Best of Benidorm

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Anouk and Nicolas Ruis

Best of Benidorm

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Favorite bars

These are all spots worthwell visiting and spreaded over Benidorm

Image - ReFuel
Anouk and Nicolas:Our favorite hang-out bar. Fantastic view overlooking the harbor, wonderful staff and great atmosphere!
Image - Bahia Blanca Restaurante & Café
Bahia Blanca Restaurante & Café
Anouk and Nicolas:Located on the far edge of Levante beach and up on the rocks, this place has the best view of whole Benidorm and further!
Image - Deluxe Beach
Deluxe Beach
Anouk and Nicolas:Overlooking La Cala beach, this is a great spot for a glass!
Image - Madness Benidorm
Madness Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:Trendy coffee spot on la Cala beach
Image - Restaurant Bar Café de Kroon Snacks
Restaurant Bar Café de Kroon Snacks
Anouk and Nicolas:If you like to enjoy a true Dutch bar, this is the place to go! Located in the restaurant & bars street "Calle Gerona", it makes a great spot for a few drinks before dinner. But of course you can stay for Saté as well!
Image - Zanzibar Benidorm
Zanzibar Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:A Dutch restaurant & bar with lots of creative activities. The onwer sings and often performs live and also gives several artistic courses.
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Favorite Restaurants

We love our food! And we recognize great quality. Here are some recommendations, some are low key and some are high end but all serve great food.

Image - Don Mejillon
Don Mejillon
Anouk and Nicolas:Authentic Spanish cuisine, best mussles in town! But much more, all fresh. Great quality for a very small price..
Image - Taperia Restaurante La Cava Aragonesa Benidorm
Taperia Restaurante La Cava Aragonesa Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:Simply the best tapasbar in town.
Image - Gnam Gnam Mangio Italiano
Gnam Gnam Mangio Italiano
Anouk and Nicolas:We love an authentic woodfire pizza, and this tiny place serves those! Very kind Italian service too
Image - Restaurante Rincón Murciano
Restaurante Rincón Murciano
Anouk and Nicolas:Family owned Spanish restaurant. Besides fresh seefood and fish they are also famous for their steaks and T-bone!
Image - restaurante el barranco playa benidorm
restaurante el barranco playa benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:High-end seafood restaurant overlooking la Cala beach
Image - Restaurante Ducado
Restaurante Ducado
Anouk and Nicolas:Located near the Levante beach, well known for their fish and seafood but their steaks are also to die for!
Image - Restaurante Bar Salvador
Restaurante Bar Salvador
Anouk and Nicolas:Great family owned restaurant, only for their super friendly service worth while a visit!

Hair & Beauty

These are recommended spots to look after your looks

Image - Barbería de Benidorm
Barbería de Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:Professional hair salon for men, please make sure to make an apointment in advance!
Image - Lookisimo
Anouk and Nicolas:Especially for the ladies, this (hair) salon offers many services including coloring, mani-pedicures and facials.

My Recommendations

Image - Balcó del Mediterrani
Balcó del Mediterrani
Anouk and Nicolas:Right in the centre of the old town you will enjoy a great view of both Levante and Poniente beach
Image - Mirador Serra Gelada
Mirador Serra Gelada
Anouk and Nicolas: If you really want to escape the city and enjoy a quiet walk up in nature to a lovely viewing point, this is a wonderful spot.
Image - Mirador de la Ermita Virgen del Mar
Mirador de la Ermita Virgen del Mar
Anouk and Nicolas:Quite a steep hike up the hill but very rewarding views of Finestrat, La Cala and Poniente beach.
Image - La Creu de Benidorm
La Creu de Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:Probably the highest viewing spot you can walk to in Benidorm, overlooking entire Benidorm
Image - Mercadillo Municipal Benidorm
Mercadillo Municipal Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas:Every Saturday you can enjow this extensive market, selling food, clothing and much more
Image - Carrefour Finestrat Benidorm
Carrefour Finestrat Benidorm
Anouk and Nicolas: Big Hypermarket worth a visit. It is a 40 min walk, but you can also go there by bus, which stops practically in front of the door.
Image - Coaliment
Anouk and Nicolas:The closest supermarket, just 3 min walk. Fresh bread in the morning and they sell pretty much all you need on a daily basis.
Image - Centro Comercial La Marina
Centro Comercial La Marina
Anouk and Nicolas:The shopping mall from Benidorm/ Finestrat. Branded shops you will find there: Zara home, Massimo Duti, Desigual, etc.

Wonderguide map

  1. ReFuel
  2. Bahia Blanca Restaurante & Café
  3. Deluxe Beach
  4. Madness Benidorm
  5. Restaurant Bar Café de Kroon Snacks
  6. Zanzibar Benidorm
  7. Don Mejillon
  8. Taperia Restaurante La Cava Aragonesa Benidorm
  9. Gnam Gnam Mangio Italiano
  10. Restaurante Rincón Murciano
  11. restaurante el barranco playa benidorm
  12. Restaurante Ducado
  13. Restaurante Bar Salvador
  14. Barbería de Benidorm
  15. Lookisimo
  16. Balcó del Mediterrani
  17. Mirador Serra Gelada
  18. Mirador de la Ermita Virgen del Mar
  19. La Creu de Benidorm
  20. Mercadillo Municipal Benidorm
  21. Carrefour Finestrat Benidorm
  22. Coaliment
  23. Centro Comercial La Marina

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