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Bangkok Guide by @bigbirdstravels

Bangkok is a very unique and crazy city. Some people do not like this place, but we always enjoy visiting Bangkok as there is many great things to do and experience here. We have included in our Wanderguide places/experiences/restaurants/bars we recommend either in the city or close by.

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Where to Eat, Drink, Experience & Stay

Here is a list of places we would recommend to have a meal, a drink, have an experience or to stay whilst in this fun, hectic city.

Image - Il Bolognese
Il Bolognese
Joshua:In South Sathorn of Bangkok is this amazing Italian restaurant! We can’t recommend this place enough, especially if you love authentic pizza and pasta and a wonderful glass of red wine. We’ve been to Italy many times and due to this restaurant being owned by an Italian man who oversees the cooking and gets his produce from Italy, we can say it is just like we are back there when we come to this lovely place 😊 oh and you have to try the Tiramisu!
Image - Saxophone
Joshua:Saxophone is known for being the best of Jazz and Blues music venue in Bangkok and Thailand and we can see why! Not only does it offer awesome music from some of the best musicians but also a fantastic atmosphere, delicious Thai food and some great cocktails! If you fancy a fun night out then add this to your list of places to go in Bangkok.
Image - Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn
Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn
Joshua:This was the very first hotel we stayed in when we first came to Thailand and we have stayed many more times since then, it really is one of our favourites! Situated in the heart of Sathorn and being connected to Surasak BTS Skytrain via the hotels own Sky Bridge, this is a great location if you want to do some shopping, visit one of the cool roof top bars or have a fancy meal out. The hotel it’s self also has a beautiful pool area with a great atmosphere where you can either sunbath or relax on one of its comfy chairs curled up with a book and a cocktail, or enjoy some delicious food in one of its two restaurants. The rooms are super comfy and the staff are so friendly. And we can’t forget the breakfast, there really is something for everyone and it’s all fresh and delicious. We are always looking forward to our next visit here.
Image - The Iron Fairies
The Iron Fairies
Joshua:This isn’t a typical Bangkok Bar, it is truly unique with it being built almost entirely of Wood and iron to make it resemble a blacksmiths shop. Not only does it have a wonderful and different atmosphere but you can enjoy delicious comfort food, live music and tasty cocktails. This is a cool and cosy place unlike any other 😊
Image - Vertigo
Joshua:Vertigo and Moon Bar is on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel. As you first come on to the roof you will be in the restaurant area, we have never eaten here but the reviews say it’s amazing. We always go to the bar which is at the end of the restaurant. Here they offer the most amazing cocktails and although not the cheapest, they are worth every penny especially because of the amazing atmosphere, outstanding views and delicious snacks you get! We usually get here around 5.30 so that we can enjoy the sunset and get a good seat. There is a dress code here so check it out on their website before you go, then you wont get caught out like Josh and our friends, the lady kindly gave them shoes and some interesting trousers to wear 😂
Image - Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport, BW Premier by Best Western
Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport, BW Premier by Best Western
Joshua:AIRPORT HOTEL - We stayed at this hotel the day before we flew back to England and it was Perfect! Comfy, clean bedrooms with all you need. We spent most our time around the pool area which was quite and relaxing and we enjoyed a happy hour beer 😊 We finished off with a work out in the gym before heading up to our room for some room service. The next day we woke feeling relaxed and ready for our flight! This is a great airport hotel! And as a great bonus there is a FREE Shuttle to & from the airport
Image - Orchid Resort
Orchid Resort
Joshua:AIRPORT HOTEL - This traditional Thai style hotel is only 4km from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The prices are really reasonable, so we often stay here if we have a super early flight the next day. The rooms are clean and comfy and it has an outside pool which is nice. Also the breakfast of eggs with toast and coffee is lovely. They offer a shuttle bus to and from the Airport for a 100bath per room which is worth it and makes things very easy. The only thing we found with this hotel is, because of it being a Airport hotel it can be a bit noisy throughout the night, so if your a light sleeper we would recommend earplugs 😊
Image - Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Joshua:Get a taste of Japan while in Bangkok by visiting Thailand’s first authentic Japanese Onsen and Spa. Once inside the Onsen there 6 Baths which are all relaxing and each has its own unique benefits, it also has a steam room and a sauna. This is a separate Onsen for men and women, so when you go in, women are given something small to wear or they can go naked and men will be naked, this is so you get the best benefits possible. We was in there for around 1 hour which they say is around the time they would recommend. Then we had booked to have a aromatherapy massage, so they gave a traditional Japanese gown to wear before heading up to our massage room and we have to say, it was worth every penny. After we enjoyed a Japanese meal in the restaurant before heading home feeling truly relaxed, revived and ready to go the next day! This is truly worth a visit while in Bangkok.
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Markets In & Around Bangkok

