Bergen - Explore A World Heritage City

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Eileen Hornell Ystheim

The ultimate guide for exploring Bergen

Bergen is a bustling World Heritage City with the ultimate combination of culture and nature. The town nestles comfortably between green mountains and the blue sea, known as the gateway to the fjords. Allow yourself to wander the old, cobbled streets and let the charming atmosphere sink in.

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Day trips to the fjords and mountains

Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords and other amazing natural wonders, and there are many day trips worth experiencing during your stay.

Image - Folgefonna nasjonalpark
Folgefonna nasjonalpark
Eileen Hornell:Explore the glaciers in Folgefonna National Park, no matter the time of the year. If you enjoy skiing, you can visit their summer skiing resort to enjoy the luxuries of winter on a glorious summers day.
Image - Flåm
Eileen Hornell:Flåm might be a small village, yet it is one of Norway's most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful scenery and a charming village atmosphere attract visitors from all over the world. Not bad for a small town!
Image - Flåmsbana
Eileen Hornell:You shouldn't miss a ride with Flåmsbana if you head towards Flåm. Its one of the steepest railways in the world, and the waterfalls, steep mountainsides, and blue fjords will surely take your breath away.
Image - Trolltunga
Eileen Hornell:Trolltunga means Trolls Tongue. The fascinating rock formations have been here for thousands of years, yet still amaze with breathtaking nature sights as you hike towards the mountain top.
Image - Hardangervidda National Park Center
Hardangervidda National Park Center
Eileen Hornell:You should probably spend more than a day in this breathtaking natural park. You will find many rustic cottages and friendly hotels, perfect for hiking, fishing, and outdoor adventures.
Image - Sogn og Fjordane
Sogn og Fjordane
Eileen Hornell:If you are looking for spectacular natural wonders and outdoor adventures, you should head out to Sogn and Fjordane.
Image - Aurlandsfjellet
Eileen Hornell:Are you ready for breathtaking scenery? Then you should head out to Aurlandsfjellet, a few hours drive outside Bergen. You won't forget these sights.
Image - Fjord Norway
Fjord Norway
Eileen Hornell:Fjord Norway will take you on the ultimate road trip with UNESCO sites, hiking trips, and much more.
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Restaurants for foodies

Bergen has some excellent and exciting restaurants, hidden amongst the cobbled streets.

Image - Cafe Aura
Cafe Aura
Eileen Hornell:Cafe Aura is one of my favorite cafes in Bergen. They have an exciting menu of different coffees and enough cakes to satisfy the sweetest of teeth.
Image - Dwell Bergen
Dwell Bergen
Eileen Hornell:I love stopping by Dwell for either a meal or a cup of tea. You will find plenty of delicious dishes for both carnivores and vegans.
Image - Marg & bein
Marg & bein
Eileen Hornell:Marg & Bein is one of my favorite Nordic cuisine restaurants. Its name means bone and marrow, and the restaurant is the right place for all meat & wine lovers.
Image - Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant
Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant
Eileen Hornell:Cornelius isn't just a restaurant; it's an unforgettable experience. Your evening starts with a boat ride along the beautiful fjords before you end up at an exquisite restaurant with an exciting menu and excellent wine.
Image - Colonialen Litteraturhuset
Colonialen Litteraturhuset
Eileen Hornell:Colonialen Litteraturhuset is one of five establishments from the elegant and exquisite brand. If you are a book lover, you will love it here in Bergens very own literary house.
Image - Matbørsen
Eileen Hornell:Matbørsen is Bergens Fresco Hall, filled with international dishes and exotic flavors. I love stopping by to explore the different tastes and experiences.

Music and festivals

Bergen is known as a cultural city with plenty of festivals, shows, and events.

Image - Festspillene i Bergen/Bergen International Festival
Festspillene i Bergen/Bergen International Festival
Eileen Hornell:Bergen is well-known as a cultural city, and the Bergen International Festival is one of the highlights the city has to offer. Embrace two full weeks of theatre, dance, music, and arts.
Image - Bergen Ølfestival
Bergen Ølfestival
Eileen Hornell:Are you a beer lover? Then Bergen Beer Festival is the right place for you. Even the most fastidious palate should be satisfied here.
Image - Nattjazz
Eileen Hornell:Seize the warm, summer evenings and dance into the early mornings during the Night Jazz Festival.
Image - Travelade Image
Bergen internasjonale Filmfestival AS
Eileen Hornell:Experience cinematic magic with movies from all over the world. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!
Image - The National Stage, Bergen
The National Stage, Bergen
Eileen Hornell:I love going to the beautiful, old theater. If you enjoy a good play, you should check out what´s currently unfolding on the stage.
Image - USF
Eileen Hornell:USF is my favorite place for concerts. Small and big bands alike gather to the stage nearly every weekend. USF is also the home of many festivals.

