Best Day Trips from London

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Best Day Trips from London

London is fab, but some of us don't last in urban environment for long periods at a time. If you feel like you need a break from the city, here are a few day-trip ideas.

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The iconic town of Bath is around 2 hours drive from London. It's home to one of the most popular sites in the UK, the famous Roman Baths. Here are some things to do during a day's visit to Bath:

Image - The Roman Baths
The Roman Baths
Nína:The Roman Baths were constructed in the 1st century, but they have been incredibly well preserved. It's best to book tickets ahead of your visit, since this is a popular attraction.
Image - Windsor, Stonehenge And Bath Day Trip From London_1275727
$ 168
Windsor, Stonehenge And Bath Day Trip From London
Nína:It's not a bad idea to visit Stonehenge en route to Bath. This tour combines Bath, Windsor and the world-famous and mysterious Stonehenge.
Image - Royal Crescent
Royal Crescent
Nína:This gorgeous residential building in Bath is well worth exploring. You will not need long to see it, just walk up to it and admire it for a couple of minutes.
Image - Thermae Bath Spa
Thermae Bath Spa
Nína:Having a proper bath in Bath sounds fitting, doesn't it? I recommend booking in advance, especially in the summer.
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Cambridge is a world-famous university town, characterised by historic college buildings and lovely river views. Here's what to do in Cambridge:

Image - Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
Nína:A punting tour is such a must when in Cambridge. If you haven't done it before, I would recommend a guided tour.
Image - The Backs
The Backs
Nína:In Cambridge, colleges take much of the city's space. One of the prettiest spots in the city centre are the wonderful green areas by the river Cam, behind some of the University's most stunning colleges.
Image - Kettle's Yard
Kettle's Yard
Nína:An art collector's home turned museum. Such an inspiration.
Image - The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Fitzwilliam Museum
Nína:A fantastic museum in Cambridge, ideal for lovers of cultural artefacts and classical art.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a rural area, northwest of London. Rural vibe, tons of hiking options and lovely little towns, are some of the things the Cotswolds have to offer.

Image - Cotswolds & Blenheim Palace Private Driving Tour_188123
$ 613
Cotswolds & Blenheim Palace Private Driving Tour
Nína:Combine a trip to the historic Blenheim Palace with a private sightseeing tour around the Cotswolds.
Image - Cotswold Way
Cotswold Way
Nína:This 102 mile trail can be walked in its entirety, or partially. I hiked from Bath to Stroud this summer and it was absolutely lovely (met so many cows and sheep en route!). Highly recommended!
Image - Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle
Nína:A very well preserved castle, well worth visiting. A short way from Coventry and Birmingham.
Image - Cotswold Falconry Centre
Cotswold Falconry Centre
Nína:The Cotswold Falconry Centre is home to 60 species of birds of prey. Such a nice opportunity observe these gorgeous birds up close and personal.


Oxford is one of the prettiest cities in the UK, in my opinion. I live there so I might be just a tiny bit biased, but honestly, it is such a beautiful and inspiring town well worthy of a visit for a day or two.

Image - Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace
Nína:The spectacular Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a place of historical and architectural significance. It may be a bit far from Oxford, but it's easily accessible by bus (takes around 20 minutes).
Image - The Covered Market Oxford
The Covered Market Oxford
Nína:A covered market in the heart of the city, consisting of shops and eateries.
Image - Ashmolean Museum
Ashmolean Museum
Nína:The Ashmolean Museum is the University of Oxford's museum of art and archeology. It has got some very big and impressive collections and entry is free.

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  1. The Roman Baths
  2. Royal Crescent
  3. Thermae Bath Spa
  4. Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
  5. The Backs
  6. Kettle's Yard
  7. The Fitzwilliam Museum
  8. Cotswolds & Blenheim Palace Private Driving Tour
  9. Cotswold Way
  10. Warwick Castle
  11. Cotswold Falconry Centre
  12. Blenheim Palace
  13. The Covered Market Oxford
  14. Ashmolean Museum
  15. Port Meadow, Oxford

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