Best of Aalborg

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Baldur Jón Kristjánsson

Best of Aalborg

I lived in Aalborg for couple of years. Love the city. Here is my recommendations of what to do and see in the city.

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Bars & Restaurant

What to drink and eat while in Aalborg

Image - Jomfru Ane Gade
Jomfru Ane Gade
Baldur Jón:This is the main party street in Aalborg and can get pretty wild on weekends.
Image - Karma Sushi Aalborg
Karma Sushi Aalborg
Baldur Jón:Great Sushi place!
Image - Café Ulla Terkelsen London
Café Ulla Terkelsen London
Baldur Jón:Cozy café. Love the decor
Image - Nadias Sandwich
Nadias Sandwich
Baldur Jón:Get a quick bite here. Best Sandwiches in Aalborg.
Image - Heidi's Bier Bar - Aalborg
Heidi's Bier Bar - Aalborg
Baldur Jón:Go there if you like to party like the Germans do
Image - John Bull Pub Aalborg
John Bull Pub Aalborg
Baldur Jón:Great place to watch the english premier league & drink beers
Image - Natalie Pizzabar
Natalie Pizzabar
Baldur Jón:After a night out. This is the place you want to visit.
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Here is something for the active persons

Image - Gigantium
Baldur Jón:You like swimming, Ice Skating, Handball or Basketball .... it's all here
Image - Vestre Fjordpark
Vestre Fjordpark
Baldur Jón:Awesome place to visit in the summertime.
Image - Aalborg Havnebad
Aalborg Havnebad
Baldur Jón:Like to jump in the water? If so, This is the place for you.
Image - Nordjyske Arena
Nordjyske Arena
Baldur Jón:Home ground of the local team, AaB Fodbold. Good fun to go and watch a game here.

Culture & History

Image - Nordkraft
Baldur Jón:You can find Cinema, Theater, Concerts, Gym + Climbing Wall and more in this huge building that used to be a factory
Image - Kunsten - Museum of modern Art Aalborg
Kunsten - Museum of modern Art Aalborg
Baldur Jón:Kunsten is a living art museum allowing space for immersion, wonder and fascination. The museum houses a unique collection comprising over 4000 works of art, mostly post-1900, by Danish and foreign artists.
Image - Utzon Center
Utzon Center
Baldur Jón:The Utzon Center is a vibrant cultural center located by the waterfront in Aalborg. The impressive building was the last to be designed by Jørn Utzon, the famous architect behind the Sydney Opera House.
Image - House of Music
House of Music
Baldur Jón:Brand new beautiful concert hall. A Must see
Image - Aalborghus Castle
Aalborghus Castle
Baldur Jón:16th-century riverside fortress with tunnels, a dungeon & parkland surrounds open to the public.


Image - Aalborgs Storcenter
Aalborgs Storcenter
Baldur Jón:The biggest shopping mall in Aalborg. Located at outskirts of the city with all the stores you need.
Image - Friis Shoppingcenter
Friis Shoppingcenter
Baldur Jón:I like this shopping center better than Storcenter. This one is located downtown.

Wonderguide map

  1. Jomfru Ane Gade
  2. Karma Sushi Aalborg
  3. Café Ulla Terkelsen London
  4. Nadias Sandwich
  5. Heidi's Bier Bar - Aalborg
  6. John Bull Pub Aalborg
  7. Natalie Pizzabar
  8. Gigantium
  9. Vestre Fjordpark
  10. Aalborg Havnebad
  11. Nordjyske Arena
  12. Nordkraft
  13. Kunsten - Museum of modern Art Aalborg
  14. Utzon Center
  15. House of Music
  16. Aalborghus Castle
  17. Aalborgs Storcenter
  18. Friis Shoppingcenter

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