the park.
Image - Museo de la Pasión Boquense
Museo de la Pasión Boquense
Eline:Boca Junior is one of the most important Football Club in Argentina and owns La Bombonera Stadium which has a Museum within its premises. You can get a tour pack which is comprised of Museum + Stadium Tour. It offers a great experience for the football affectionate. Many multimedia exhibitions, trophies and an interesting database with relates 100 years of triumph of the Club.
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Fantastic Green Areas and Open Markets

Here are some of the most amazing parks, areas and markets in Buenos Aires.

Image - Paseo El Rosedal
Paseo El Rosedal
Eline:A superb place for either walk or working out. If you are only looking for relaxation, you will be able to have a perfect lazy time under the sun there. The Rosedal houses the most important collection of flowers of the country besides there is a Pergola, a pond, a bridge, and an Art Museum between many other attactions.
Image - Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur
Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur
Eline:This is an inmense park in the district of Puerto Madero and some minutes away from the Puerto Madero. The Ecological Resever is located on the Edge of the Ocean. Tourists can either rent a bike or do some walk around the several paths available.
Image - Parque Centenario
Parque Centenario
Eline:If you are looking for a place to relax over the weekend, Parque Centenario is defenitely NOT the place for you. The park offers a great variety of different activities: Music groups, Jazz Festivals, clowns, yoga, etc. There is a pond with colourful fishes, animals and birds all over the park and ocasionally a fresh product market. In the premises, there is also the Natural Science Museum and the Astronomy Association.
Image - San Telmo
San Telmo
Eline:It is the oldest district in Buenos Aires, characterized by its colonial architecture, the streets of San Telmo are always filled with artists and tango dancers, antique shops, cafes, Street art and much more. On Sunday, there is a flea market where you can basically buy anything.

Going Shopping

These are the hot spots for shopping in Buenos Aires.

Image - Galerías Pacífico
Galerías Pacífico
Eline:Declared a National Histoy Monument, this is not a big Shopping Mall, however I would say it is a place to be seen from an artistic point of view. Fresco painted ceiling, interesting architecture and murals. Good food hall, cinema and a number of high-end brands.
Image - Palermo
Eline:A beautiful and lively residential district in BA, with elegant houses and considered one of the greenest in the capital. Apart from all of that, it has a vast number of restaurants and places to shop. The district houses the Zoo, the Botanic Garden, Tres de Febrero Park, Evita Peron Museum, the Japanese Garden and Carlos Gardel Museum.
Image - Travelade Image
Eline:A Pedestrian Street, in the very city centre of BA. Many leather goods on sale, and a good shopping place for tourists. There are several shops selling souvenirs, postcards and international newspaper. Slightly crowed during the weekdays, you can also find here a place to book your last-minute tour.

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  5. Floralis Genérica
  6. Museo de la Pasión Boquense
  7. Paseo El Rosedal
  8. Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur
  9. Parque Centenario
  10. San Telmo
  11. Galerías Pacífico
  12. Palermo
  13. Florida

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