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Patagonian paradise in the province of Río Negro

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Image - Cerro Otto
Cerro Otto
Victoria:Experience a ride on these cableways with magnificent views of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Once you get to the top, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at the rotating cafeteria.
Image - Cerro Catedral
Cerro Catedral
Victoria:A perfect choice to spend a winter day at Bariloche. Once you get to Cerro Catedral, you can choose among the different snow activities, restaurants, cafeterias, and stores. Grab a drink and enjoy the marvelous views.
Image - Cathedral of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi
Cathedral of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi
Victoria:This beautiful cathedral looks like taken from the Medieval era.
Image - Centro Cívico Bariloche
Centro Cívico Bariloche
Victoria:Take a walk around the civic center. Immerse yourself into wood and stone architecture.
Image - Nahuel Huapi Lake
Nahuel Huapi Lake
Victoria:Words don't make justice to this majestuous place on Earth.
Image - Gutiérrez Lake
Gutiérrez Lake
Victoria:Just some minutes from downtown, you can enjoy this gem. You can find kayak rentals during the Summer season.
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Places to eat

Image - Llao Llao Hotel
Llao Llao Hotel
Victoria:Book a table to enjoy an afternoon tea prepared with high-quality ingredients. Then, take a walk and appreciate the stunning views.
Image - Chocolates Rapa Nui
Chocolates Rapa Nui
Victoria:This place looks like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can find an ice-cream and cafeteria section, as well as hundreds of shelves packed with chocolate bars and boxes. You can even try skating on ice; they have an ice skating rink!
Image - Wilkenny Bariloche
Wilkenny Bariloche
Victoria:Grab some beers and appetizers after a day in the snow!
Image - Cervecería Patagonia
Cervecería Patagonia
Victoria:Relax in this beer paradise, try some local dishes and learn about brewing.
Image - La Fonda del Tío
La Fonda del Tío
Victoria:Be ready to share your food order; portions are huge and delicious. My favorite is the Milanesa napolitana con papas fritas (breaded meat topped with mozzarella, ham and tomate sauce, wih fries as a side)

Wonderguide map

  1. Cerro Otto
  2. Cerro Catedral
  3. Cathedral of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi
  4. Centro Cívico Bariloche
  5. Nahuel Huapi Lake
  6. Gutiérrez Lake
  7. Llao Llao Hotel
  8. Chocolates Rapa Nui
  9. Wilkenny Bariloche
  10. Cervecería Patagonia
  11. La Fonda del Tío

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