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Image - Pyramid of Tirana
Pyramid of Tirana
Genti:This was originally built to house a museum dedicated to Enver Hohxa but after the fall of communism it was abandoned. The building sits in the middle of the city and is one of the most popular things to do in Tirana. It has been used as several other things such as television studios but now it just sits. It's a funky building but nobody really knows what to do with it. So for now it makes a weird tourist attraction and great slide! Climbing to the top is doable in decent shoes or bare feet. It's pretty steep though!
Image - Sofra e Ariut
Sofra e Ariut
Genti:The best place in the town to eat near the nature and away from traffic rush
Image - The Plaza
The Plaza
Genti:If you want to live as a king for a day or a week visit this super luxury hotel right on the heart of tirana
Image - Et'hem Bej Mosque
Et'hem Bej Mosque
Genti:One of the oldest building in the city.
Image - Grand Park of Tirana
Grand Park of Tirana
Genti:The right place to walk on the nature after a bored day in work ,school
Image - Skanderbeg Square
Skanderbeg Square
Genti:The winner of the best square price in balkan so don't miss this amazing place.
Image - National History Museum
National History Museum
Genti:If you want to learn about history of Albania this is the right place to start
Image - Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
Genti:Best place in town to party like a rockstar
Image - Toptani Shopping Center
Toptani Shopping Center
Genti:Biggest shopping center in the Albania in the hear of the Tirana.
Image - Blloku
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  1. Pyramid of Tirana
  2. Sofra e Ariut
  3. The Plaza
  4. Et'hem Bej Mosque
  5. Grand Park of Tirana
  6. Skanderbeg Square
  7. National History Museum
  8. Cinco Cavalli Night Club Tirana
  9. Toptani Shopping Center
  10. I Love Tirana Sign
  11. Blloku

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