Top attractions in Bergen

Here are some "must see" sights and attractions for people visiting Bergen for the first time.

Image - Fishmarket in Bergen
Fishmarket in Bergen
Eileen Hornell:The Fish Market is placed in a picturesque setting and is the most visited outdoor marked in Norway.
Image - Bergen havn
Bergen havn
Eileen Hornell:Bryggen is undeniably one of the largest attractions in Bergen, included on UNESCO's World Heritage list.
Image - Bergenhus Fortress
Bergenhus Fortress
Eileen Hornell:I can recommend a visit to Bergenhus Fortress if you are ready to explore some of Bergen's history. Access is free. You will find a green park just behind it, the perfect place to unwind and take a break from city life.
Image - Akvariet i Bergen - Det Nasjonale Akvariet
Akvariet i Bergen - Det Nasjonale Akvariet
Eileen Hornell:Bergen might not be the place you´d expect penguins, but you'll sure enough find them and other sea creatures at the Bergen Aquarium.
Image - Ulriken cablecar
Ulriken cablecar
Eileen Hornell:The cable car takes you to the top of Ulriken where a breathtaking view of the city is waiting for you. If all the fresh, mountain air makes you hungry, you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant before heading back down again.
Image - Fløibanen
Eileen Hornell:The funicular up to Fløyen is one of the most popular attractions in Bergen. You get a spectacular view of the city at the top. While you are there, you can enjoy an ice cream while admiring the view or visit the excellent restaurant.

Hiking in Bergen

Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords, and there are some amazing nature sites surrounding the city.

Image - Ulriken
Eileen Hornell:You can choose if you want to hike to the top or take the cable car. Once you are there, you can experience one of the most popular hikes in Bergen by walking over to Fløyen.
Image - Gullfjellet
Eileen Hornell:Gullfjellet is the highest mountain in the area with spectacular sights along the way. The hike up can be quite steep, depending on where you start. However, it is definitely worth it once you get to the top!
Image - Løvstakken
Eileen Hornell:Løvstakken is an easy walk compared to many of the other mountain tops, but that does not mean its less impressive.
Image - Fløyen
Eileen Hornell:Fløyen is a great place to hike, no matter what shape you're in. You can take the funicular or walk up. At the top, you can choose between many beautiful and peaceful paths.
Image - Sandviksfjellet
Eileen Hornell:Seven mountains surround Bergen, and if you are looking to hike at least one of them, Sandviksfjellet is an excellent place to start. Your reward is a fantastic view of the city, quite literally picture-perfect.
Image - Rundemanen
Eileen Hornell:Rundemanen is a must for hiking lovers, and it is one of the most famous mountain peaks in the area. You can easily access the renowned peak from Fløyen.
Image - Svartediket
Eileen Hornell:Svartediket is a short bus ride from the city center. The scenic path takes you along the water, and it is a peaceful stroll, suitable for most people.

Wonderguide map

  1. Folgefonna nasjonalpark
  2. Flåm
  3. Flåmsbana
  4. Trolltunga
  5. Hardangervidda National Park Center
  6. Sogn og Fjordane
  7. Aurlandsfjellet
  8. Fjord Norway
  9. Cafe Aura
  10. Dwell Bergen
  11. Marg & bein
  12. Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant
  13. Colonialen Litteraturhuset
  14. Matbørsen
  15. Festspillene i Bergen/Bergen International Festival
  16. Bergen Ølfestival
  17. Nattjazz
  18. Bergen internasjonale Filmfestival AS
  19. The National Stage, Bergen
  20. USF
  21. Fishmarket in Bergen
  22. Bergen havn
  23. Bergenhus Fortress
  24. Akvariet i Bergen - Det Nasjonale Akvariet
  25. Ulriken cablecar
  26. Fløibanen
  27. Ulriken
  28. Gullfjellet
  29. Løvstakken
  30. Fløyen
  31. Sandviksfjellet
  32. Rundemanen
  33. Svartediket

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