Here is a list of some of the top markets in and around Bangkok. Some are in the city itself, others are up to 1 hour outside the city but are easy to access by Taxi or a Day Tour.

Image - Mae Klong Railway Market
Mae Klong Railway Market
Joshua:The Maeklong Railway Market is in the Samut Songkhram region which is about 1 hour outside Bangkok (depending on traffic). You can get here by either taking a taxi or you can get the BTS Skytrain to station Victory Monument and get a minibus from there. Once there you will find a food market, but what’s unique about this one is that it’s set up surrounding the train tracts. As the train approaches the stalls are pulled out of the way in order to allow the train to pass. This isn’t done in a panicked way though, as the stall holders are used to the train passing through up to 8 times a day, so they are chilled and continue to chat as they do this, while tourists line up and get ready to snap their shot. We loved our visit to this market and would definitely recommend it but remember to look up the train time table before you leave to make sure you don’t miss it and if it’s a bit late, that’s ok as this can often be the case.
Image - Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market
Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market
Joshua:Rot Fai Market. This is a cool authentic open air market that is known for its hippy fashion, antiques, memorabilia and vintage collectables. It also has a great variety of food, we especially like the amazing Ribs and Mash potatoes 😋. The market is found on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind the Seacon Square Shopping Mall. And if you venture up in to the car park of this Mall, you can get a brilliant photo of all the brightly coloured roofs of the stalls. check out our Instagram account to see our example! The best way to get to the market is by taxi, although traffic can be bad on Friday and Saturday nights, so there is the option of getting the BTS Skytrain to On Nut Station first, then catching a taxi from there. We are sure you will love this place as much as we do. It’s only on Thursday- Sunday , sunset till midnight so make sure you add it to your plans.
Image - Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Joshua:There a few floating markets around Bangkok and this one is the most popular in Thailand. This is a well visited market but that really adds to an enjoyable experience. It has great food, plenty of photo opportunities and will be completely different to other markets you may have visited in Bangkok. You will want to get here early, that way it will not be too hot and it will really be full of life. To get here most say it is best to do a Tour or you can choose to use one of the many means of public transport.
Image - Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Joshua:If your in Bangkok for the weekend and are looking for something fun to do, this is one of the places we would recommend. It’s the largest market in Thailand with more then 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors. So there really is something for everyone, from cheap versions of all the top brands, Thai clothing, souvenirs, cosmetics, pets, plants, and all types of food and that’s just to mention a few! This really is a diverse and fun weekend market, which explains why it gets over 200,000 visitors per weekend! You can get a taxi easily to this market but just remember that traffic can be bad so give yourself time.

Wonderguide map

  1. Il Bolognese
  2. Saxophone
  3. Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn
  4. The Iron Fairies
  5. Vertigo
  6. Amaranth Suvarnabhumi Airport, BW Premier by Best Western
  7. Orchid Resort
  8. Yunomori Onsen & Spa
  9. Mae Klong Railway Market
  10. Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market
  11. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
  12. Chatuchak Weekend Market

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