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Welcome to Zadar, here are my recommendations for you.

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Zadar - Experiences

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Great restaurants

Here are some great restaurants in Zadar

Image - Lungo Mare
Lungo Mare
Zeljko:This restaurant is the closest one to the apartment, on a walking distance. Service and food are great,
Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Zeljko:Great place in narrow alley in the center of the city. Great food with the open kitchen you can see.
Image - Konoba Skoblar
Konoba Skoblar
Zeljko:Traditional restaurant in the city center, they offer meat under the iron lid - traditional Dalmatian dish.
Image - Pet Bunara
Pet Bunara
Zeljko:Small and charming place that offers dishes from seasonal groceries.
Image - Groppo
Zeljko:Next to the cathedral, great food, fish ad meat dishes.
Image - Konoba Rafaelo
Konoba Rafaelo
Zeljko:This place is best known for great meat. If you come here, order a plate of meat for two.
Image - Harbor CookHouse & Club
Harbor CookHouse & Club
Zeljko:Place with the view on city wall from 16th century - has excellent stake.
Image - Restaurant Nostalgie
Restaurant Nostalgie
Zeljko:This place has real pizza Napoletana and it's amazing.
Image - Foša
Zeljko:Fish restaurant in the city center. Fresh and delicious fish and seafood.

Cafes and bars

If you are up to a coffee or a bear, here's where you can go...

Image - Barka Bar & Caffe
Barka Bar & Caffe
Zeljko:Really close to the apartment, terrace by the sea and a beautiful view on city center.
Image - Beach Bar Bamboo
Beach Bar Bamboo
Zeljko:Next to a great beach there is this beach bar with all kinds of cocktails, but also great coffee.
Image - Caffe Bar Forum
Caffe Bar Forum
Zeljko:Place with a view on ancient Forum, medieval st. Donatus church and cathedral's bell-tower.
Image - Kavana SV. Lovre
Kavana SV. Lovre
Zeljko:On the main square, inside of the coffee shop there is a medieval church.
Image - GUMA Bar
Zeljko:Great bar with great bear choices. Interesting interior design, no minors and great music.
Image - Caffe Bar Brazil
Caffe Bar Brazil
Zeljko:On a sea promenade wit the view on the islands and sound of sea organ.

Zadar - Experiences

Wonderguide map

  1. Lungo Mare
  2. 4 Kantuna
  3. Konoba Skoblar
  4. Pet Bunara
  5. Groppo
  6. Konoba Rafaelo
  7. Harbor CookHouse & Club
  8. Restaurant Nostalgie
  9. Foša
  10. Barka Bar & Caffe
  11. Beach Bar Bamboo
  12. Caffe Bar Forum
  13. Kavana SV. Lovre
  14. GUMA Bar
  15. Caffe Bar Brazil

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